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Lindsay's Halloween Visitors -- Rehabbin' in Disguise

11/2/2010 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's friends visited her for the first time in rehab on Sunday -- and we're told they brought along a few special outfits just for the occasion ... Halloween costumes!

We're told English socialite Victoria Hervey and LiLo's rumored lady friend Eilat Anschel teamed up with Dina to spread some Halloween cheer -- bringing costumes to Betty Ford so they could all play dress up ... and Lindsay had a blast.

Sources close to the actress tell TMZ, “Lindsay is doing incredibly well and making amazing progress." Another source adds,  “She seems so much stronger and confident.”

No word on the exact costumes she tried on -- but we're guessing they all involved Lindsay misrepresenting herself.



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"bringing costumes to Betty Ford so they could all play dress up ... and Lindsay had a blast."

WTF? How old is Lindsay and her friend 10? Dam act like the grown ups you are supposed to be. THAT is part of your problem.

1459 days ago


Linds needs to be ALONE without 'special' treatment Dina so she can REHAB. WAKE UP!

1459 days ago


Yo Henry, why don't you go f*ck yourself? It's probably all your good for anyways!

1459 days ago


Hi, "darkrage6",

I see you're back to your charming self again. If you're going to insult other posters here, you might take a moment and actually spell our screen names correctly. Maybe you'd benefit from some Lindsay Lohan-brand tranquilizers. I've read that they're selling for a paltry one million dollars per 30-minute supply, but if you sign up for a lifetime agreement, there will be a steeply-discounted rate of one million dollars for a 45-minute supply.... AND you'll receive an autographed photo of Lindsay's clam (in better times). Check it out!

1459 days ago


Did Lindsay enjoy her keister kandy?

1459 days ago


There is no point in trying to rationalize with these hateful posters.

It is up to Lindsay what she wants to do after she hopefully completes rehab and leaves on Jan 3rd and then makes it to Feb 25th. She has more than paid for the 2 DUIs and after 5 rehabs she has to change her behavior on her own accord.

I wouldn't blame her after all she has suffered since May and if she threw a party to celebrate her probation ending.
Remember she has that civil suit trial on January 31st after she finishes rehab so her legal mess should be concluded on February 25th

1459 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

LOL Dina at it again today, being darkaged and Nicole.
Life must real suck for you Ding Dong Dina, you'r really pathetic and your stupidity is endless.

Now do a bitch fest to this comment under Jill or Delmar or Dumas1000 LMFAO!

1459 days ago


Well Broheem maybe you'd benefit from killing yourself and doing all the rest of us a favor! Same for you Nikki- you stupid f*cking c*nt!

1459 days ago


darkaged6 Such big words, for such a little person.
Boo hoo hoo Cry me a river

The only stupid f**king cu*t is you! Stupid cu*t!

1459 days ago

for now    

What's with mentally sick nikki? Is he or she a human being or a baboon or what?
All nikki's comments contain hate and bitterness and jealousy and anger and also
poor grammar,spelling mistakes and dirty language. That's sounds like a sad life.

1458 days ago

Byronious Fridonious    

Amazing progress would be getting a year sober, no amazing progress till she get back to the reality of the real world.

1458 days ago


Nikki's just a pathetic little bitch is all, just can't stand that not everyone hates Lindsay like she does, and if anyone should kill themselves it's YOU Kevin-you're a worthless f*cking piece of dogsh*t who no one will miss!

1458 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

darkage6 is a worthless piece of dog sht that not a soul will miss.The name darkage says it all. The pathetic low life world that she lives, is sad dark and lonely. Not a soul will give her the time of day. All she has is TMZ n living a patetic life threw Lindsay. She should just take a fist full of pills and do ua all a favor. Her comments are brainless just like her.
Fck off cnt face darkage you have no meaning in life!

1458 days ago


I thrice visited an institute place like Lindsay has, and found the psych docs strangely mesmerized by their own activities. Lindsay probably inclines toward loud. Institute staff are getting paid, they believe. Amen to that.

1457 days ago


Life is very easy for an alcoholic/addict when he or she is in a close environment but God as I understand him gives us an "acid test" when we leave that safe environment, is call "life on life's terms". Are you going to be emotional balanced when you come out Lindsay? Are you willing to follow suggestions when you come out? If you are not ready to handle life on your own, seek your Higher Power because alone you cannot do it. When you become angry full of resentment or "emotional hangover" as we alcoholics know it,will you be able to stay sober. This I will wait and see. Remember,God can do for us what We cannot do alone. God Bless You Lindsay,keep up the good work......wish you a "slow recovery" day at a time.

1457 days ago
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