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Lindsay Lohan --

A Little Retail Therapy

11/8/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the first footage of Lindsay Lohan out in public since she went back to rehab on October 22 -- and, in typical Lindsay fashion, she was out shopping.

Lindsay took another excursion from Betty Ford, this time traveling on Sunday a mere four miles to the College of the Desert Alumni Association Street Fair.

We're told Lindsay stopped by a jewelry vendor, asked about the price of a particular piece, but didn't stick around to find out the answer. She was accompanied by an older woman -- possibly, we're told, a rep from Betty Ford.

This is the second time Lindsay was spotted out this weekend -- she hit up a bookstore and a movie theater on Saturday night.


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Michael,beautiful supermodel Ali,beautiful superstar Lindsay and Mother Of The Year Dina
have wealth,talent,beauty,intelligence and much more,so of course the haters are jealous.

1409 days ago


@29 asked when are these celebraties going to realize that money can't buy them happiness?" I think Annonymous, that it something just "inside" of you that makes it all go "click". Many years ago I became "wealthy" and developed shopping addictions, for reasons I will never know, I had a shopping day of totting home riduculous luxurys which I then examined and SOMETHING just hit me, and I realized, THIS DOESN"T WORK.
Lindsay may have to buy everything she has ever thought was the key to happiness before she discovers, that happpiness in not "IN" "THINGS". At least she is LOOKING FOR HAPPINESS, I see it as a postive sign of life, even if it is not the "correct" answer.
Dark Rage, I wrote you back on that story where we were tiffing it out, The Jewish advertisment thing. You did not respond to me, and that IS OK, but I wanted you to know that I DID respond to you, even though it took me days to get back on line. As mentioned I am on a travel trip, and my access is limited at times.
Lindsay and Micheal, may God bless and guide you both in healing relationship, whatever that entails.
Lindsay, you really can't just ignore what Daddy DID and Daddy IS--- UNTIL AFTER YOU HAVE PROCESSED HOW IT HAS EFFECTED YOU. THEN, you can kick him to the curb and not look back.
You key tool in recovery is to ACKNOWLEGE AND ACCEPT:
SLOW DOWN to get ahead in life.
Read the story of the tortise and the hare again.
Blessings to you Lindsay, Rage and you too nicole. Nicole, if I was in a life boat with nothing but oars, I would want you rowing for me, girl!
Love and Blessings to you, Keep looking for happpiness Lindsay, KEEP LOOKING, IT IS OUT THERE when you discover, IT IS IN YOU.

1409 days ago


Well Jane, so what if she buys expensive things? Just because a perosn buys luxury items dosen't automatically mean they're trying to "buy" happiness or anything like that, that's just how celebrities shop, for Lindsay that is normal. Besides it's better that she's out shopping rather then hanging around bars and nightclubs.

1409 days ago


WHOA! You're reading WAAAYYYYYYYY too much into what i'm saying, I never said you were attacking her nor was I accusing you of anything, it sounds like you're the one who's accusing me of things i'm not doing, all i said was that I just don't see what the big deal is about Lindsay buying expensive stuff. I don't get why celebrities buy so much expensive stuff either, but it's they're money, and if they want to use it go on a shopping spree, then so be it, i'm certainly not going to tell them how to spend they're money.

1409 days ago

Ian Mendaz    

poor Lindsay, before TMZ got a hold of her, she was just another starlet in Hollywood, now she's a tabloid queen! thanks to TMZ!

1409 days ago


Sorry folks.... but i just don't buy this lohan rehab thing. Nothing seems to be quite right. If your in rehab at a facility especially if you just begun their therepy sessions ,you don't just get to go out on the town and window shop at their leisure. That doesn't make much sense ? Nonething makes much sense in hollyweird these days. Lohan looks like a escort services type person with her skimpy clothes. Comeon dress like a lady and have some sort of class. Who in their right mind would lend this woman money for therepy? What this woman needs is strict supervision like the prison system. It's apparent she was not given much supervision as a kid with her parents. Look at her now, running amuck and makeing a asss out of the court system. And these judges are letting her do it just because she works in hollywood. Sure other actors now and in the past have done stupid things...but they didnt constantly repeat themselves like this little girl has done in the past three years. Lohan has messed up on her probation ect for almost three years now due to her insistance to do drugs ect. Isn't it obvious she needs supervision 24/7 in order to finally finish her jail sentence and do her rehab. Alone she will never accomplish these tasks. Maybe someone needs to take her by the hand and walk her thru the process of real recovery and get her life in order and stay away from all aspects of hollywood except to do her acting career job then go home to a real sane life . Lohan like sheen can't handle success and so they fall on their face. Maybe when they are at their lowest god will help these souls get their selves togeather and go on the straight and narrow.

1409 days ago


Rage, I can't respond to you right now, I am on such limited internet.
Since I trust your researching skills, if not your judement, could you please tell me what you know about Lindsays FORMAL education?
My interest is in established when her FORMAL INTELLECTUAL TRAINING ended.
Does she has HS diploams GED? Did she ever attend RELIGIOUS SCHOOL, PUBLIC SCHOOL.
Any information you give me as to Lindsay formal education would be appreciated it. Thank You.

1408 days ago


Diappointing noone has written back, I have such limited opportunies at this time to do this. I had a thought for Annoymous, the thing about buying happiness. I was wrong, you CAN buy happiness, what you cant buy is CONTENTMENT. Happiness is fleeting, that's why the buying works for a few moments, even days, yet never SASTISFIES...well, I think it's true for me. I learned beautiful shoes and handbags gave me a buzz, and I just thought, that's where happiness lived. and it would thrill, for a while, and then I'd look at that overpriced crap and think....what the hell?
I think learning is something that is of it's own time. That's why although I get enraged at times with both Dina and Lindsay, that I just can't stay mad at them forever.....who am I to say WHEN and HOW they should see the light? I guess the best I can do, is to keep trying to offer them a flashlight.
It is through COMPASSION not PUNISHMENT that people will thrive, it's just a theory I am working on. I need volunteers to help me prove wheither or not it is true.
Love and compassion to Nicole, Delmar and Rage, whom ever you "really" are isnt imporant to me. You are in deep. I get it.
And Delmar, I am sure you are scrambling to try to fit me into the pictre....IT ISN"T IMPORATANT WHO AM I...Listen to what I say, and YOU DECIDE if THAT is important. I am not trying to play games with any of you. You must understand the obvious problems that would arrise, were I to devulge who I AM, at this time. Knowing Lindsay and being involved in this is very deep and dear to my heart. It could wreck havoc on my career, if it was know that Jane is really......
It doesn't MATTER who I am. Start focusing on making CHANGES, I have heard you all WHINE for a long time. I understand you feel Lindsay was WRONGED, WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT IT BESIDES WHINNING? DO you want us all to change the world, or are you starting some kind of movement or tactic to change things?
Henny-pennies, we already know the fuc8ing sky is falling,. When are you going to move on to focusing on CHANG, instead of constantly, compulsively WHINNING about what has PASSED?
PLEASE, what are you trying to ACCOMPLISH with your bit7ching? I want to help you...I simply have no idea, WHAT DO YOU WANT...?

1407 days ago
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