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Michael Jackson's Kids -- Not in Joe's Line of Fire

11/9/2010 9:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's kids will not suffer the fate of their famous father ... because we've learned Katherine Jackson doesn't lay a glove on them.

Sources connected with the family tell TMZ ... Katherine does not believe in physical discipline, and corrects Paris, Prince and Blanket by sitting them down and talking them through what they did wrong.

0816-joe-jackson-video_oprahWe're further told ... Katherine will not let Joe lay a hand on any of MJ's kids. 

Joe admitted to Oprah he whipped Michael with a strap.

Turns out ... discipline is not a high priority at the Jackson compound ... because we're told MJ's kids are incredibly well-behaved.


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Paris, Prince and Blanket are such beautiful kids, inside and out. Blanket's eyes remind me of Mike's. Those big brown beautiful soulful eyes...Katherine, you are a great Grandma and I know your heart is in the right place. Please take good care of Michael's kids and love them like Michael did, with all of your heart and soul.

God Bless the Jackson family.

RIP dear Michael

1441 days ago


The Pentagon, which has more surveillance cameras trained on it than any other building in the world, yet no credible video footage can be produced showing an aircraft hitting it ? ...

The idea folks is for us to continually focus on irrelevant tripe like this story, or perhaps how often Oprah farts in day, etc ... all the while, the real issues of our time aren't even recognized, let alone discussed. What kind of mensch are we ?

Posted at 7:05 PM on Nov 9, 2010 by Blomfeldt

Dang! Just because there are people who enjoy reading stories about MJ's kids(I do because we really have so few & such little info-not a bad thing tho'-the public is given so little info/pics, etc about these kids that those who cared about MJ are only naturally curious about his kids too, therefore enjoy reading/looking at what little we DO get), just because we're here reading this article or happen to have watched the kids in the O. interview certainly doesn't mean that 'we' aren't also interested in the 'really important issues' in the world as well. That was a rather sweeping, judgemental comment. YOUR here reading it & bothering to post. Doesn't that make YOU a 'mensch' as well??

I'm definitely GLAD that we, the public, don't get many photos of these kids & aren't being constantly fed a steady diet of articles about their every move because THAT means that they're being relatively 'left alone to try & live a somewhat normal life' & not being constantly stalked. I'm certainly NOT going to apologize tho' for being curious & interested about them. If your an MJ fan then I think it's only natural that your concerned about the welfare of his children as well. Think he probably is turning over in his grave that they were even a 'part' of that O. interview. Yikes:( Can you all even IMAGINE how he would have felt about that? I sort of got the idea as well that those 3 kids weren't necessarily 'THRILLED' to be part of it themselves; they seemed rather 'standoff-ish' I thought. Perhaps they too think Oprah sucks?! lol:)

1441 days ago


The Pentagon, which has more surveillance cameras trained on it than any other building in the world, yet no credible video footage can be produced showing an aircraft hitting it ? ...

The idea folks is for us to continually focus on irrelevant tripe like this story, or perhaps how often Oprah farts in day, etc ... all the while, the real issues of our time aren't even recognized, let alone discussed. What kind of mensch are we ?

Posted at 7:05 PM on Nov 9, 2010 by Blomfeldt

Btw, there IS footage of the actual plane being flown into the Pentagon. This footage has been used in umpteen do***entaries on Nat/Geo & History channel. Where YOU been?

Don't quite get where YOU get off calling us 'mensch' when YOU are sitting here posting right along with us on this 'irrelevent tripe'. Seems a bit contradictory.

1441 days ago

myra morris    

If you look at Blanket and Prince Michael they look just like there father Paris Has her daddys ears So please for the ones that want to continue to say that he isn't the real father look again at the picture above The all look just like Michael know doubt about it These children have been through enough and they don't need to wonder about this kind of sh77 So look at the picture above and look at the eyes on the boys and Michaels and you will see that they are Michaels children. And that Paris has his ears. LOVED MISSED BUT NEVERFORGOTTEN OUR ANGEL ON THIS EARTH NOW LOOKING DOWN ON US RIP MICHAEL MAY YOU GET JUSTICE Myra

1441 days ago


Are you really so stupid that you believe Michael Jackson fathered any of those children? You are really pathetic. Arnold Klein is the father of the first two. The youngest was from a sperm donor. If you take an honest look at yourself you will see that you don't want to admit that MJ did not want black children. Prince looks too much and sounds too much like Arnold Klein to ignore.........

Posted at 8:31 AM on Nov 10, 2010 by annie


......and WHY are we still even HAVING this paternity discussion?? 'WHY' is it SO IMPORTANT for some people to absolutely beat this dead horse.....and beat it....AND TO BEAT IT SOME MORE?? Why is this such an ISSUE for some people that they feel COMPELLED to jump right into it again whenever ANY ARTICLE REFERRING TO THE KIDS is put up by TMZ? There are some of us who 'inquire & discuss out of curiosity' & then there are the others who feel compelled to bash everyone who happen to believe the kids ARE MJ's biological children & call them idiots; unable to restrain themselves from just being out & out MEAN & HATEFUL about it. Does it NOT occur to some when they post these things in such a vile manner that those 3 kids MOST LIKELY have the ability to get online & come here to TMZ as well, just as we do? Now that they are going to school I would imagine that they most certainly DO surf the net & probably have been coming to sites such as TMZ ever since they met their cousins. The cousins are probably 'experts' at looking up info about their 'famous family' by now. I would imagine the temptation to do so, if you were raised in the Jax family, would be irresistible for a child. As a kid, 'I' would have been all over it! lol.

