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Michael Jackson -- First Single Released

11/15/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The first official single from the new Michael Jackson album was just released on -- "Hold My Hand" featuring Akon.

Michael Jackson's Hold My Hand

As we previously reported, Akon returned to the studio recently to put the finishing touches on the track.

The full album is due out December 14.


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I just want to hear Michael. No One Else!!!!!!!! It will be a hit for Akon. And it was 100 times better than Breaking News. Which was 10% Michael and 90%????? Lets hear a ballad....


If you want to hear 100% Michael singing a BEAUTIFUL ballad, run, don't walk, to youtube before they take it down. This was a leaked song. Listening to it, the tears just flow. It feels as if he's back.

1405 days ago


Aw, I wish I could hold your hand Michael! :(
This made me tear up. I miss you soso much!

1405 days ago

Louis G.    

I didn't find any unintelligible lyrics on the song Matt. I understand all the lyrics, it must be your headphones..

1405 days ago


Beautiful! I too wish it was more MJ and Akon just in the background. But i love it.
love you mj

1405 days ago


Breaking News sucked! This is.. pretty good. I'm a little overwhelmed at hearing Michael again after all these years on a new track and almost gave it a 10 (so tempted to) but that's impossible because this song isn't his best. It definitely deserves an 8. It's one of Michael's songs that are a bit sappy but totally full of heart.

1405 days ago


This is Crap, there are very obvious points in this song where it is noticably NOT Michael Jackson. This is "So Wrong".. I like the bootleg version from 2008 better at least that was all MJ. If Sony & Friends have to "FAKE" new songs then just leave them in the vault where they belong.

1405 days ago


Song is Great!!! But will not buy the cd,SONY Will not get a dime from me!!! Maybe just maybe if Sony gave away a few thousand copies to the myself people would think about buying it? But we know that will never happen,cause thats too much like doing the right thing!!!.....MrIrish317....SONY Sucks!!!!!!!

1405 days ago


Simply wonderful! Glad this song was cleaned up and released! Can’t wait to hear more!

1405 days ago


This is a Michael Jackson track? Sounds more like a cheap attempt to link Akon to MJ's career. I cannot for the life of me picture a song on one of MJ's albums during his lifetime slamming those Konvict cell doors closed and then having Akon say "Akon and MJ". This is MJ's song. No way is Akon deserving of being mentioned before the great himself in his own song.

This song is a disgrace to all that MJ was and stood for (aside from his own efforts which were beautiful). kovict music...Michael Jackson. Get out of here. Screw this garbage. I will not be buying this album to pad the pockets of those trying to milk MJ's talents after his passing. Screw record labels for holding out on the fans with all the wonderful material the world's bands/artists put together.

1405 days ago


I was hoping that when the child molestor died so would new releases. Looks like MJ is the new Tupac.

Hey, that album title reminds me of how you know it used to be bedtime at Neverland... it's when the big splotchy hand is on the little hand.

Rest in hell you dirty perv.

1405 days ago


I Love Michael So Much!
I Love Michael So Much!
I Love Michael So Much!
I Love Michael So Much!
I Love Michael So Much!
I Love Michael So Much!
I Love Michael So Much!
I Love Michael So Much!
I Love Michael So Much!
I Love Michael So Much!

1405 days ago


I really love this song...I think it's beautiful. This is a nice finished version, but I'm actually kind of partial to the original leaked just has more feeling, but I love that you can hear more of MJ in this version. I'm especially glad MJ's voice ends the song, unlike the original. This will be a huge hit. I still won't be buying the CD though...greedy Sony isn't going to see a dime of my money.

I love Akon's tribute song to MJ...makes me cry every time. :(

Love and miss you forever MJ.

1405 days ago


Okay, so all the Sony crap aside and fake vocal drama on the first song they released, you could DEFINITELY hear Michael in this one....but not NEARLY enough!
Sorry, I LOVE MIchael and would be content to hear him sing the ABC's, but I can STILL tell this track was unfinished where he was concerned. It has WAY too much of Akon on it--I give him his props, but I'm not a big fan of his--and it also sounds like he had Michael trying to sing in HIS style instead of the other way around. However in Akon's defense, it may be Michael sang that way because it DOES fit the feel of the song...
I don't know, Michael was always one to constantly change and take his music to another level, but I think that's just my problem with this doesn't excite or inspire, it just....plays....the only thing that's exciting about it is the fact that MICHAEL'S on it, but when you remember that the track was probably just something he laid down in the early stages of the production, you realize that this was in no way up to Michael's standards of PERFECTION...not even by a LONG SHOT.....
And to top it all off, Akon uses his best friend--AUTOTUNE on the track so it sounds just like the rest of the mindless fodder you hear on the radio these days. Oye.
Bottom line, although I'm no fan of this upcoming CD and not on Sony's Cheerleading squad, I still had HOPED that this song would corner like it was on rails....but alas, it doesn't....more like it putts and stalls and then just peeters out....
Sorry, but I just LOVE him enough to tell the TRUTH!!!
No Peace till Justice!

1405 days ago



1405 days ago

King of TMZ    

This is Authentic Michael Jackson.
Not that Jason Malachi Sh*t on Breaking News and Keep your Head Up.

1405 days ago
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