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New Michael Jackson Tracks -- Real or Phony?

11/3/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two of Michael Jackson's children are adamant -- some of the soon-to-be released MJ song tracks are frauds.

As we have been reporting, Sony will be releasing a Michael Jackson album before Christmas, featuring 10 - 12 original tracks.  We're told 5 of the tracks were recorded at the New Jersey home of record producer Eddie Cascio

Michael and his kids stayed at Cascio's family home for 4 months in 2007, when the tracks were recorded, along with remixes that were released on the Thriller 25 Album.

The Jackson family believes the Cassio tracks in question were fakes -- sung by a Michael Jackson sound-alike.  We're told Prince says he was upstairs at the Cascio's house when many of the tracks were recorded and was able to hear the music, and none of what he heard matches the Sony tracks. 

We're also told Paris is "adamant" -- she does not believe her dad's voice is on the tracks in question.

But the estate claims there are sound experts who say conclusively the tracks are the real deal.

People connected with the Sony project believe the kids are being "manipulated" by Katherine Jackson and other family members who don't want the album released.


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Ben from Baltimore    

Greedy Sony using Katherine as a scapegoat. These kids know their father's voice. "$ony Kills Music"-Michael Jackson:

1389 days ago


Voice matching software is sophisticated enough now to determine if they are real or not.

1389 days ago


who really cares? his family and "kids" will get richer and he will still be dead. to me thats a win win situation. they get money from the pervert and well, he's dead! what's the problem?

1389 days ago


It's assumption, period


Good point! I hadn't thought of that. Your other comments gave me pause for thought too, another perspective to consider. MJ leaving music to his kids, exclusively, still points to how smart the guy actually was. No matter what people say, he could be a very savvy businessman.

1389 days ago


We are still talking about a man who confessed that he slept with little boys and who had porn in his bedroom. Why did he have porn in a room where he knew children would be? He was a middle aged man who wore wigs and make-up, who had no nose and a drug habit. He should never have been left alone with children. When I was on holiday in Turkey this year, people complained when a DJ tried to play a Jackson song, because many people still believe he should have gone to prison.

1389 days ago


who cares......only idiots would want to listen to a dead pedophile

1389 days ago


Oh really! So now it is time to fake Michael to get money since you couldnt any more plant stories to make him pay you and get paid for work even when your service was not so deserving. Since you could not manipulate him to give you things out of his riches because now his is no longer alive you would think of anything even if it would mean to pretend you are him on stage. Poor Michael, they are so determined to steal from you whether dead or alive. Let them do it. Since we are true fans of you, we wont fail to recognize your real and fake voice. And gues what, we will not buy any material with those fake songs! Sony, try MJs fans and you will see. I hope you are not calling for an obvious RISE AND FALL of SONY! I wish you all the best!

1389 days ago

mj is the sexiest man ever    

michael jackson is the king
we know his voice
we will know whether its fake or not
we are waiting for the big return also
mj is alive

1389 days ago


For the haters- get educated and quit being so ignorant.

Does American Dream Have to Die With Michael Jackson?

Read more:

Written by FORbes EVERett LANDis

We LOVE you Michael!

1389 days ago


aq-"He said nothing was wrong in 2001, despite his inability to wake up in the morning for an event."

First I will say you are quite disgusting.

MJ missed a morning appointment in building 7 WTC on 9-11. Yes the building collapse nobody talks about.
'The event' would have killed him.
I hope the person responsible for the death of thousands and pain of families and friends haunts you for your lifetime.

I hope this new music & Sony sort it out. Can't depend on media to tell the truth, as usual!

The Greatest Hoaxes Ever

1389 days ago


I have felt sorry for these kids since day one. There was no way they were going to live a normal life having MJ as a father. It was actually cruel for him to "have" these 3 children just for his own selfish needs. And then, to top it off, he continues abusing prescription medication and risks leaving them to deal with this mess he created. If I were his child, I would completely walk away from it all, move to another state, and change my name. These kids are in for a long haul.

I am glad to see them not forced to wear those silly masks and such when they are out in public. What a wierdo MJ was.

1389 days ago


Enough with Michael the molester. He is dead, isn't he, or was that a sick publicity stunt??

1389 days ago


Paris and Prince Jackson should worry about their homeworks in school instead of dealing with Sony. Grand-ma Katherine Jackson is instilling paranoia in the kids at a very early age just like she did to their father Michael Jackson when he was young.

1389 days ago


Every posting you see about Michael Jackson raises so much passion from people. Good and Bad. No other person that I know could get this kind of response. Which shows just how influential he was.

Michael was the most misunderstood person. And still is. So many people talk smack about him like they actually knew him. And now let's drag the kids into this whole mess.

I for one cannot wait to hear the new CD. I loved his music.
I highly doubt that Sony (even as greedy as they are) would risk legal action by releasing fake tracks. Not saying MJ's kids would not know their own fathers voice, but who said they have actually made these statments at all? Oh yeah, a "close source" to the family. Really? Come on people.

1389 days ago


The tracks are HIS! EVERYONE who hears them will KNOW. SOME family members and/or supposed friends have an agenda that is not in the best interest of his children OR his legacy. They want to stir a controversy to bring attention to themselves.

Please people...just wait for the release which is coming soon! His TRUE fans (and ANYONE for that matter) will not be disappointed!!!

1389 days ago
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