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'Big Friggin' Wedding' Duo -- Victims of N-Bomb Attack

11/4/2010 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The interracial couple on VH1's "My Big Friggin' Wedding" was the target of a racist attack on Facebook ... and now they're on the hunt for the person responsible for dropping the n-bomb.

Less than 24 hours after the episode featuring Danny and Tammie Toureau aired on Monday night -- someone using the name "Susan Wilson" sent Tammie an FB message saying, "Another n***er lover. How disgusting."

Now, the couple's attorney/manager Bryan Konoski tells TMZ they're working with Facebook to track down the culprit ... but they believe the perp was using a bogus name and the "Susan Wilson" account has already been shut down.

Still, Konoski insists if they ever find out the coward's identity, they "will be seeking immediate law enforcement intervention."

Tammie tells TMZ, "Why would anyone care if the love of my life is not the same race as me. He's my prince charming no matter what background he is!"


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Teacher's Pet    


Rob, you need to educate yourself. What about the mess that Clinton left for Bush, and the president before him, and the president before him. Every former president gets the blame. I'll tell you one problem Obama has created and that is the healthcare reform. My stance is if you want health insurance, then get your lazy @$$ out of bed everyday and go to work like I do. This applies to ALL skin color.

1448 days ago

Taylor Dadson    

Law enforcement.. what law is broken? Just delete the comments.. typical .... playing the race card.

1448 days ago

Karlaaa :    

You Go Girl!Marry Whoever You Want,Wheter He Be Red,Orangee,Yellow,Blue,Or Purple Doesnt Matterr(; Have Funn &Wish You Guys The Besttesttttt .

1448 days ago


That word has no meaning in this day and age. What does the word means anyway?
Black ****** or just ******=Black people
albino ******=white people
brown ******=mexicans
It's a casual word in this day and age. It IS meant to be hurtful when used by whites. They did create the word. But no. You lose once again. They can't give you a definition of the word. That right there is ignorance.

1448 days ago


The N word...oh noes....she looks like a horse.

1448 days ago


Oh yea! Lets face it...........If your white you ARE NOT going to say that to someones face. I know it, you know it everyones knows it! LOL! People are such cowards. ANYWAY...........

1448 days ago


Who cares? If you can't handle someone on facebook calling you names, then an interracial marriage isn't right for you! There was no crime! She looks to be marrying for money and fame to me!

1448 days ago


That is funny as hell!! You go "Susan Mitchell"! and to all the other people on here who get all worked up over this, get a life! It is disgusting!

Dr. Who Gives a ****

1448 days ago


If only there were actual legal penalties for being an ignorant bigot, but there aren't. Unless the Facebook poster posted an actual threat over and above the idiotic 'opinion' that this article indicates, there probably is no basis for legal intervention. Sadly, it isn't a crime to be a hateful human being and waste of oxygen.

1448 days ago


I can't believe you people who aren't taking this seriously and believe his calling in law enforcement is a waste of time. I can only assume that you are Caucasian to say that.

There is too much damn hate on the internet (I see it everyday on TMZ comments alone); maybe his going to these lengths will be a precedent in stopping some of it. Cuz quite frankly, I'm sick of it!

It's easy to sit anonymously behind a computer and say this sh(i)t, but I bet most of the MFers wouldn't have the balls to confront the objects of these racial slurs personally. Stop being pansies, if you don't like members of different races stand up for what you believe in. I dare you.

1448 days ago


Get over it. The police need to spend their time investigating Murders, Rapes, Burglaries, etc. REAL CRIMES. This woman wants to waste their valuable time chasing after someone who called her a name? Online? We would need a police force of 100 million people if they had to arrest every single person who ever called someone else a mean name.

1448 days ago


"Just because we have monkey for a president..."

See this (along with a lot of other comments I'm reading) is exactly what I'm talking about!

I dare you to say that to Obama's face or any other black man's, effing bigot.

1448 days ago


I've got news for some of you people: HATE IS A CRIME!!!

Just because it hasn't escalated to someone getting murdered doesn't make it any less of a crime. It amazes me that you people don't get this! Think outside of the box. Please.

1448 days ago



Speaking economically, Clinton was responsible for one of the largest surpluses in American economic history. Reagan was responsible for some of the largest tax breaks for multi-million/billion dollar companies in history. He couldn't stop giving money to rich people. That's why he was horrible. Bush cut taxes to please people while simultaneously throwing American into 2 wars. The funding for the wars put us into the Trillion-dollar deficit range(deficit is one year, if you didn't know). All he did was raise US debt almost exponentially.

If you actually looked at the healthcare bill instead of just talking **** about it, you'd see that it's just an OPTION. Do you know what option mean? It's a cheaper alternative to private healthcare, which will still probably be in every way. Learning is fun. I'm not even a Democrat, but I know ridiculous when I see it.

On another note, why do people always try and use the weak argument that rappers use the N-word in their songs? It's an offshoot of the actually offensive N-word, and I've heard plenty of non black people say it around black people and not get raged at.

1448 days ago


Change that @59 to @53, directed at Teacher's Pet

1448 days ago
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