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Oprah to Homeless Man -- YOU Get a $100 Bucks!

11/9/2010 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey's generosity isn't restricted to the studio -- TMZ has learned the talk show queen just forked over some big bucks to a homeless man on the mean streets of New York.


Oprah was leaving the SoHo House in the Meatpacking District this weekend -- when she spotted a panhandler ... stopped her car ... and handed the guy five $20 bills. 

O yeah.


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Well that's not much from Oprah - I bought a homeless guy a guitar so he could earn a living - he played one at a thrift store real well - so "paying it forward" is a good feeling.

1445 days ago


Well DeeDee I'd take that bet - this was an old guy - I'd dropped off stuff for them to sell - he was sitting playing this thing and had a real good talent for music - he offered all his cash to pay for part of it and it needed new strings so I said keep the money and buy the strings - he obviously was a proud old guy - he rode away in his bicycle - I only bought it cause I could tell he loved music and the guitar - he made it sing -

1445 days ago


And an hour later he was done smoking $100 worth of crack. The end.

1445 days ago


Homeless people don't carry money on them because they don't want to get killed in their sleep over a little bit of cash. He probable went on a drinking and/or drug binge immediately to get rid of the money. Hopefully he stopped to eat and maybe buy some warm clothes.

1445 days ago


Thank you # 11. Better news would be she gave this man a job and a place to live. $100 doesn't last long at all. But I she called herself sleeping well that night.

1445 days ago


$100 to Oprah is like 10 cents for you and me.

1445 days ago


why doesn't she hold her own money? she's asking the man in front to give her the money. i bet that man rips her off

1445 days ago


Wow Oprah, you think you can spare it?

1445 days ago


i dropped $5 in a homeless persons hat today; which makes me 500 times more generous than that ****.

1445 days ago


ya, i give $10 to the homeless all the time, yet my net worth is way less than $50k. It's like me giving away a dime. big whoop, i gave a dime away. i'm a humanitarian. screw Oprah.

1445 days ago


which he promptly spent on booze.

1445 days ago


She could have easily change his life for the better. What a arrogant, cheap bitch. Also, just because he's homeless, doesn't make him a drunk or drug addict. I lost everything up in Ny, moved to florida and spent almost a year living out of my car. I even had to eat at a soup kitchen for a couple of months. And yes I agree with you that most of those people have a drug and alcohol problem. But not all.

1445 days ago

jen newman    

and what do yo think he spent the money on? Hey Oprah, you can certainly afford to get the man cleaned up and maybe get him off the streets.. I realize that articles are written about the high percentage of mentally ill people and criminals on the streets, but do yuo really think that giving him $100.00 is helping him? Maybe I am too cynical, but thats how I see it. Another photo op....

Jen Newman

1445 days ago


I never give money anymore outside of a bit of change if someone is playing music, etc.

The last few times I've given to the "homeless" it was so ridiculous it wasn't funny. Once a guy came up to me asking if I had any change. I had like a dollar and a few quarters on me. He actually looked at me and said sarcastically "Oh thanks missus, this should get me like half a cup" I reminded him that an extra large at Tim Horton's was $1.63. Then he told me that he doesn't drink anything but Starbucks.He still had his hand out, so I took my money back.

Another man (supposedly deaf) came to my door selling cards with ASL and finger spelling tutorials on it for 5 dollars each. I bought a couple, as well as a ticket on a car from (presumably) the local chapter of the hard of hearing association. I used his pen to fill it out and he started down the driveway. When he got to the end, I remembered that I still had his pen and called out.... he turned around and said "what?".

The next time, this guy gave me a sob story about how his wife was disabled and how his children hadn't eaten in 2 days. I had no money on me, but I was carrying coffee and a dozen muffins for the people at the office and offered him those. He told me that he couldn't take it and really needed the money instead because all of his kids are diabetic....

1445 days ago


he looks like her boyfriend,,maybe she should pay for him to go to a dentist

1445 days ago
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