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Sarah Palin -- The 'DWTS' Conspiracy Theory

11/2/2010 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nobody can explain why Bristol Palin has managed to stay on "Dancing with the Stars" despite the fact that she sucks at dancing ... nobody except Harvey Levin.

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Libtards are complaining about someone progressing without having "earned" it? Ironic much? lmao.......GO BRISTOL!

1414 days ago

Sandy Crowe    

This is so typical America. White girl was pregnant, 17, high-school dropout and voila! Mother still gets nominated for vp candidate. Daughter now a STAR. Would any other woman have been given that chance? Don't think so. Let's hope that this show losses out. Also there has been complaint of dialing in. Was it rigged?????

1414 days ago


This was not fair to all the other stars.She should have not even been on the show. Other have been in the movies, sports, music and this was not the place for her. It should have been won or lost on scores along with her dancing. the others have work way to hard to have the GOP backing her. Not fair to the other stars and not to Brandy. Much better dancer the Palin. This was the first time I've watch and I will not watch again. I think this stinks.

1414 days ago


Bristol is simply not a good dancer. She's lacks basic athletic abilities, fitness, grace... Yes, some of those already voted off were worse than she is, but that doesn't mean that she still belongs on the show. I can't stand to watch her, knowing that she's only there for pure political reasons. It actually sickens me. I loved the show from the outset, but will not watch it again. The best dancer is supposed to win---Bristol is very far from that.

1414 days ago

Donna Davison    

everyone knows that dwts has been "fixed" this season. The only way to show our disscust with the show is to boycott dwts (do not watch) boycott macys (DO NOT SPEND ANY MONEY AT MACYS, ESPECIALLY HERE DURING THE HOLIDAYS.We need to hit them where it will make the most damage, in their pocket book!!!!!!!!

1414 days ago


This season is more of a political and popularity contest. Sadly it is not about who can dance the best which is what it should be about. I think in the end the judges should be the ones to decide who is the best dancer, not the fans. A lot of progressing dancers have been booted off the show, so I am sad that it has become a popularity contest. If you look at the three finalists it is obvious who can make the dance moves and is more of a professional dancer. Should I say more???

1414 days ago


DWTS has lost me as a viewer... The fact that Bristol Palin is still on the show is mind boggling and not fair to the talented danceres. All the other members had to work just as hard to dance and compete. the only reason she is still on the show is because of her mother. The judges were also very lenient with her because of who she is. Bristol needed to be voted off a long time ago. Her dancing is lifeless. I am finding the show not fair to the art. It is all about ratings.. Too bad.

1414 days ago

TERRie Dorfman    

I have watched DWTS every year and always enjoyed it until this year! Why is Bristol even on the show, she is not a star!! She is a very nice young lady but certainly no dancer, Mark Ballas is a great guy and wonderful dancer but he must be shocked seeing all the really good stars and their
partners being ousted when Bristol is obviously getting in on votes! Is this a political show or what!! I am sorry to be critical but I look forward to DWTS every season and this is a real disappointment.

1414 days ago

marta g,    

People, do you really thing that people strongly interested in politics sit by the phone waiting to call and vote for Bristol? Have you considered the fact that most people booted from the show were worst dancers than B? Except Brandy of course, but the girl has no fans, her personality doesn't help. The same with Audrina, not too many people new who she was so, no votes. Lets be kind with Bristol she is just a girl borned in a family politically famous.

1414 days ago


Miss Piggy has no dancing talent. She should have been sent home after the first week! Sarah Palin has been her cheerleader, trying to tell the fans how hard Bristol has worked, how she knew she would be criticized for not being a star and for not having any athletic ability. Sarah even tried to convince the fans that the premise of the show was to vote for the person who was the most likable and who had made the most baby steps toward improvement. Bristol tried to pull at everyone's heartstrings by bad mouthing her son's father and describing for financially difficult it was (to be only making one million dollars for the year?) Nothing like the Palins ability to twist the facts--that comes with all the publicity agents and speech writers these two con artists had working to spin their stories. The viewers were supposed to identify with Bristol and not notice that Miss Piggy was packing on the pounds in the tummy area; that she wore full, flowing outfits to cover her thunder thighs and larger and larger body; those long dresses were supposed to hide the fact that she had no dancing talent and couldn't do the necessary dancing steps. Her partner had to take an even larger role in the dancing competition because the Alaskan moose had no energy and had to be towed around the dance floor. Poor Bristol had to skip so many hours of practice--she needed frequent vacations, had speaking engagements to go to; spent a lot of time contacting the tabloids and talk shows, trying to get herself more media attention. She wanted to be rich and famous, and needed to see her name in the media every day. She didn't have to put in the effort like the other dancing competitors--she had mama's fan base and they had a secret that would give her a lot of votes every week and she would be spared from being eliminated. So what if the more qualified dancers went home?-mama always told her that it was admirable to be a barracuda or a pit bull or mama grizzly. EXCEPT the rigged voting was not supposed to be exposed before the competition ended. Nobody was supposed to know how Bristol got all those extra votes. A dirty little secret that Sarah Palin thought was so good--and the other viewers thought was being dishonest. Go Bristol! The Cheater's Ball Trophy is almost yours.

1414 days ago

OK, I see a couple of things have been established about the show DWTS. 1) It is not a dancing competition. Therefore, stop with all the grueling dance rehearsals with the professionals and let everybody "freestyle". 2) It's a popularity contest i.e.
" She's cute, she's refreshing. she' so normal". So let the "professionals" go and let the "stars" just come on and "shake it" without any help. That way the show will have at least a modi*** of integrity left. It's too bad that people work their butts off every week to improve their dancing skills only to be voted off by the "popular" person.

1414 days ago


Dancing with the Stars has become a popularity contest and now has almost nothing to do with the skill of dancing. What happened on 12/16/10 was an absolute farce. The professional judges' scores are important but they really mean nothing related to the results. The show went political when it put Palin on and the directors of the show are stupid to have allowed this to happen. The public is not dumb. Even I can tell when someone is good at dancing and when they don't measure up! If I was a judge on your show, I would be furious and feel like a phony to endorse such a travisty. It would be more authentic for you to just elimenate the judges and let the public choose the winners. You at least need to develop the technology so that there is just one vote per person instead of allowing people to vote 300 times. I'm done with watching your show. It is all about quantity of public votes and not about the quality of dancing because the hard work of the contestants doesn't really matter. You have created a monster that is hurtful, unfair and rediculous!

1414 days ago


She can't dance and she!s stiff as an ironing board. No dance moves, Her partner carried her and made her looked a little bit good,pulled her across the floor when needed.their just so much anyone can do. at the end of the day when she go home alone with out her partner she still can't dance. Brandy was one of the best of the best,Oh but i forgot its not about dancing. Even the judges was blown away when she didn't get voted of.she shoulded have been gone the first night.

1414 days ago


To call what Bristol Palin is doing dancing is a joke, It like watch a cold stiff fish. This the first season anyone gain weigh most people lose it not Bristol Palin. As far as her still being on the show it a joke just look at the judges faces when she was one of the three left . Bristol Palin have u really watch ur self on DWTS IT PAINFUL AND PLEASE STOP EATING

1414 days ago


ABC seriously screwed up injecting politics in the show. They're just using Bristol and the Palin's to increase the numbers of their viewing audience and ratings for this season...but it looks like they may be losing viewers instead as they lose their credibility. Brandi deserved to be in the finals, not Bristol.

Bristol looks like a Hippo in a Tutu...however, not to insult Disney, the hippos are better dancers and are more graceful than Bristol is

1414 days ago
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