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Aquabats Concert -- Youngest Stagediver Ever?

11/15/2010 3:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It was like a ska Bar Mitzvah at an Aquabats concert in St. Louis last night ... when the band's lead singer grabbed a little boy from the crowd ... and LAUNCHED him into his very first stage dive.

Moments after the kid landed in the sea of people -- a grown ass man launched himself off the stage and BARELY missed smacking the kid in the head.

So we gotta ask ...


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wtf???? where are this kids parents?!?!?!?!

1435 days ago


First of all, yes, the father did consent and he was the grown man who jumped in after him.

All of these comments say that the parents consented so it's okay. Really? So if the dad wants his kid thrown off a bridge, as long as he consents it's a-o-k? Just because the parents consented doesn't mean it isn't incredibly dangerous. But whatever, bad parents are all over the place.

But what threw me last night when I saw it and even watching the video is that the lead singer literally chucked these kids into the crowd like they were rag dolls. I don't care how bad ass you think it is to throw a 5 year old into a mosh pit, they aren't toys and they shouldn't be thrown around as such.

What if someone had dropped him? What if he got lost in the crowd after they let him down?

Reckless people shouldn't get a pass because they said it was okay. Be better parents and better role models, mr. Yo Gabba Gabba.

1435 days ago


Mr. 47, you clearly have no idea what you're talking about. What if they dropped him? Are you serious? And you were at the show?!? How could hundreds of people with their arms in the air drop a 50 pound kid? Even if they wanted to move out of the way and let the kid hit the ground, they wouldn't be able to. There is no room whatsoever for the kid to fall. I have seen The Aquabats do this at least 10 times and it is completely safe. And throwing a kid off a bridge would be murder. There is nothing illegal about crowd surfing.

1435 days ago


I'm a Miss, number one, so check the name.

Yes, I was at the show. I've been to MANY shows and I have watched people stage dive and go down MANY times. Pits aren't fail safe. 5 years old is just too young for things like that. He could have been hurt. Apparently that doesn't matter to anyone as long as it's "fun" right?

1435 days ago

Jesse Herja    

Hell no, the kid was so cool and excited to get thrown into the pit. I was one of the ones to catch him and he was completely safe. TMZ is a bunch of a holes.

1435 days ago


Ladies, this is why you don't hand your kids to your husband. They subject them to crap like this as a right of passage.

1435 days ago


Vera, you are full of crap. How the hell is gender even related? Someone got dumped and still resents it, I think.

1435 days ago


I was at this show, and dude did get ALL FOUR boys parent's permission. Those kids had a BALL, the crowd was VERY gentle with them, and they were probably the coolest kids on the playground today. Not dangerous!!

1435 days ago


theres a difference between a melee of surfers at say a small punk club with no barrier, and a larger club with a barrier and 4 planned dives. The crowd knew the kids were coming every time. They had a white mover light on the kids most of the time so even had he gotten "lost" the crowd could see where they went. My stepson was the third child to go and I'd do it again in a heart beat. If you dont like tough, it's not your kid. You raise your kid your way, we'll raise him ours. We grew up in clubs and we're sharing that with our kids.

1435 days ago


I was at the Omaha show (the video is NOT from the Omaha show. The Omaha show only had 3 security guys up front (I know, I was in the front row).

The kids were so stoked to get to crowd surf! If you'd seen the first kid...he was so excited and had the biggest smile on his face before during and after!!!

The dads were asked if it was ok and they both were right there when the kids were tossed!

It's something all the kids who partake in this will remember for the rest of their lives!

1435 days ago

Skibson J. McCullock    

This isn't a Cannibal Corpse concert, filled with violent punks....The Aquabats are a child-oriented Mormon rock band, ferchrissake. The only concert environment that I imagine would be safer would be an Osmonds show, and that's something even WORSE to subject your kids to!

Everything is worked out: the parents give the okay, the kids give the okay...I've seen kids and/or parents decline the stagediving offer before. The audience (usually nerdy teenagers like myself) handle these kids with a velvety soft touch, and immediately whisk the kids back to the front or side of the stage to their parents. Plus, the kid tossing is always done between songs, when the whole audience is still and facing the stage with full attention, not moshing around.

No child has ever been hurt at an Aquabats show and I've seen one kid no older than 7 who has stagedived at at least three different Aquabats shows. A child's more likely to be hit by a car, a bolt of lightening and a runaway train carrying several tons of unstable dynamite all at the same time than get injured crowdsurfing at an all ages pop show.

1435 days ago


um wow if that were happening in out for people calling srs ..missouri must not be as tight

1435 days ago


Also....Saturday night at Omaha was my first Aquabats show and it's obvious by some of the comments of how oblivious many are to this kind of a show!

I'm 35 and was probably one of the oldest there to see the show. The "kids" there are on average 16 to their early 20's. No smoking and no stoned kids! Try listening to some of the Aquabats music as well as RBF's music. It's upbeat, it's cheery, it's FUN! It's not like some of the depressing, anger infested junk of now adays!

The kids that go to these shows are totally different than what's become the norm of trouble making teens!

I got to meet and talk to the lead singer of the Aquabats before the show and he was great!

1435 days ago


Hey Katie, I was at the Omaha show too. I'm 40 and a father of 3. I've been going to concerts with my kids since they were old enough to go and have a good time. I would have let my daughter be "tossed" into that crowd when she was that age. I've seen the Aquabats many times over the years and witnessed kids passed around riding on floaties during pool party. The crowd always knows the kids are coming out and are very aware. The Aquabats are all about having a good time. Those same kids at the Omaha show stayed near their parents side the entire concert. It was obviously the highlight of the kids' night and I spoke to the parents. They seemed like very responsible, reasonable people to me.

The people that don't understand this are probably the same over protective parents that don't let their kids play outside and will coddle them for the rest of their lives. Society has gotten so wound up about things it just amazes me. Tell you what, don't tell me how to raise my kids and I won't tell you how to raise yours.

1435 days ago


The Aquabats do this at pretty much every show and have been doing so for years. Why is it newsworthy now?

1435 days ago
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