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David Cassidy -- I Did NOT Drive Drunk!

11/4/2010 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Cassidy is adamant that he was NOT hammered on booze when he got behind the wheel in Florida last night ... and says he plans to fight the DUI charges.


David's rep, Jo-Ann Geffen, tells TMZ ... the former teen idol admits he did take a pain pill for his back earlier in the day -- and may have been tired from an early morning funeral he had to attend -- but he definitely wasn't drunk.

Cassidy is also disputing the results of the two breathalyzer tests he took at the time of arrest -- in which he blew a 0.139 and 0.141 -- insisting his true blood alcohol content was not properly measured.

Cassidy's rep tells us the actor is already on the hunt for a lawyer and plans to fight the charges adding, "He would never jeopardize anyone on the road and he would not have been driving had he not had to go to a funeral ... he's never been arrested in his life before for anything."


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just saying    

"He wouldn't have even been driving had he not had to go to a funeral?" Why not? because he knew he was drunk?

1428 days ago


why is it that its such a big freakn deal when someone gets pulled over for DUI/DWI, most of the time its because the freakn cops dont have anything better to do. Yes there are legit times but most of the time its a crap shoot. lets pull this guy over because he has a nice car, look at the woman that guy has with him, its all bull****, yes i have been pulled over,not for drunk driving, either light is out or i was going 5 or 10 mph over the speed limit, then they find out i have had a drink or two and the next thing im arrested, its all about the freakn money, its very popular and the big thing is if you get pulled over for speeding its a few hundred bucks but if they can add drinking, now we are in the thousands, thats why i am writing this, its the money, dont kid yourself.

1428 days ago


Dash cam on. See TMZ copy. Slammer ready and waiting!

1428 days ago

Katie C    

Blackouts are common amoung alcoholics. It's possible he has no memory of drinking that much. Doesn't excuse it, he needs to be held accountable for his actions, but if he thinks he wasn't drunk... he's got a problem that no lawyer can talk him out of.

1428 days ago


He's a raging alcoholic, how did he get away with it for so long. Forget the lawyer, they will throw the book at you David. Twice the legal limit at 6pm.

1428 days ago


Stop blaming all this on his father.
Jack did not get a DUI.
Jack gave his car to someone else and walked home when his alchohal level was .12 and that was when the legal limit was .10.

Jack did the politically correct thing when it wasn't even fashoinable.

I blame this on David and all his hangers on who have ignore this problem. That is your fault.

1428 days ago

Keith Partridge    

Come on get happy!

1428 days ago


So he got a DUI, It's all about the money anyway! People on cell phones are more dangerous than anything on the road!

1428 days ago

Raw Shoshanna    

I think I don't believe you.

1428 days ago


David didn't ask for my opinion, and, even if he had, it would be too late anyway, but I'm going to give it just the same. If you are a celebrity and plan to fight your DUI arrest, DON'T TALK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!! File the paper-work required by the state, don't have your PR staff make statements to the media, and go on living your life. Nothing bring more attention to you than pleading innocence in the media.

1428 days ago

Tookie Topbox    

Blood tests show a HIGHER alcohol content! That's the last thing anyone pulled over for DUI should ever request. Stick with the breathalyser test - save your nuts cuz right now it sounds like you're in a whole heap of trouble "Keith".

1428 days ago


David, put on the big boy pants, fess up, admit you make a big mistake by getting behind the wheel and take your punishment...then get on with your life...people will have a LOT more respect for you...

1428 days ago


Here we go again ... another one who wants to use his once time fame and get away with driving drunk ... I don't care what he says ... the test is CORRECT and you don't drive around with an open half empty bottle of booze in the back seat ... I hope we continue to watch this one and lets see what the lawyers and judge do about this ... here is your chance (the system) to show that you really want to treat everyone the same and not show favoritism because you have a know name ...

1428 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

Worked with David on a TV project in the 90's. He was a **** who believed his farts smelled like lilacs and fresh linen. What could he possibly be doing for money at this point?

1428 days ago


Yeah, okay David. Please, you're a drunk just like your dear old dad. I was one of those screaming girls who was madly in love with you in the '70's, uhhuh. But I grew up. In all the interviews I've seen over the years, he's always come across as an arrogant douche, who thinks he's still something special. It's 40 years later, David....move on, own up, grow up.

1428 days ago
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