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T.I.'s Wife -- Charged with Possession of Ecstasy

10/29/2010 5:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the L.A. County District Attorney has charged  T.I.'s wife -- Tameka Cottle -- for possessing the drug ecstasy when the couple was arrested on Sunset Strip last month.

Tameka Cottle

If convicted, Tameka could face up to a year behind bars.

As we previously reported, the D.A. has elected not to prosecute T.I. for charges stemming from the incident, noting that the rapper will already be serving time in Georgia for a probation violation stemming from the L.A. arrest.


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Obviously Jayster doesn't know anything about the probation system. Having a conviction has nothing to do with being violated. Just merely being somewhere you are not supposed to be or participating in activities prohibted in your probation will violate you, and enough with the Pris Hilton, Linsay Lohan bit there are hundreds if not thousands of non- celebrity people that are serving time for les than that. Why do I care about a so called celebrity who can't control him or herself.

1451 days ago


"Why is it in the same state- You have paris and Lindsey who get busted all the time, and the D.A. doesnt even pursue charges, but let a black couple get caught, and they will serve a year."

You can't put Tameka Cottle (aka TI's wife) in the same category as Paris or Lindsay bc she is not on their level of notariety. Paris and Lindsay are (unfortunately) household names. No one knows Tameka Cottle, but say TI's wife and they're like oh, ok...

Do you not think that if Will Smith or Denzel Washington ever get convicted, not that they would ever put themselves in that situation.

Its NOT a black or white thing, its a celebrity, socio-economic thing...

1451 days ago


that is one very unattractive woman.

if Snooki raped "E.T. The Extra Terrestrial," Tameka Cottle would be the disappointing offspring.

1451 days ago


that is one unattractive woman.

if Snooki raped ET The Extra Terrestrial, Tameka Cottle would be the unfortunate offspring.

1451 days ago


she was just taking up for her hubby.she dont want ti to sever anymore time in jail they have kids together.

1451 days ago

Fred Nice    

She uses meth and TI has a armory of automatic weapons in the trunk of his car. First step - get the children out of the house and find some responsible foster parents. Second step lock them up.

BTW Paris Hilton has been behind bars for her discretions. So obviously it is not a race issue. She needs to get behind bars and they need to find someone appropriate to parent the kids.

1451 days ago


I say let's throw all this rappers and their fanilies in jail and be done with them. Then, finally we would get rid of this horrible sounding stuff they call Rap (I personally call it crap). They are all felons no matter how many TV shows they do to prove otherwise and they have absolutely NOTHING to offer to society or the entertainment business.

JAIL ALL RAPPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

1451 days ago


T.I. and his wife are where they need to be and they need to stay there for a very, very long time.

1451 days ago


People need to realize it has nothing to do with them being black, it has nothing to do with their "celebrity" it has to do with THEM BREAKING THE LAW. Drugs and Guns are illegal especially when FELONS are possessing them.

T.I. and his wife are where they need to be and they should stay there for a really, really long time.

As a matter of fact, they need to jail ALL RAPPERS, so we don't have to listen to this horrible crap they call rap anymore!

1451 days ago


Violation of felony probation means you can not have any contact with police. The stop on Sunset was not only contact with police but an arrest. TI also was with a felon which also violates his felony probation, not to mention one of the people that was originally involved in his gun case. All news media reports the maximum sentence people can get for any case. That's more juicy than saying that they can get six months probation. They did it for Lindsay, Paris, and a whole host of others.
I agree with the postings that say that Tiny is an aid to TI because she is a ride-or-die chic that does not try to stop his bad habits but instead partake of them. She has to stop the madness. This dude has been in and out of jail so many times...even when he got his first record deal before the gun charges. Change your environment TI!

1451 days ago


Yep, TI should have gone for Chelsea Handler instead of this stank!

1451 days ago

paul silva    

why does her face look like a scoop????? she is damn ugly! good for her hope they tthrow her ugly azzin jail!!!!!! hip hop sucks

1451 days ago


Regardless of what you all say and the so called laws or lawless state of this country, black men are catching hell and have been catching hell. To think that a few mother foes slipped through the cracks means that we have over came is idiotic. However, Tip and Tiny are in a position to do so much more with there blessing than get involved in drugs. I am not judging because I know to get to where they are they had to sacrafic alot, but the war continues brother and sister and you can be a powerful piece in the life game of chest...Peace and

1451 days ago


I knew someone on here would make this a black and white issue somehow. STFU people. T.I. is going to jail because he violated his probation by using drugs.

WHY drive around in your $200,000.00 car in LA carrying ecstacy and the purple stuff???? Both their dumb ass should go to jail just for being stupid. They can hang out at any fancy hotel or in their million dollar rented homes to do anything they please, why do it in the car????

I dont know what kind of legal team T.I. has but he needs to be calling Paris or Linsey and getting the contact info of their lawyers.

1451 days ago


Tiny, T.I. or TIP whatever they call him, this makes me angry why all the black rappers and celebrities have to have everything about their lives on blast, and do jail time while the white people get a slap on the wrist, a pat on the back, and all the O it's ok we will get you into treatment and things will get better, Come on the justice system is corrupt and out to get us.

1451 days ago
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