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Jesse James' Ex Sued Over Big Fall

11/3/2010 3:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How's this for irony ... getting sued over a court appearance ... which is exactly what's happening to Jesse James' ex-wife, Janine Lindemulder.

We've learned the photog who went down hard during Janine's court appearance in October is filing suit against her, claiming she committed a battery against him and he suffered injury as a result.

So, members of the jury ...


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She should be arrested and prosecuted for this assault. What I saw her do in the video of this event is ASSAULT. His civil action is appropriate.

1427 days ago

rex kramer    

They didn't call the paramedics, they called Greenpeace. When they showed up, they covered him with wet blankets and rolled him back into the ocean.

1427 days ago


Just because the public hates the paps/photogs in general, doesn't not mean they are never victims. There are exceptions. This is an exception. He was not in the elevator or threatening her to the point it would justify her reaction. And then there is this looming instability that hovers over this woman. She is a known drug addict. Her actions were overboard given the cir***stances. She could have simply pushed the CLOSE DOOR button but instead chose this ill advised reaction to him.

1427 days ago


if he was a good looking man, would all of you judgmental *******s still feel the same? she clearly caused the fall, she could have continued her way up the elevator, but she chose to get out and throw her coffee at him, making it dangerous for anyone who then walked on that surface! but he completely blew it out of proportion. typical response from the TMZ crowd.

1427 days ago


She began attacking him and he had to backpedal to avoid being physically assaulted, which is a rational person's normal response. In fleeing her assault which continued after he backed up, the fat guy lost his balance and fell.

It is important to note that she continued to attack him after he fled from the door of the elevator. It's possible that she felt the attack would be interpreted in her favor because many people hate fat people. That's something she would have to answer if charged with a hate crime for intensifying her attack because the man is morbidly obese, a disabling medical condition.

1427 days ago


Just seems to me that he would never have fallen if some psycho didn't come at him throwing a drink. I don't think it has to do with weight or not. I'm am not nearly as large as that man, but I may have fallen over my feet as well if some screaming lunatic came at me. Bottom line: he wouldn't have fallen if she wasn't there.

1427 days ago

Tom Bosley    

GET HER!! hahahah it's funny cuz he's fat.

1427 days ago


blame the fat guy, how rude

1427 days ago


Great! I guess I can throw hot coffee at people whenever I want and get away with it as long as all you people are on the jury. However, she actually ran off the elevator to get to him and I'm pretty sure that is an assault. He wasn't even being pushy; just asking a question. He could have jumped into the elevator with her if he wanted but he didn't. Her behavior probably didn't help her get visitation with her kids so she's been punished already.

1427 days ago


While I have no love for JJ's ex, I have zero sympathy for a fat a** paparazzi falling on his butt.

1427 days ago

Betty Burgh    

Oh for crying out loud! This guy is pathetic!! Let's face it he did this to himself. 1.) Invading someone's personal space and the person reacted appropriately. 2.) Gorging on soda, Twinkies, chips, cookies, and other lard inducing products made this fatty have no balance skills. Hell, I am surprised there wasn't 8.0 quake when fatso fell. This man is an embarrasment to the human race. Yeah, he's a fat ass, but he did it to himself. And to all you other fatties defending him, put down the computer mouse and go do some Jane Fonda or get a gastric band will ya! We're sick of dealing with your fat asses on planes, buses, and ruining our dining experience at restaurants.

1427 days ago


That fat bast**d is the only one at fault here. He needs to get a REAL JOB and stop eating like an idiot pig. Why wasn't he following Jesse around,I'll tell you why Jesse would have whipped his fat a**.

1427 days ago



1427 days ago


Fatty choose to be a paparazzi, it comes with the territory. He fell on his own.

1427 days ago


That fat as@ should sue IN AND OUT BURGERS

1427 days ago
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