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Sarah Palin -- The 'DWTS' Conspiracy Theory

11/2/2010 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nobody can explain why Bristol Palin has managed to stay on "Dancing with the Stars" despite the fact that she sucks at dancing ... nobody except Harvey Levin.

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I don't think she's terrible considering she's not an entertainer of any kind. Not ALL of her "reviews" from the judges have been bad. I'm not really a diehard Bristol Palin advocate, so don't get me wrong, but I feel bad for her (I mean, her mom is Sarah Palin and obviously wasn't very cool throughout the whole baby daddy drama) and I think she's trying her best. At any rate, she was at least definitely better than the Situation, Hasselhoff, and Michael Bolton.

1450 days ago


I'm still dumb founded Audrina got the boot before bristol. Audrina worked her butt off it seemed while Bristol is just thinking about a cheeseburger it seems.

1450 days ago

Linda O    

Bristol is not that great of a dancer but the Conservatives ARE voting for her (thanks to Mom) and that IS the reason she is still there.The country is fired up and the Conservative voters are out in force and are backing her big time.

1449 days ago

the DQ    

Bristol is quite a bad dancer and gets only slightly better, if at all, each week. She should have been gone WEEKS ago. I'm sure her mother, Sarah Palin, AIP-AK, and the producers have a lot to do with her still being there. The booing incident should have given them a clue that have a Palin, any Palin on was a really bad idea, but no, they chose to make it political and now we can't get rid of the pregnant sow.

1449 days ago

Chaddy Sands    

Why do people have a hard time believing there is a majority of conservatives in this country. Of course conservatives are coming out in force for Bristol, they resonate with what she stands for. This is mostly a conservative country, that is what the voting will show today, and what has kept Bristol on the show.

1449 days ago


If I voted, I would vote for Bristol. I think she's cute and sweet and tries really hard and has had a tough go of it.

I don't think Dancing with the Stars is about how good you are. We all know who is going to win before the show starts every season. We know Jennifer or Brandy will win. It's a dumb show. But we WANT to see Bristol dance, to come out of her shell and loosen up. Everyone else on the show has a tv fake "persona" and come off as very egotistical and irritatingly fake with their crocodile tears.

Brandy comes off as someone I would never hang out with. She just thinks she's too darn good to be in the presence of people and the angels should sing about her. Same with that Nichole ho. Professional dancers.. *gasp* could they win over someone who's never danced EVER before?

This show is NOT about dancing. It never has been so GET OVER IT.

And no I'm not republican. I'd rather see a real person dance and improve than some has been who is TRAINED cry they only got a 9.5/10 *gag*

1449 days ago


DQ there was no "booing incident" ya twit. they boo'd for Jennifer Grey. They always boo for bad scores. Get with the program!

1449 days ago


You have to be utterly nutty to vote for Bristol simply because of politics!

1449 days ago


Palin won over the indies and dems in Alaska to get elected, She had an 85% approval rating up until the VP selection. Now the Palin women are infiltrating pop culture, DWTS, ET, Alaska show. They say Palin is dumb, but the moves she has made in the last year and a half will go down in history. And when she creams the GOP field in 2012 she'll be the first woman to run and win the Presidency. Simply amazing.

1449 days ago


Obviously, Bristol Palin is getting a lot of support from those on the right side of the political fence, but that's how the game is played. It's the same thing when other "celebrities" have a strong fan base. They get votes totally out of proportion to their skills. The audience vote is a popularity contest. This is a surprise to some people?

1449 days ago

Studley Buck    

Bold, beautiful, buxom Bristol Palin trips the light fantastic with elegance and aplomb. She is absolutely adorable, and she is the star who drives the ratings on DWTS. Bristol rocks!

1449 days ago


It cracks me up every season. This show is NOT a dance competition at this point. It is now, has been, and will all ways be a popularity contest with dancing. The worst dancer with a large population of people willing to vote can win. Popularity contest, not a dance off. A dancing bear could win if we would vote for it. Televisin watchers romantize the contestants and defend thier choices. This is high schools student council president voteing all over again. Bristol is a great kid, her mother has millions of people would would vote for her, some of that trickles down to Bristol. Audrina was a much better dancer, but its not a dance contest. If you complain about the better dancer going home, ask yourself, how many times did I vote? Or continue to bitch about it every season. Its fun to watch the whinning.

1449 days ago


MY wife and I enjoy Bristol on DWTS. If anybody sucks..its the guy who earns a living from others misery... Harvey Levin. Bristol is cute, a bit bashful and doing a fine job by progressing each week. She deserves to have lasted this long on her merits. Besides it is partly a popularity contest and always has been.

1449 days ago


They don't like her because it is Sarah Palin's Daughter. If it were not for that fact she would be viewed in a more favorable light. It is the press who gives her such a bad time and does not seem to like her. I queried about 150 people at a meeting yesterday and they all liked her and were hoping she woud go all the way to the end on Dancing With The Stars. That is a large group of people in one setting to approve - so her odds are that most of the public does like her.

1449 days ago


I like dancing with the stars, I work 55 hrs a week. When I come home I look forward to a show, that doesn't have blood, or murder in it. I think Bristol Palin is like anybody elses kid this age, she's been down the wrong path before, and has tried to be responsible, instead of throwing her child off on her family to raise, like so many kids do now. Shes nervous, and at the same time, trying to do good. Let up about the politics, I watch the show, and have always believed its those like kelly and Bristol who make it worth watching. By the way I voted democrat, for Hillary Clinton.

1449 days ago
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