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Levi Johnston: I Finally Have a Platform!!!

11/3/2010 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mayoral candidate Levi Johnston has finally developed a platform for his political campaign -- and it doesn't just involve crapping all over Sarah Palin.

Johnston -- who's running for Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska in 2011 -- was called out on "The View" last month for not having a platform ... but now, Levi claims he's locked and loaded with a political agenda.

Levi's rep tells us Levi will focus on "better schools, less crime and more jobs for citizens of Wasilla and neighboring Palmer."

As for how he plans to accomplish these goals ... we're told Levi has been pounding the pavement and talking to citizens in order to understand how he can better serve the community.

In the meantime, we're told Levi is still working on scoring his high school diploma.


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Leigh Ann    

Levi Johnson is a moron without a doubt but covering his exploits only adds to his undeserved credibility. TMZ, please stop covering this jackass.

1416 days ago


Levi, you are as bad as Obama, you cannot be embarassed no matter how big of fool you make out of yourself. Narcisstic people make me sick.
Another thing, just like Obama, you blame everyone else for everything. You put down Sarah trying to make yourself look better, and Obama blames EVERYONE ELSE for everything that goes wrong, can't take the blame for ANYTHING ! ! ! !
It doesn't work that way really, please realize that. Eventually you have to admit your not fooling anyone ! ! !
Everyone is using you, and laughing at you and making you a joke ! ! !

1416 days ago


You fools that keep bringing up Sarah Palin quitting as Governor of Alaska, don't you understand why she did it, was because of all the idiots bringing stupid lawsuits against her and costing the state a lot of money. I realize tho that you are too dumb to even know about that. You probably don't read anything and just parrot what other dummies are saying ! You don't know anything about Sarah, or you would realize how SMART she really is and how she did a lot of GOOD things for Alaska. You all just repeat the same ole same ole things some idiot started way back.... I know you Liberals like the party that YOU THINK will give you a lot of freebies but you are fooling yourself. Nothing is FREE ! ! !
People like Levi are being used by the Liberals to try and get rid of Sarah Palin because she is a threat to them...They are scared to death of her. If she was as dumb as they try to make out she is, they wouldn't be so affraid of her... can't you figure that out all by yourself ? ? ? ?

1416 days ago


is his mother still in jail for the drug charges? if wasilla hires him to be mayor,,they are the idiots.. and yes a lot of people leave mid-term.. they do other things that might be better for them, or for the usa..

1416 days ago


At least Levi hasn't quit or had the courage to give his opinion about Sarah when asked. You should have been encouraged to get your high school diploma by BOTH sets of parents in the first place, instead of someone pulling strings elsewhere.

1416 days ago


While I admire his efforts, he clearly is too young for this job. Dude, PLEASE graduate high school and college first before you run for office!!

1416 days ago


Oh no, honey. I think Sarah Palin should run for Prez. I wish she would, badly.

1416 days ago


Well in one way his family has already reduced crime (his mother), by going to jail. Now if he would just join her (or just go away).

1416 days ago


This freak is an idiot!! But go ahead make yourself look like the tree ******* you are!

1416 days ago

Jeff Becker    

Levi is a tool! Palin 2012! Bitches!!!!!!!!!!

1416 days ago


When is this joke going to go away. For the people on The View to call you out on an issue... there's problems. And for Levi to have to ask people how he can fix a problem (such as schools and crime) after he said he will fix it... well, I guess he is not prepared at all. He is just trying to prolong his 15 minutes. Maybe if people stop putting a camera in his face and entertaining his 15 minutes, he will just fade away. But unfortunately all these fame whores never stop. :(

1416 days ago


To JLS #3

When are you people going to quit harping on that theme that she quit
to make money. You already know it was the Dems who sent 23 investigators to Alaska to find crap on her. She was fighting one
lawsuit after another with no time for her job. She had to quit so
the insane lawsuits would stop and she could let someone have the job
to help Alaska.

1416 days ago


What a douchenozzel! Stop giving this moron coverage Harvey. You are contributing to the dumbing down of America.

1416 days ago


First class D-bag

1416 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

This guy finally has a platform?
The only platform he needs is a diving one on the edge of a high bridge.

1416 days ago
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