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Miley Cyrus -- Under Fire for Beer Consumption

11/6/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus put herself and others at risk this week by indulging in that ice cold Corona at a nightclub in Spain ... this according to an international alcohol awareness organization.

Even though officials in Spain told us 17-year-old Miley didn't break any laws ... the head of the International Institute for Alcohol Awareness, James E. Copple, is concerned other young people will follow her lead and engage in "risky behavior associated with underage alcohol consumption."

Copple tells us, "The young people that see her as a role model could mimic the same behavior and as a consequence will go out and become intoxicated, putting their safety at risk."

Copple noted ... according to his organization, "85% of young people who drink, drink to get intoxicated."

So we gotta ask ...


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Stupid american people. Europe make fun of u about this story. Her with the age of 16 or 17, its not a big deal to drink a beer after School or on the Weekend. Also we have Sex and fun so what ?

1386 days ago


@46 LOL, no barkeeper (or cop) in europe would make a fuzz about her being underage when she turns 18 this months and is in company of adults. Maybe her friends ordered the beer and gave it to her.
There are laws against underage drinking but we also have brains to know when laws should be enforced. The laws are not there to teach kids a lesson that turn 18/21 next week (but I could totally imagine US cops doing that, lol), but to prevent 14 year olds to get drunk.

Yawn, call me when Hannah Montana chugs down a beer on Disney.

1386 days ago


Hmmm... as much as I hate Miley Cyrus, and what her family and Disney has done to her, she was drinking legally. The pictures weren't from the US, they were from Spain. So what? Wow, she had a couple of beers! Its not like she was chugging down vodka, its not like you saw her burning a sugar cube and drinking absinthe!

As far as young people here, and drinking? The more you forbid and make a big deal of it, the more kids are going to want to do. Sure, you'll have goody two shoes not do it, but the cool guy, and the guys who want to be friends with him? Yes, and the young girls who romanticize him will want to lose their V-card to him, and will drink with him to catch his interest.

Lets face it, there are far more bigger problem with teens and young children, then a couple of beers, here in the US. Have any of you seen the reports about black tar heroin, and how it is consuming young people again? The amount of methamphetamine that is being brought into this country, and used by persons of all ages? Cocaine? How about robotripping, and pain killer abuse? Wow, and you people are worried about a couple of beers someone drank LEGALLY in another country.

1386 days ago

Butt Lovin Bear 401    

Hey Linday Lohan used to spend most of the year in Europe & she practically lived in the clubs there. Now look where she is. This little kid is going to end up in the same place

1386 days ago


She has made all the money she will ever need(my daughter was once a fan and contributed to her wealth) so now its unnessary to be a positive role model...too bad she had to become a tramp!

1386 days ago


At the rate she's going, When she turns 18 this month. She will release a porno. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

1386 days ago


get a f'n life, it's just like weed....if kids want it, they will get it. just because miley had a beer in spain is not going to start a downward spiral of 17 yr old girls drinking corona....GEEZUS!!!! time find something a little more interesting to report please

1386 days ago



1386 days ago


she's 17 , we the public make it a big deal. I have a 16 yr.old and a 22 yr old. It's normal to try if she wasn't Miley and the media wasn't around her at all times we wouldn't know, Let the kid be a teenager.Just a little note neither my husband or myself drink we don't have alcohol in the house yet our boys both went and are going threw it.

1386 days ago


In Spain people who is under 18, can drink alcohol beverages, but some beverages like "Corona" can drink people who is under 16

1386 days ago


wait a sec, she drinks a beer, and everyone flips out..why not flips out when shes walking around no bra, and tshirt with huge holes in, that is see thru? big deal, shes a teen, 80% of all teens do that stuff...its call 'growning up'

1386 days ago


tsk.tsk. can you just please leave her alone?? what the hell...!! she's just a teenage girl...and like her..there are lots of teenager out there who also drinks alcohol!! don't make it such a big deal!! so what if a teenager drink an alcohol?? it doesn't make him/her a bad person... so stop making stupid news about miley cyrus!!!!! and FYI!! for those parents who are against of miley cyrus and telling she's a bad role model... you are all *******s!! 1st of all its not about being a good role model.. its about you guyz how you teach your child to discipline!! so don't blame other people when your child drinks alcohol...thats normal for teenagers ages 15 and up.. but for those kids who drinks alcohol age 14 and down parents are the one who is responsible and that's the time you should discipline your child. and dont blame it to miley cyrus or other artist.!!

1386 days ago


For Christs sake....I had Lemmy from Motorhead as a role model when I was of Miley Cirus are getting off pretty easy.

1386 days ago


What is the BIG DEAL. look the picture they took clearly shows the beer is full. There is nothing proving she throw back a few. If she did SO WHAT!

1386 days ago


If they wouldn't report it then it wouldn't matter so if the media would shut up no one would have known about it.

1386 days ago
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