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Sarah Palin -- The 'DWTS' Conspiracy Theory

11/2/2010 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nobody can explain why Bristol Palin has managed to stay on "Dancing with the Stars" despite the fact that she sucks at dancing ... nobody except Harvey Levin.

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I have never watched Dancing with the Stars before this season. Yes, I watched because Bristol was going to be on. I guess I don't understand the show. A dancer like Jennifer is competing against someone who has never preformed before. I don't see how the show can be succesful unless the viewers vote for those are well liked and/or for those who make great progress like Bristol and Kyle. If it were just dancers competing agains each other (Jennifer is a dancer) what fun would that be.

1436 days ago


Now that Bristol is in the finals it only proves that the show has become a popularity contest. The judges score should count for 75% and the viewers 25% only so that people who are popular, related to popular people are not getting any higher than they should. It is Shawn Johnson all over again. The right people are not making it because the show has become a popularity contest. Experience or not-- just because alot of the people that go on the show are actors/ actresses singer, etc. DOES NOT mean they have dance expepience. Bristol is at the same level as everyone else is at week one. Yes, some people may have a few dance moves, but this show is a whole different league of dancing and leveling the playing field. EVERYONE IS EQUAL. The fact that others are actors, etc doesn't put them at any higher an advantage. I honestly hope the change the show after this year or I plan to start a stop watching DWTS campaign until the make it a equal playing field for everyone and not those that have a mom that is an ex half govener, and former VP hopeful.

1436 days ago

DWTS sucks    

I will never watch the show again, nor will any of my friends. I find it so distateful that a dancing show would be politically connected. By the way, conservative (tea Party) is just another term for USA rascism. That's why other countries are moving ahead while we are still bickering about black or white, conservative or liberal. Who gives a crap about politics. Go away Sarah Palin. My mother had 2 children ,not married and she was never on TV making $250,000. MADD

1436 days ago

Betty Living    

First of all Bristol is not a star and should not have been invited to dance. That's what ya'll get for trying to get good ratings instead of sticking to the original concept. The joke is on management for allowing her on. This just maybe the last year of watching this show. I can't believe all of what has happened this year. Unless something is done about this I maybe watching something else instead.

1436 days ago


Although I voted for Jennifer, I think it's disgusting that Brandy got kicked off instead of that no talent Bristol.Mama
really has her crooked act going.

1436 days ago

kay fergen    


1436 days ago


I am shocked. How in the world did Bristol even get this far. This should never have happened. I will never watch this show again. It is a travesty.

1436 days ago


I only watched the last 2 minutes tonight of the results show. Not too much into the votes or who wins. It is obvious that this is not a dancing contest but a popularity contest. Don't like Sarah Palin or her daughter but I'm a dancer and can tell you that Bristol should have been gone a month ago. Brandi was much better and should have won the whole thing. Guess I'll have to break down and vote for Jennifer next week. If Bristol wins I'll give the show up forever.

1436 days ago


Bristol is in the finals for one reason only. Sarah Palin's Tea Party followers are voting for her.

1436 days ago

Wayne Connor    

I feel sorry for Brandi. She and Jennifer Grey have been the best dancers.Bristol is very awkward on the dance floor. Yes, Dancing with the Stars has no credibility; it is a popularity contest with alot of Sarah Palin fans voting.

1436 days ago


I've seen real elephants dance bettter than Bristil Palin! She shouldn't even be on the program. She isn't a "star" of anything! The voting system had GOT to change or DWTS will soon be another forgoten reality show. Too many times the better dancers have been "voted off" because the show is becoming a popularity contest. The best "star" dancer should be rewarded. Not because of your mother! The judges scores have GOT to carry more weight than the viewers who know little or nothing about ballroom dancing! Its a DANCE show. NOT a popularity contest!

1436 days ago

Ana Benavidez    

The fact that Bristol is still on show doesnt surprise me at all, the idea that a girl from Alaska that moms seems to be in some spotlight is a start is amazing to me, the main idea on the show is for personalities that dont have any dancing experience to be able to impress us at the end of the show, and every year I see trained professionals that pretend they dont know how to dance to advanced to the finals, at least Bristol is doing the best she can.
The show itself is a joke, for regular people that dont know latin dances is a ok show, but for people like myself that have seen the cha cha bolero , tango etc, all my life really insults my inteligence I really dont know how they come up with does steps, I will say sometimes maybe a 10 percent of real steps are used on the show, they mixed everything they used the brazilian step on a rustic form for every latin dance, is just too bad because the choreography and the professional dancer are very good, I just think they need to spend sometime in the real dances with real people in latin america. Thank you . Ana Benavidez

1436 days ago


it is really sad how bristol stays on the show when she can't dance. the better dancers are being sent home because bristol has the politicians voting for her. it is POLITICS that is keeping that cow on the show. the way it's going, it wouldn't surprise me if bristol won it all. the show is getting sickning any more. it is a shame that Brandy was eliminated. even Brandy was shocked to see and hear that bristol was to go to the finals. i was shocked. it may be about ratings too. either way bristol should have been sent home instead of the other good dancers. Brandy is a hell of a better dancer than bristol. bristol was a disgrace to the show and the stars who danced better than her. if bristol wins the competition, i will NEVER watch the show again. i think the shows judges, execs, and all people connected to the show are AFRAID TO SAY THE TRUTH ABOUT HER "DANCING". it wouldn't surprise me if bristol won ove jennifer and derek. the show is a joke anymore. it seems like a lot of people will stop watching the show if bristol wins. even kyle is better than bristol. it is all POLITICS AND RATINGS AT THIS POINT!!!

1436 days ago

Ann Lewis    

I am shocked and disapointed with last nights vote once again..Bristol Palin should have been voted off several shows ago. Brandy was a awesome dancer and DESERVED to go to finals, with Jennifer and Kyle .There is no doubt Bristol has gotten this far due to her mother and voters supporting Sarah not because Bristol has earned the right to go to finals. I am disapointed in the people who would vote for her based on her mother(tea party,sarah palin followers.ect.)not her dancing knowing that their actions are elimanting those who really deserve to stay.To be honest they themselves know she should go yet vote for her.And Bristol herself knows she doesnt deserve to continue, so if by chance she does win , it is a empty bought victory...

1436 days ago


Hey all whinny liberals, just except the fact that everything is now about politics. You people have been cheating for too long. Just bow out and leave quietly. Go Bristol.

1436 days ago
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