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Sony to Katherine Jackson: You're Wrong About MJ

11/4/2010 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sony Music isn't buying the claim of Katherine Jackson and two of Michael Jackson's kids ... that some of the tracks on a soon-to-be-released MJ album are fake -- because one of the tracks in question is about to be released on on Monday.


The song -- "Breaking News" -- was recorded in 2007, at the New Jersey home of Eddie Cascio.  Jackson and his kids lived in the house for 4 months while Michael was recording.  We're told Prince, Paris and Katherine now believe the Cascio tracks are fake -- not Michael's voice.

But Sony has done a bunch of voice authentications, and the record company is convinced it's the real deal.  So a teaser will be released tomorrow, and the full song will be on the MJ website for one week, beginning Monday.

We're told 3 tracks recorded at the Cascio house will be included on the full album, which will be released on December 14.


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michaels angel    

im not shocked i always hated oprah. lisa marie should go to jail too she said mj told her names of people that wanted him dead an she did nothing bout it. now if it would of been me i would of been talking an doing things to stop it. then she says i didnt want to have kids cuz i wanted to make sure i was united with him in that same line she said i felt so united with him she the one on drugs i wouldnt doubt it if she got him started love dont hurt. i would have moved heaven an earth to protect him

1353 days ago


I would just like to say that I love Michael Jackson and always will. For the Haters:You were not in his shoes so you don't know how his life was like or what he had to endure. So stop being a hater and get on with your life!!!!! It amazes me how people can be so cruel in this world and I also think its sad that the Jackson family is trying so hard to stay in the spotlight. The kids wether they are his or not should be kept out of the media because they deserve the normal life that Michael did not have.

1353 days ago


this is not michael jackson's voice this voice is from jason malachi serch him o youtube it's the same voice...
voicot sony for cheeting the fans and lie everyone.

1353 days ago


Just listened to the song and can't understand why people think its not him?? He didn't sound like he use too in the This is it film and he openly stated that recording Invincible that he had to sing deeper as he's voice just wasn't what it was. Come on people, do "you" still sound like you did 25 years ago? The last popular stuff he did was over 15 years ago so you can't compare. I'm pretty sure Sony would not release something they was unsure of, think about it, would they really want to add more songs to Jackson half of Sony's back catalogue?? And to the people who say it shouldn't be released; why did he sing it if he didn't want it heard??? Just appreciate it, its not great, but imagine how many songs artist's have to do just to get a big hit and create choices to compile an album......There will be a lot more of these to come.

1352 days ago



1352 days ago


This is not Michael singing in this song, clearly. even when we highpitch the song, it's not him. period.

don't know how much you got paid to say it's MJ, but it is not.

1352 days ago


Sony sure went all out with the cover! They managed to cram in every little image of MJ through out the years to sucker every generation into buying this imitation of MJ! The only years they could not cram into it was the Jackson 5, because they don't own that. It looks slapped together, with not artistic value involved! This is not Michael, and he would find this entire Sony situation, and their attempt to try to be him, and copy his talents, very embarrassing! After all, any fan knows he embarrassed easily. And this is something that takes the cake!

1352 days ago


My 77 year old Mother said after hearing the song "THAT'S NOT MICHAEL" like he's her child. BeLIEve me she can hear a mouse pee on cotton.

1352 days ago


The best advice I can give would be for the Jackson's to sue Sony for fraud and misrepresentation and get any monies which Sony has made or will make on the album. I can tell myself that the cover is fake. The voice doesn't sound anything like "The" Michael Jackson. Motivation for money causes people to do anything.

1350 days ago


Like father, like son.
Like father, like daughter.
Like father, like his other son too.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

1349 days ago


I love how the duds at Sony have the arrogance to state to Mrs. Jackson that she does not know the sound of her own son's voice. To aware...most of us long-time listeners of MJ don't think it is his voice either.

1347 days ago


Sony in desperation to get some MJ tracks on sale have had to tamper with unreleased tracks in an effort to get that MJ factor. One reason is the age of some of these songs and the other is they are not finished. Will people buy it? How well do people know that MJ sound? We are being put to the test.
I as much as I love MJ's music will not be buying any new songs. They were unreleased for a reason and the ones MJ released i.e. Invicible album are the songs Sony rejected.

Remember that.

1334 days ago
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