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Aquabats Concert -- Youngest Stagediver Ever?

11/15/2010 3:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It was like a ska Bar Mitzvah at an Aquabats concert in St. Louis last night ... when the band's lead singer grabbed a little boy from the crowd ... and LAUNCHED him into his very first stage dive.

Moments after the kid landed in the sea of people -- a grown ass man launched himself off the stage and BARELY missed smacking the kid in the head.

So we gotta ask ...


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Actually this WAS St Louis, I was there last night. It was his Father who jumped in after him. And he threw 3 kids into the crowd. They do it in just about every city. And the kid sat near us, he had a BLAST.I understand it's always fun till someone gets hurt, but nobody did, so let the kids have their memories!

1406 days ago


I didn't even know they were around anymore. Seeing how SKA died about 10 years ago. They have one good album and that's it.

1406 days ago


My son was 9 when he got to stage dive and crowd surf at an aqua bats show and he will gladly tell you it was the best day of his life! The ppl there were sober and all knew the kids were coming and watched out to make sure they were safe!!

1406 days ago


I still think this was a very dangerous thing to do with a five year old. I am not by any means on the side of the parents. But I do want to give kudos where they are due. So kudos to the mom for speaking her mind. That was a brave thing to do and a strong quality any mom should have.

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1406 days ago


This was harmless! You going to tell kids to not climb trees, ride bikes and swim too? All those are much more dangerous then being 40-ish pounds and being thrown into the hands of hundreds.

1406 days ago


:::Standing Ovation For #66::::

As a mom I cannot WAIT until my son is old enough to be *dangerously*:::eyeroll::: launched into the crowd at an Aquabats show!!! I, too, will have my heart in my throat, but I KNOW he'll love it and will remember it the rest of his life.

Applause to you and your hubby for giving your child SUCH a WONDERFUL memory... and for letting him get involved in to your kind of music. I, for one, am a fan!

1406 days ago


It was my video. and the man launching himself was in fact his father here is the link.

1406 days ago


I've been in the pit hundreds of times and surfed. It's not a place for a kid that young. Think the youngest I did it was 14.

1406 days ago


Well since someone is admitting to this online, I think his child should be removed from his home. The child may have seemed to love it. Give a child a room full of candy that will feed him for a year and they will love that to. But us as parents have to keep them safe and make the decisions they are not old enough to make, obviously, the grown up in the video is not old enough either.

1406 days ago


It was safe and will be a memory of that boy for the rest of his life. I to was their, if you think that the kid was scared watch the video again notice him put up the muscle arms. He was smiling! I had a great vantage point, and yes the grown man was his dad thats why the lead singer was yelling go get him dad. The kid was passed to the father and the father held him on his chest as the crowd passed them both back to the front where they where put down smoother than most landings I've experienced with Delta airlines. Rock on Aquabats and dude, your a cool dad!

1406 days ago


oh yeah... p.s. I wasnt the guy thrown out... he was some crazily drunk douche wearing a staind shirt. I was standing up rocking out and then headed down to the pit for reel big fish.
I only posted this so the parents could watch, and at the request I would gladly remove it and email them the file instead

1406 days ago


The child should be taken from them. Where is child welfare services when you need them? Does the child have to be hurt before the state notices? they are posting it online for the world to see and the state turns a blind eye? Really? no wonder the world is so messed up.

1406 days ago


seriously.if anyone has ever listened to the aquabats or know what they are about this is probably the one thing any kid would want or be the safest show to stage dive.the aquabats are a band that play on yo gabba gabba.i mean come on seriously the person said they asked his dad.has anyone stage dove or crowd surfed on this forum?its fun.try it sometime.

1406 days ago


Hey tigress, weren't you just giving the mom kudos, and now you want the kid taken away?

Does the descriptor "****" mean anything to you? You really ****ing suck, I hope you know that.

And all you silly asses condemning those you've never met as bad parents/people, need to look inwards at yourselves.

**** happens. Maybe next time you take your kiddo to the mall to sit on santas lap, and it turns out that santa is wearing a suicide vest, and blows you all to hell, you'll realize that you need make conscious decisions to get as much life out of life as you can, before it's over.

Everyone that has a problem with a kid stagediving (age mostly irrelevant) at what amounts to a kids concert, really needs to find a hobby.

1406 days ago
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