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T.I.'s Wife -- Charged with Possession of Ecstasy

10/29/2010 5:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the L.A. County District Attorney has charged  T.I.'s wife -- Tameka Cottle -- for possessing the drug ecstasy when the couple was arrested on Sunset Strip last month.

Tameka Cottle

If convicted, Tameka could face up to a year behind bars.

As we previously reported, the D.A. has elected not to prosecute T.I. for charges stemming from the incident, noting that the rapper will already be serving time in Georgia for a probation violation stemming from the L.A. arrest.


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I am a middle aged white woman and yet I love T.I.P and his music...I do believe there is a cultural bias against a a young black man with a record..Look at Paris and Lidsey, they are chasing people down, dropping coke out of their purse-IN FRONT OF THE COPS (dumbass), and flunking every drug and alcohol test known to man.. and yet they walk free. Maybe its because they show their Vjayjay everytime they get out of a car. Oh by the way, I hope tiny is a good Mother and beautiful person on the inside because wooooooooooohhhh she is ugly on the outside.

1455 days ago


you no some people can get away with anything and others get the keys out the door so you no thats how the story goes

1454 days ago


tiny is bad luck what was t,i thanking

1454 days ago


what was she thinking u wanna end up like all those other jokers all cracked out with nothing.Think of your little ones before u go and do something so foolish

1454 days ago


My black people please and again i cant stress it enough PLEASE stop concerning yourself with what lindsay and paris can get away with , just rememeber if u get caught ur black ass WONT GET AWAY WITH IT. THis system isnt fair to enybody bt the ones who can afford it and i dont mean in the bank account. Next time u get stopped just remember using the excuse "well Lindsay did" u should remember u in black skin and the system never works in our favor dont believe me Google the Scott sisters of Mississippi they are both serving a combined sentence of double life sentences for a robbery they never committed and even the witness corroborated their testimony they never did it and this has been since 95. Know the world u live in and know how to beat it before it beats u

ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDIN people have more rights than I do....why? becuase you have idiots like yourself stuck in the 1800's still blaming the white man for your downfalls. I am not allowed to say the N word but YOU ARE....why? I have never been racist and it angers me that you are so ignorant and uneducated. How Many white people have served time for a crime they didn't it b*tch.

1454 days ago


Yes, because there are still 2 separate laws, one for the whites an one the black.
Racist pigs.

1454 days ago


now she can go sit down and get a nose job and leave her lips alone!

1454 days ago


Wow...that's umm...what a picture.

1454 days ago

Mrs. Ford    

I see why he married her. I love It. I would have done the same thing If my record was clean and my husbands wasn't. For that weak charge she will go to a drug program and keep it moving.

1451 days ago


It's quite comical how people up here acting all high and mighty about TI and Tiny like ya'll never been in trouble. Just cuz ur wrongdoings and mistakes haven't been plastered across da internet doesn't mean ur any bettter than dem and 4 all u HATERZ out there commenting on her looks and their parenting skills bagg back u tired busted skeezers. Ya'll don't know dem; ya'll know exactly what da media tells u and nothing more. If u ask me ya'll bigger fools than dey r, black people r each others worst enemy cuz ya'll constantly feel da need to tear each other apart. Both of dem have exactly who dey want and dats all dat matters. Step ur game up and find u a man or woman instead of sittin on line posting ur ignorant ass comments all day long. Remember there is only one judge at da end of da day and it ain't u or me.

1450 days ago


Nasty picture, *shudder*

1418 days ago
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