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Rift in Michael Jackson's Family Over Song

11/7/2010 12:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It seems the Michael Jackson song TMZ posted Friday has created some bad blood in Michael's family.


We posted an MJ song on Friday -- "Opis None" -- along with a statement from Katherine Jackson's business partner, Howard Mann.  Mann, who said he was speaking for Katherine, seemed to be taking a shot at Sony's upcoming MJ album by saying Mann and Katherine wanted to let people hear "an actual authentic Michael Jackson track to the world."

But Jackie Jackson has now  twittered, "I just spoke with my Mother and she did NOT authorize the release of the demo track called Opis None."

And Taj Jackson -- Tito's son -- also tweeted, "Just talked to my grandma.  She didn't  even know about the 'song,' nor did she authorize it.  We are getting to the bottom of this."

Here's what's interesting -- Howard Mann has inserted himself right smack in the middle of Katherine Jackson's business deals, including the Oprah appearance in which Katherine is pitching her book about MJ.

This could be an opportunity for the Michael Jackson Estate to finally get Katherine on board.


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Michael, the whole world loves you and admires you as a person and artist you always was, is and will be, you know it! We are all looking forward to his next album and buy it anyway !!!!!

1445 days ago


DUSTIN #8 - Michael was never in any civil trial regarding molestation charges, never paid his money to - nobody. He was charged, prosecuted and tried only in 2005 and was completely vindicated and acquitted of all charges!!!

Just because he was Michael Jackson he should have been guilty,right?
So what are the trials and courts for?
If he had been guilty, he would have been sent to jail in 2005, so no matter what you think without facts, the justice was done...
Its pretty funny and pathetic how people like you can judge others only because "you know" something from tabloid..., but the laws and results of investigations(=NO PIECES OF EVIDENCE) are irrelevant for all of you...., ESPECIALLY the 1993 case, Michael would have won the case, and the 2003 case was literally built on the 1993 case, the same lawyers of the so-called victim, the same prosecution, the same media players (Diane Dimond), and the same patterns of the scheme how to accuse Michael with a 12 year old boy

1445 days ago

Blue Lake    

Sounds like one of Jacko's little victims named this song: Opis None = Noo Penis!

1445 days ago


created some bad blood in Michael's family yes and for the fans too :(

1445 days ago


This unyielding hold on their son's image and creative produce reminds me of the The Reverend Martin Luther King's survivor's hold and exclusive rights to everything concerning his legacy. Do I blame them? No. However, I sense a disconnect in their understanding how 'celebrity, can be possessed and claimed by the public domain, even before the celebrant is deceased.

1445 days ago


To the Management of the Jackson Vault,

And The Jackson Family,

We are a group of very concerned Michael Jackson fans from all over the world, brought together because of our love for Michael. Today, we have decided to reach out to you, in a plea for the respect and honor of Michael’s legacy.

We are writing this letter to request an end to any and all exploitation of Michael Jackson, his grieving mother, his beloved children and his legacy.

Since the tragic death of Michael, a number of questionable and damaging events have taken place, all of which are tarnishing his image, diminishing his brand and jeopardizing his legacy.
We, the fans of Michael Jackson, can no longer stay silent while such a beloved artist’s legacy is under attack.
We demand an immediate end to the exploitation of Michael’s children to promote Jackson Vault projects.

We object to:

• The use of photographs, videos and likeness of Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson for promotions;

• Certain Jackson Family members openly discussing the daily lives of Prince, Paris and Blanket on all social media sites including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and FormSpring;

• The selling of Michael’s children’s photographs to media outlets and tabloids.

Furthermore, we object to:

• The inclusion of Michael Jackson’s children in the Oprah Winfrey interview;

• The use of Michael Jackson’s children and their signatures to promote the so-called “Michael Jackson Commemorative Tribute Belts”;

• The public release of information regarding Michael’s children’s whereabouts to promote concerts and tribute events;

• The unauthorized release of the children’s personal home videos and Ichat sessions on YouTube, Ustream and any social media sites.

We also object to:

• The Jackson family’s business association with Howard Mann, Marc Schaffel, two men with backgrounds in the adult entertainment industry. Such associations could be detrimental to the welfare of Michael's children;

• The use of the demeaning term, “Jacko” in the Jackson Vault website and press release. A degrading term that Michael himself, spoke openly against and thought was insulting;

• The exploitation of Michael’s elderly mother in the marketing, selling and merchandising from the Jackson Vault;

• The use and brokering of Michael Jackson’s children to promote events, merchandise and interviews.
We will no longer tolerate further undermining of the Michael Jackson Estate. This malicious practice against the estate jeopardizes the financial future of Michael Jackson’s children, his mother, his charities and his musical legacy.