I don't think it's that the haters 'hadn't thought about this possibility' but probably more likely that 'they simply just don't give a damn' about these kids psychological welfare or anyone elses kids for that matter.

I would think what with the events that have taken place lately, Rutgers, student bullying, etc,; people would hopefully realize the ability we have to 'wound' others via the Internet. I know I've personally tried to become more aware of it lately.

Seriously, 'WHO' raised those 3 kids? According to those 3 kids in the O. interview: 'WHO' walked on the beach with Prince? 'WHO' made french toast for breakfast? 'WHO' sat up on the rooftop in Las Vegas with Paris?

Therefore, 'WHY' are we still railing ON & ON about who's sperm was in the damn test tube & 'HOW' these kids were conceived? For me, as much evidence as I've considered that the kids ARE NOT MJ's, I find just as much evidence that THEY ARE but still in the end, as much as I 'wonder' about it, it always comes back to the simple fact that Michael Jackson raised, taught, loved, & nurtured them. He was 'there' when they got up in the morning & was 'there' in the same house when they went to bed at night. If THIS doesn't define a 'mother or father' then just exactly WHAT DOES?

1441 days ago


NO wonder MJ tried to sheild his children from these blood sucking leeches who get off on talking about these young kids, my god, it's pathetic.

Prince has Vitiligo, moron! What are the chances that he just happens to have a rare disease, just like his so called non-biological father, Michael Jackson, who had vitiligo too and runs in the Jackson family What are the odds, 1 in how many million? It's a rare autoimmune disease, I don't know ANYONE who has vitiligo, do you? Yet, both MJ and Prince have it. HUM...figure it out! Morons!

Posted at 10:05 AM on Nov 10, 2010 by katie10

YES! I too noticed that in the O. interview:) Did you notice the way Prince stretched & raised his arms, clasping his hands behind his head as if he WANTED the underside of his arms to be visible during the interview? He certainly wasn't 'trying to hids it' was he? I thought that was very interesting. Perhaps his way of making it obvious to everyone. He HAD to know that it would be captured by the camera. It seemed as is it was almost 'intentional', as if he felt that by perhaps the public seeing it, they too might finally be convinced that since vitiligo is genetic then maybe this would help end all the speculation? I'd seen the photos from their Hawaii vacation & saw the light spots then but what with all the 'photoshop' capabilities, I felt I couldn't be 100% sure of what I was seeing but when I saw his arms during the O. interview....WOW! Not THAT is some pretty compelling evidence isn't it? :) :)

1441 days ago


Blankets real name is Michael Joseph Jackson II. Blanket is a nickname that was given to him when he was born because Michael said that he would blanket him with love. That means that he would cover all his children with nothing but love. That they would not be raised or treated the way he was. Princes real name is Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. Paris full name is Paris Michael Katherine Jackson.

1441 days ago


I truly appreciate that you want to defend Michael for being a good father, I do. I'm glad that the kids have a good view of their father rather than a bad one, perhaps it was beneficial for them to have him taken away at such a young age before they could realize what was really going on as far as drugs (sad to say, but true).

Posted at 8:27 AM on Nov 10, 2010 by Megs

Ask those 3 heartbroken kids how BENEFICIAL it was to them??

They may realize when they are older that perhaps MJ was fully, 100% 'there' because addicts cannot be but believe it or not, addicts CAN certainly be viewed by their children as 'a great parent' because when MJ 'was able to be fully there', seems he created some very impressionable & lasting memories for them & addiction or not, sounds like there would have been only more wonderful memories to make with his children? Perhaps he would have eventually 'gotten the help' he desperately needed? Sadly, we're not ever going to get an answer to this question. However I would imagine if we asked those kids right now: Would you rather have a 'dead father' or a 'living father with an addiction problem', I don't think there's ANY DOUBT what they'd say.

For a child, 'DEATH' is far worse than 'ADDICTION'; for anyone I'd imagine:(

1441 days ago


Unwell,who is your daddy?

1441 days ago


Please get that kid a haircut, and stop calling him Blanket. Nutcases.

1441 days ago


I am glad Katherine Jackson is finally standing up to papa 'bully' Joe and does not let him beat his grand-children.Kids do not need to be beaten by their parents in order to learn what is right and what is wrong.Communication and love are the keys in raising children not violence and intimidation.

1441 days ago


This is good news.Corporal punishment is not the best choice.I am glad to hear that Joe is not allowed to spank the children.

1441 days ago


Ohwell,stop making fun of children.Why not make fun of someone your own size,coward.

1441 days ago
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