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Jesse James' Ex Sued Over Big Fall

11/3/2010 3:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How's this for irony ... getting sued over a court appearance ... which is exactly what's happening to Jesse James' ex-wife, Janine Lindemulder.

We've learned the photog who went down hard during Janine's court appearance in October is filing suit against her, claiming she committed a battery against him and he suffered injury as a result.

So, members of the jury ...


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Really? You all think it was HIS fault? That's very interesting considering she dumped hot coffee on him.

Just because he's fat doesn't mean you can do that, fyi.

And to the idiot who said if he loses he should go to jail, yeah, you would have to go ahead and rewrite the Constitution for that.

Posted at 11:31 AM on Nov 3, 2010 by Cassandra


did you see the ice cubes on the floor from her "HOT COFFEE"?
he lost his balance because he *thought* it was hot coffee
--go look at that video again. ice cubes all over the floor

what's funny is his poor reaction to someone invading his space, when you consider it is something he does on a regular basis

1417 days ago


She asked them nicely (said Please numerous times) to back off. She never touched the fool but stepped towards him like he was doing to her and tripped over his own feet. He isn't hurt and was probably out stalking someone (celebrity) else later that day. He is pathetic.

1417 days ago


C'mon someone's got to pay for all those extra trips to the buffet for fat boy.

1417 days ago


That boy is a "tad" top heavy!!!

1417 days ago


what would you do if some fat a$$ charged you while you were in an elevator? she done good, karmas a b**ch dude join a gym.

1417 days ago

Taylor Dadson    

He looks like he fell over from being too fat. Case dismissed.

1417 days ago

always amazed    

If some stranger got that close and aggressive with me he would have went down alot harder and I would be seeing him go to jail for stalking.

1417 days ago


Maybe he actually did slip on the spill created from her throwing the contents of the container at him. Which isn't to say what he did (getting in her face) was ok...just saying the floor could have been slippery.

1417 days ago

Teh Doc    

Fat bastard got exactly what was coming to him. Janine didn't cause it...gravity and a 70" waist did. I hope he gets laughed out of court and learns that he needs to give people their space. Janine may not be perfect, but she deserves a little respect when heading to a court of law doncha think?

1417 days ago


I guess being a fat ass slob invading her personal space had nothing to do with it or the fact that his fat gelatinous blob of a body had nothing to do with having poor balance.

1417 days ago


He is so fat that she probably couldn't make him fall if she really tried. That is what he deserves though for harassing people.

1417 days ago


It is obvious that he did this with the specific purpose of falling back and anouncing that he was hurt so he could sue. He must have been thinking if the "whores" can do it, so can I...

1417 days ago


come on, stop following her. she said back off several times. no means no! they should have backed off. another time the press is over stepping their boundries. leave her and ever other hollywood idol alone.

1417 days ago


he's a fat slob & she's a skanky whore. Looks like she found herself a new husband!

1417 days ago

eyes r rolling    

Geez, guys... what would you do with your day if there weren't paps all over the place supplying you with a constant flow of pix and stories so you can blather on with your opinions? If YOU weren't all over every snippet of minutia the very second it comes out, then there wouldn't be a demand for paps to agressively go for the prize. YOUR insatiable need for constant gossip is what created the paparazzi problem in the first place. HELLO...ANYBODY HOME?!?!?! And, I bet if 90% of you looked in a mirror you would see a fat slob looking back... so all you pots, meet mr kettle.

1417 days ago
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