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Kanye West:

HELL NO, I Won't Perform on 'Today'

11/12/2010 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West claims there's no way he's going to perform on the "Today" show later this month -- as he was scheduled to do -- strictly because of the way Matt Lauer and Co. handled his interview about George W. Bush.

Just hours ago, Kanye went to his Twitter page and pounded out the following message, "I'm not performing on the Today Show for obvious reasons. I'm so happy the world got to see just a small piece of 'the set up.'"

As we previously reported, Kanye butted heads with "Today" over an interview they aired on Wednesday -- in which Kanye said, "I would tell George Bush, in my moment of frustration that I didn't have the grounds to call him a racist."

As of yesterday, the people at "Today" still expected Kanye to do their show on Black Friday -- but now a rep tells us Kanye's officially out.


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he needs help

1417 days ago

jerry merath    

kanye west,is a ****ing hipocrite,white people are good enough to take him to the top where he's at.He can't say that there was no white people to help him to the top.He's is a ****ing ******* and he's a paranoid chump,

1417 days ago


I for one am totally sick to my guts over him period. This guy hates WHITE people period. He is a hater. I cringe when he talks. He is a huge mental case and he needs to go back where ever the hell he came from. It bothers me that its always a BLACK thing when ever he is around. What he did to that gal at the awards stunk! Evil man full of hate. He isnt sorry he isnt. Iam sorry he stirs hate ,he needs to die. really he isnt any good for nothing other that to make evil comments aginst white people. I am afraid of black people cause you just dont know what and why they hate white people. Most of them are prejuduce period. Keep him off of tv he stirs anger and hate. I hope his plane crashes in the ocean and sharks eat him and crap his miserable body parts out every where. I do. I am sick of him. Go away hater. Get take a hike! Devil posessed man. Evil irrational loser!

1417 days ago


Kanye tells it like it is.

1416 days ago

Delivery Man    

just like a dog,if you dont pay him any attention he will go away.

1416 days ago


i usually watch price is right instead of morning news, stfu kanye

1416 days ago


i'm a rap fan i'm still trying to figure out what;s so great abuot k west after his mom passed seem;s like he turned into a ass hole.

1416 days ago


I hope West just jumps in the middle of an empty pool.

1416 days ago



1416 days ago


This guy has SUCH a huge Ego! I really wish people just saw him for what he is, A drunk, A racist, A A hole.! He just wrote a song about himself! I really dislike this Person! AND IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH COLOR! this guy is a No class dope!

1416 days ago


Well First of all I read a lot of the comments about Kayne West and I think people need to realize that people make mistakes and you shouldn't take it to heart. I think back then when Kayne made that statement about Bush and at the time it was true and BUSH PUT THE WORLD IN THIS MESS OF THE RECESSION AND THE ECONOMIC AND it felt true and I don't feel like there should have been an apology towards Bush that was then this is now and move on with it. When Kayne West spoken up about the issue and things that black people go through has never been addressed and it so harder for black people in this world then any other race BELIEVE that and its about time for somebody to spoke up on our behalf The whole Taylor Swift thing was wrong and I think he should apology for that. The whole interview was wrong with Lauer I so the video and it just seem like a big set up so he could go off on him but Kayne keep is cool becasue I would have went off on Lauer and I don't blame Kayne for not coming back and doing the concert show . HI KAYNE YOU SHOULD HAVE WENT ON "GOOD MORNING." BUT NONE OF THEM OUR GOOD IS ALL FOR RATING AND THE MEDIA IT WHAT SALES. Anyways keep your head up Kayne I Love your music and keep making music. You are really talent and you know PEOPLE HATE WHEN YOU HAVE TALENT!!!! I LOVE THE SONG "RUNAWAY

1416 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

The publicity will die down but the bottom line is Kanye West was ambushed and the NBC Morning showing acting unprofesionally by not having the set quiet. And neither did they warn him when they were going to play that infamous scence. It is not like he did not expect it. But no one is recocgnizing the unprofessionalism behind the NBC Studio and on eof it's most famous commentators next to Bryant Gumbel.

1416 days ago


Kayne doesn't like White People!!

1416 days ago


NOKOP...just goes to show he's a flash in pan - so incredibility clueless!! He just doesn't get t does he?!! Ok, is anyone willing to clue him in? TMZ - you want that job? Ha!

1416 days ago


He is exactly what Obama called him "A JACKASS"!!!!!!!!! I sure hope his 15 minutes is about over now!!! Can't stomach this f%cktard!!!

1416 days ago
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