As demonstrated by the vindictive release of “Opis None” – a 1978 Destiny recording presented as a new unreleased track; a deliberate attempt to sabotage the estate’s release of the song “Breaking News” from Michael Jackson’s first posthumous CD and mislead his fans.

We DEMAND a full halt to the above practices by certain Jackson Family members and their associates.
We are calling for an immediate BOYCOTT of ALL Jackson Vault merchandise including books, music, belts, calendars, clothing and any so-called “free” incentive offerings.

If the exploitation continues, the fans will then broaden the boycott to include projects from all the Jacksons.

It is important to note that this boycott does not include products sanctioned by the Michael Jackson estate for the benefit of his children, his mother and his charities.

Michael Jackson made his intentions very clear on how his children should be raised. He wanted them away from the media and public pressure.

Michael was also adamant that his children should be loved, respected and protected. He wanted privacy for his children and he would never have allowed this situation to take place.

It is time for everyone to get back to what Michael wanted.

The fans have the power to uphold his legacy and to hold the estate and his family accountable in a bid to guarantee the safety of the financial future of Michael Jackson’s children.

The Jacksons can no longer exploit the goodwill and the relationship Michael Jackson had with his fans. Our commitment is first and foremost, to Michael, his children and his legacy.

It is a sad day, when Michael Jackson’s fans have to speak out against certain Jackson Family members, Jackson Vault owner Howard Mann, Marc Schaffel and their associates, but we love Michael too much to remain silent.

We encourage fans all over the world to take a symbolic pledge, by adding their name to this letter, to uphold his wishes and end the degradation of Michael ‘s legacy.

“There’s nothing that can’t be done if we raise our voice as one” – Michael J. Jackson


1445 days ago


It took for Michael to die before the whole world finally grasped what kind of hell he had lived in, surrounded by family-leeches from day one. A mad circus, so disconnected with the rest of the world.

It is a miracle that MJ kept as sane as he was, that he didn´t just put a gun to his head. How was he able to endure the kind of greed, selfishness, manipulation and falsehood year after year, from those that should have loved him, protected him, supporteded him without any hidden agendas.

And it´s an even bigger miracle where he got his extraordinary compassion from!! In the middle of this chaos, his heart went out to all those who suffered. Now, with the picture getting clearer and clearer, I realize what an unbelievable person MJ was. He had the ability to create empathy and love out of destruction and chaos. But he close to sacrificed himself on the way....

1445 days ago


Everyone needs to take a deep breath and relax. Bullying Katherine Jackson is not the answer. If something was to happen to her due to the stress that is being placed on her MJ3 would be in a state of crisis and unbelievable emotional pain. Someone needs to take control of this situation and call a family meeting. Everyone needs to be on the same page and make sure the children's needs come first. Speaking to the media and allowing all of these stories to be leaked cannot be good. Focus on Michael's legacy and what he wanted that to be. Concentrate on the pending trial of Dr. Conrad Murray and finding out what REALLY happened the day Michael died. The truth really will allow people to heal and move past all of this. The music lives...allow the legacy to be about the the man Michael Jackson. It needs to be for L.O.V.E.

1445 days ago


OMG....Michael fans....he is dead and in hell for what he did to those young boys.

1445 days ago


People don’t idolize idiots including the dead one!

1445 days ago

scott spillers    

This is not a "new" song people!!!! It's just a terrible remix of the song "Destiny" from when he was in the "Jacksons"!!!!!

1445 days ago


They'll do and say anything to squeeze more $$$ out of the dead pedophile.

Posted at 7:19 AM on Nov 7, 2010 by MDFIT BananaPatch

Burn in hell you little stupid know nothing !

1445 days ago


WTF is wrong with the Jackson family? First of all, Opis is misspelled. Second of all, "Breaking News" IS HIS F****** VOICE! Why do they see that manipulation their children by making them think otherwise is good? Screwed up family, no wonder he died so young if that's what is going on.

1445 days ago


DEAR JACKIE: Keep the porno king away from your mom. The man has no morals or good intentions..

1445 days ago


Michael Jackson is burning in hell for what he did to all those little boys.

If he was so innocent he wouldn't have paid the millions in the civil trial. He knew he would have been found guilty...

Just like OJ Simpson he was found Not Guilty in the criminal trial. we all know they are both guilty.

Burn in hell you sick freak. The world is glad you're dead. Children are much safer now.

Posted at 7:30 AM on Nov 7, 2010 by dustin

You are a complete moron Dustin. Michael did not pay a dime to the Chandler family, his insurance stepped in and settled the case out of court. Michael had no say so in the amount of money to be given or anything about settling, he wanted to fight it. The OJ Simpson trial has nothing to do with Michael Jackson's trial. There are no connections whatsoever between the two, so you are just making yourself look like a dumb ass again by comparing them. If you actually did some research you would not sound so stupid and ignorant right now. But I guess that is your life story right?

1445 days ago
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