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Joe Jackson -- I Didn't Beat MJ, I Used a Strap

11/8/2010 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It may be splitting hairs (unless you're on the receiving end) but Joe Jackson maintains he didn't beat Michael Jackson as a kid ... he used a strap ... and he'd do it all over again.

Watch Oprah call out Joe on her show today.


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Great job Joe

1409 days ago



Get off your high horse about what you THINK you know about WHITE people. Your being prejudice and racist.

1409 days ago


Ok, so if you follow his flawed-logic as far as "beatings" go...the only way one can beat their child is...with their hand. What an absolute moron this man is. Someone should beat him with a strap so he can see just what it feels like.

bj in cali...("That is how black people raise their kids, they whoop them") Really?? I know many black people who do not treat their children like that. Have you listened to how his children speak about him??? They DO NOT RESPECT HIM. He ruled over them with fear...they didn't have child-hoods. It's because of him that MJ ended up the un-socialized recluse he became because he was never given the opportunity to learn how to interact with his peers. Yeah...what a great trade-off for money (a lack of love from your father, having a mother that won't protect you, feeling like an outcast, and beatings). Oh wait, you're right...without him he wouldn't have become what he was...UNHAPPY.

1409 days ago


You spare the rod and you spoil the argue with the bible.

1409 days ago


joe has a point. When we were whipping/strapping/beating our kids, they didn't walk into their schools with guns and shoot their classmates, nor did they shoot mom and dad for not allowing them to play videos games that day, nor did they talk back. We didn't haveso many young people winding up in jail. Now the kids rule us. Well my child isn't going to rule me. Spare the rod, spoil the child...

1409 days ago


I am white and about the same age as Michael would be and parents whipped their children with belts, chords or whatever back then -- even tree limbs no matter what race you were. I think the main problem with Joe Jackson is the fact that he didn't reinforce them with love. According to Michael, he would never say he was proud of him or anything. How could you not be proud of Michael for his accomplishments? Michael further said that his dad mellowed with age and was now a completely different person, but at the time he was molding them into the Jackson 5, he controlled them with fear.

1409 days ago


By reading these comments you ppl are basically saying its okay that Joe beat him b/c look at his musical success. You are all ****ed up so its okay to be emotionally disturbed as long as you have money what kind of logic is that? Anything good that MJ had was DESPITE Joe Jackson NOT because of him I don't care what anybody says.

1409 days ago



1409 days ago

ralphie the one-eyed    

If not a strap, then it was with La Toya the Snake-Girl.

How to transform La Toya into snake-girl

1 Bend La Toya’s feat back into points
2 This stiffens her into a straight board
3 snake fangs pop out of her teeth.

This makes her an excellent weapon.

Joe beat Michael with La Toya !!!

1409 days ago


Vile excuse for a human being.

1409 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Take the Grant Street exit off of I-94 in Gary, Indiana - go about 3 blocks to 2300 Jackson Street and SEE FOR YOURSELF WHY JOE BEAT THOSE KIDS SILLY. That little home where those kids were raised stands there amidst the most miserable GHETTO I have ever seen in my life (and I live near Detroit).

Those boys would ALL have been dead by now - and the girls would all have 10 baby daddies each.

Team Joe all the way.

And for crying out loud... put Joe back at Havenhurst and have him knock some sense into Jermajesty and Jerbuckwheat and Jerwhoever before they completely ghettoize MJ's keyids.

1409 days ago

Best Mom    

Joe Jackson may not have to answer to us why he beat Michael. He can sugar-coat it all he wants right now. But one day he will have no choice but to truthfully answer that question....and that is the one that matters the most. Rest in peace, Michael.

1409 days ago


@FredFarkel Ok Now I am officialy on the floor LMAO! Too funny but so right..

1409 days ago


Lots of people of that generation got disciplined in that form. It's not the form, but the severity. Who wants to get whippings? No one! There is no indication that Michael suffered any severe injuries or an injuries at all. Quincy Jones told Michael he needed to get over it; everyone got whipped. Life is life he played that up for his audience and to make excuses for himself. Although physical discipline was and still is a fact of life, Joe being strict on them may have contributed to Micheal for reason that parents today would probably just ignore or just talk to the kid.
There are screwed up people of every generation; I think Micheal's problem was that he didn't want to be Black and he had been insulated most of his life by being a celebrity at such a young age. He may have had a disease, but that disease rarely turns the entire body white. Even his Doctor said that when the spots started showing up and he told Michael what he had Michael decided to bleach his skin, which he eventually did ALL OVER. The disease can be minor to severe.
Micheal was his own worst enemy, not the shy Man-Child that his fans made him out to be. He controlled his universe and made all the decisions regarding his life. Some were not so good, but he alone is responsible.

1409 days ago


I have a problem with overdoing anything. But today's lawless children, bullying youths couldn;t do the things that they are doing back in the days. But what do you expect when you take prayer, a good cut-hip( beating/whooping in your term) from disciplining wrong doings. he's right, you have never heard of his children going to jail for NOTHING. This talking back to parents and speaking to adults any kind of way is NONSENSE - Two slaps!
The Word of God even tells you if you spare the ROD, you spoil the child! Oh I forgot, there aren't many of you who believe in GOD from the jump street! I bet if you put them in line with that belt they would get in line and remain in line and won't be a menance to society.... TRUST ME - you'd feel better you whooping their bottom and than the MAN or someone else putting a bullet in them.

SO GET OVER IT! This day in time the WORD IS TRULY ALIVE - you reap what you sow! Keepsparing the Rod and spoiling the child! You'd find them in jail or 6ft deep.

1409 days ago
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