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Michael Jackson's Kids: It's Not Daddy's Voice!

11/1/2010 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Michael Jackson album Sony is about to release is a fraud, according to members of Michael Jackson's family.

Michael Jackson new album:
We've learned Sony is determined to release the album for Christmas, and believes the songs are all authentic.  We're told MJ and his kids were in New Jersey when he recorded the tracks with producers in 2007.

Sources tell us Paris and Prince now believe some of the songs on the album are fakes -- not Michael's voice.  Sony, we're told, is convinced all of the songs are the real deal.  Howard Weitzman, lawyer for the estate, tells TMZ he had experts listen to the tracks and all of the experts concluded it's Michael's voice on all the tracks.

Other Jackson family members also believe some of the tracks are phony.  There is a stalemate, although at this point no one is talking lawsuit.


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I won't get into a debate, but "SOME" of the songs, NOT all!!
Posted at 2:19 PM on Nov 1, 2010 by WillOTheWisp

Of course not all, WillO. It's just the Cascio-songs that drama is about – coincidentally?

1417 days ago


Oh well.. Sources.

1417 days ago


People,this is just publicity from $ony because they need to sell out!!!! BOYCOTT TO $ONY!!!!!!
TMZ, you said "...sources tell us..." what sources? who they are????? i want NAMES, NAMES.... NO ANONYMOUS!!! ok?
On the other hand, MICHAEL'S FANS knows perfectly his voice, his wonderful,amazing,BEAUTIFUL, SWEET and UNIQUE voice.
MICHAEL, you're loving father!!!GOD bless you and your kids:Paris, Prince, Prince Michael II..!
MICHAEL JACKSON, MY KING, you're loved more than you could ever know, you're not alone baby...your fans are with you,always!!!

1417 days ago

my opinion    

If the children where there while their father recorded the songs and they do not believe that is their father's voice I believe the children.


Love the Jackson's

LOVE PEACE KINDNESS & RESPECT goes a long way & makes for a better place to LIVE for US ALL

1417 days ago


Marcia -

yes, they had to cut together pieces of the song song from different rehearsals, because according to Karen Faye, Michael didn't get through one whole song. But what we saw in the film was really Michael. His body was easy to recognize. There are many good imitators out there, but at the end of the day, they don't have Michael's body. Or face.
Posted at 2:03 PM on Nov 1, 2010 by aston
First they tried to make a big deal that MJ had five costume changes because he could not get through an entire song. Earlier this year I pointed out that everyone on stage changed their clothing as well. Every shot where MJ has on a diffent outfit, so does the backup singers, dancers and musicians. Karen Faye is a fat ass liar. It's called editing. It's called performing on different days. When MJ messed up one line of "I Just Can't Stop Loving You", the cameras keep right on rolling. That line of the song was not edited out even though MJ messed up. So what! Karen Faye give it a rest. You messed up MJ's make up and now you're just a freakin mess.

1417 days ago


Posted at 11:36 AM on Nov 1, 2010 by’re so tough you pick on children???? Were you the school bully picking on smaller kids....probably! You’re a nasty piece of work and a very sad individual.

1417 days ago


mymjj5 -

yes, both Michael and the crew had different outfits in one and the same song, because clips were taken from different occasions. I have no reason to not believe Karen Faye when she said Michael did not get through a whole song (except a few ballads), because unlike you and I she was right there, and she has no reason to lie about this. Ortega also put music from records to amplify the songs (as seen in the credits).

Everyone was worried about Michael's health during the later stages of the rehearsals - including Ortega and Phillips. They admitted he did not show up for rehearsals, which was out of character for MJ. Usually he went through the whole show every day the last weeks or week before a tour - sometimes twice! Not so this time. And we know how it all ended.

1417 days ago


Of course not all, WillO. It's just the Cascio-songs that drama is about – coincidentally?

Posted at 2:34 PM on Nov 1, 2010 by moni

You said it, moni.

1417 days ago


Oh come on people look at those kids they are so white there is not one bit of Michael in either of those kids remember his song ""the kid is not my son ""====== ""it's not daddy's voice"" give me a break===== He was a black man who was not proud to be black.======One day those kids will have enough of the crap and admit to the world that they lied about who their dad really is.

1417 days ago


Hi Siggisiss :-)

1417 days ago


TMZ finally threw the rabids a new Michael Jackson bone to gnaw on....lmao....
Isn't she/it beautiful?! Too bad TMZ didn't post that photo in time for Halloween.

Fake? Most of tracks probably are fake.
But then, so what....Michael Jackson was/is a fake.

God Bless & Justice to Conrad Murray

1417 days ago


The Jackson clan is probably just saying this so the controversy will cause the rabid fans to all run out throw their hard earned $$$ down in order to LISTEN and decide for themselves if it's indeed their "kings" voice or not.

This is a Michael Jackson keep the ball rolling on buying all things Michael Jackson gimmick.
A selling gimmick.....initialized by Michael Jackson/MJFT...
and those trashy Jackson.

1417 days ago

mansi arora    

I admire Michael Jackson for many reasons. 1. Hardworking: - spending thousands of hours in the studio rehearsing, practicing, and ensuring he hit every note. 2. Autodidactic: - He loved his work. He was a self learner. 3. Never give-up Attitude:- 4. Perseverance: - why he is successful. Larger than life because he was persistent. 5. Pure at heart: - he has a golden heart and a pure soul. 6.Humanitarian: - Great Humanitarian.

1417 days ago


How can they say that. They don't even know who their real daddy is!!!!

1417 days ago


One day those kids will have enough of the crap and admit to the world that they lied about who their dad really is.

Posted at 3:09 PM on Nov 1, 2010 by kissy

Sorry – but are you actually off your rocker? You accuse the kids of lying?
I can tell you which crap MJ3 have enough of even today: The ignorance and stupidity of people who will never learn that it's not a matter of flesh and blood who your parents are. It's a matter of love and affection. I don't know whether you know what that is. But Michael Jackson did, and his kids as well.

1417 days ago
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