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Sarah Palin -- The 'DWTS' Conspiracy Theory

11/2/2010 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nobody can explain why Bristol Palin has managed to stay on "Dancing with the Stars" despite the fact that she sucks at dancing ... nobody except Harvey Levin.

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Last night when I watched DWTS I'm pretty sure I seen Bristol on the dance floor NOT HER MOTHER!!! I like Bristol, she the one that I have see a Big change in. I could care less who here mother is. If I wanted to watch politics I'd have my TV on another channel. Each week I look forward to seeing her improvement. Good Luck Bristol keep dancing and keep smiling.

1419 days ago


because of Mark Ballas!!! he's amazing, cute, and looks like a sweetheart. we want to see more of him!

1419 days ago


Hold your head high Bristol. You're doing great! Mark is the best dancing partner, and I love how he's so supportive and encouraging...he's truly genuine!! The two of you are amazing and I look forward to your dances each week. You both seem to be having so much fun at your rehearsals, as the clips show the laughter and smiles, you can see the chemistry. Good luck!! I hope my voting helped you advance to next Monday. :)

1419 days ago


doesnt anyone wonder how the 20 year old got into voyeur?

1419 days ago


you guys all sound like a bunch of mindless morons.."oh she's nice, we applaud her, she's a single mom." it's really sad that this is what is considered entertainment. why are u even watching this show?? what a huge waste of time and money

1419 days ago


LMAO !! TO HEATHER #95...YOU'RE READING TMZ..AND YOU OF ALL PEOPLE ASK WHY WOULD WE BE WATCHING DWTS??? Holy crap lady, you can't scrape the barrel any lower by reading TMZ. Way to judge people but not include yourself!!! LMAO!!!

1419 days ago


Woohoo....Go Bristol and Mark!!!! Good luck next Monday!!!!

1419 days ago

Sue H    

It is unbelievable that Bristol is still on the show. She is and has been the worst dancer. I thought this was a dancing competition. This is just like what happened when Sanjiya on
American Idol when people kept voting for him and his was the worst singer. The good dancers are sent home and the worse stays. After tonite, I will not watch this show again. Sorry Jennifer and Brandy. Bristol is as bad a dancer as her mother is dumb.

1419 days ago


#95 I agree with you, these people thinking she can dance are crazy! She has the votes of her State because of her Mother. She tries to come across lke shes pure as driven snow, well driven snow
is -----! I have nothing against single moms and I praise them, but don"t come off acting like "Oh I don"t know what it is to have sex"
(this statement doesnot apply to mothers that have had to produce children under any cir***stances outside of not wanting to)

1419 days ago


96. LMAO !! TO HEATHER #95...YOU'RE READING TMZ..AND YOU OF ALL PEOPLE ASK WHY WOULD WE BE WATCHING DWTS??? Holy crap lady, you can't scrape the barrel any lower by reading TMZ. Way to judge people but not include yourself!!! LMAO!!!

Posted at 5:50 PM on Nov 2, 2010 by TAmi
Way to be a hypocrite idiot! Just because I view this site doesn't mean I agree with any of it. I'm here because I don't like seeing "celebs" get privileged treatment, especially from the courts! I wouldn't come here if I couldn't make comments. On the other hand, there is no other reason to watch DWTS but because you like that sh*t!

1419 days ago


Wow #5 said she resonates with the conservative party, and basically she stands for what they believe in. So i guess they believe in teenage and unprotected sex with *******s, being unwed mothers, whoring yourself out on t.v for money, then not even taking care of their kids after they have them. Yup that's exactly what they stand for. I could care less but you sara lovin douche bags but you can't have it both ways.

1419 days ago


bristol is horrible she should have been gone ,,i used to love watching dwts. but after this one i doubt if i watch anymore the prouders n the judges no this gril is bad if it wasn;t for sarah she would have been gone n you all no this it;s not a daceing contest anymore .it;s a shame n i don;t like this season @ all it wasn;t judged fair @ ALLbesides she is not a star neither is her mother but thats the only reason you keeping her because of her mother dwts.was my number 1 show to watch i;m thur now

1418 days ago


Harvey hit the nail right on the head. If you recall, Kate Gosselin was blogging to all her "followers" to vote for her and keep her on the show, and I'm convinced all the ******gers are keeping Bristol the Pistil on there, too. If you don't think this is a popularity contest, I have five words for you: Gilles Marini and Shawn Johnson. THAT was a travesty, and Audrina Patridge getting voted off before Bristol Palin was a CRIME!

1418 days ago


I used to love Dancing with the stars but after what has gone on this year with Bristol Paylin, i think this is my last year of watching First of all she is not a star of anything. Second of all the shock on the judges faces when she stays is another conspiracy theory. Tonight Len Goodman just threw his hands in the air as in dis belief of what happened. I don,t know what ABC could say about the reason she was picked but we all know the real reason. She seems like a nice girl but again this is another example what Politics and Money can do Thank you

1418 days ago



1418 days ago
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