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Sarah Palin -- The 'DWTS' Conspiracy Theory

11/2/2010 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nobody can explain why Bristol Palin has managed to stay on "Dancing with the Stars" despite the fact that she sucks at dancing ... nobody except Harvey Levin.

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william David    

It's obvious why palin is still on. The right-wing bobble heads have been told to call in and vote for her. And why shouldn,t they. They are naturally experts in judging dance performance since they have carefully viewed KARL ROVE'S MOVES!

1400 days ago


The producers are paying for allowing Bristol to be on because of ratings, which they did not need. Now, because of the elephant in the room, Sarah, the Tea Party using questionable voting blocks, this show looks like a JOKE to the whole world.

I have watched this show from the beginning. But the producers must be afraid that they created a monster, their credibility ruined for anyone considering to be on the show in the future. What a shame. Somehow they need to fix the voting system, if it's not too late that is.

1400 days ago


'have stopped watching "DWTS". It is obvious, it is no longer dancing talent that counts - but whomever is backing/supporting a "celebrity" for political gain or personal agenda. It is a joke and a travesty of what is supposed to be a talent show! Granted that participant(s) may have improved (and deserve our appreciation) - in the end "only the deserving in terms of artistic talent should remain and should win! This is after all a contest on who is the "best among the best". Otherwise might as well make "DWTS" a popularity contest and take out the dancing part! What is happening this season should not be allowed to happen in the upcoming seasons!

1400 days ago


With all of the commotion about the judging,me think that the great minds at DWTS may have unwittingly have written their on obit this time. Not only will they probably not get another "A" lister to risk injury , They will be lucky to get two three year olds to watch next season. Adios DWTS your sure demise was too long in coming.

1400 days ago


When does becoming pregnant in high school make you a celebrity? How did she even get on the show or even make it past the first week. She is a horrible dancer and does not deserve to be there. I will never watch that pathetic show again!!!

1400 days ago

Ana Benavidez    

Any young 5, 6 year old that can dance in latin america does it better than Bristol Palin, do I think she has improve? Yes; enough to be in the finals in a national competition,No.
This show has some many problems I dont even have the time to tell all of them, the steps on the latin dances styles are wrong cha cha isn't really what they show on the tv, the tango they dance mostly consists of paso dobles combination with tango, I only saw in one of the dances this season one real step on a tango it was that one Jennifer lady ONE single step of the many that involves tango, but the way the bolero is also dance wrong, the name they give to the dance cha cha is really called cha cha cha three times,the problem with this show is that people we see on tv aren't really stars this last name has to be earned just because a person is likeable and get attention doesnt make them a STAR. The show should be realaly called like DANCING WITH THE PEOPLE YOU THINK YOU KNOW AND FEEL NICE ABOUT IT TO THE DANCES WE MAKING UP AS WE GO. Thanks Ana B.

1399 days ago

sandy d.    

why is Bristal still on dwts? She has chased all the best dancers off. We are so angry that she is still on there that if she would win it all' we will never watch another dwts again. I know many others that feel the same in Michigan. Please never put another political person on dwts again. Thank You very much.

1399 days ago

Joan Abramson    

Either the sponsers find a new way to vote that is fair to the contestants or I for one will stop watching this wonderful program. If the judges, who know all about dancing give a vote of 10-it is not fair that it becomes a popularity contest rather than what is is-a dance contest. How dare they compare Bristol to real dancers.What a disgrace. Just keep voting and voting for whomever you choose and know nothing about the true meaning of the show!!!

1399 days ago

susanne betcke    

Brandy is a much, much better dancer than Bristol. It stinks that she got eliminated instead of Bristol, no matter how "cute" Bristol appears to be.

1398 days ago


It's all politics. ABC is affiliated with several other companies, many many radio shows, disney and more . a republican company that is not shy about it's political views. just who do you think runs rush limbaugh's radio talk show ? now does that not answer almost every question about DWTS ?

1397 days ago


Sara Palin, shame on you!!!!!!!! Putting your daughter through this! You caused this bad publicity on your daughter. What did you do pay to rent out call centers for the calls to pour in and vote for your daughter? Republican or Democrat anyone cans she is an Amateur and not one to be in the finals, so I really don't think that the Republicans that follow you would really do this to your daughter and if they did that just shows how smart your followers are. Scary for our country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel sorry for your daughter she doesn’t deserve to be talked about like this, but she should not have made it into the finals!

1397 days ago


Those who are complaining about Bristol Palin's success in DWTS should have voted in droves for the other celebrities in the show to neutralize her votes.

They have one more chance tonight.

As for my wife and me, We are surprised about her success but We enjoy seeing her dancing in the show although She is not as good as the other finalists. She is quite refreshing to watch.

1396 days ago


Bristol did not come a long way because see still looks rediculous on the dance floor and still hasn't improve,come on be fair Bristol does not deserve to be in the final three and it is a political thing, if it wasn't then Bristol would never had made it to the final three.

1396 days ago

Sandy Crowe    

I hope that after this fiasco that this show does not get the ratings it normally got. This was nothing but crap. This fat sow should never have been asked. What makes her a star! Unmarried. Pregnant. 17. High-school drop-out. Was that what qualified her? Would they have picked a non-Republican woman of color? Don't think so. Nor would her mother have been nominated. When will America live up to its "justice for all" motto.

1395 days ago
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