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Sebastian Bach Arrest -- Caught on Tape

11/16/2010 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the surveillance footage showing Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach getting violent  ... restrained ... and ultimately arrested in a bar in Canada early Monday morning.

Sebastian Bach arrested.

The footage shows Bach clearly smashing his wine glass on the ground as he walks towards the entrance of Riley's Olde Towne Pub in Ontario ... right after he was asked to leave for being a pain in the ass.

Moments after Bach went all smashy smashy, the bar owner can be seen rushing after the singer from behind in an attempt to restrain him.

Chaos ensues ... and Bach can be seen flailing around as bar staff tries to detain him until cops arrive. The bar owner told cops Bach actually BIT him on the left hand during the struggle.

The camera captures the moment when officers arrived to the scene and searched Bach. As we previously reported, cops found nearly 2 grams of weed on Sebastian Bach.

He was eventually arrested for assault, possession of weed and mischief.


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So what he had a little pot!! and broke a wine glass! The guy just lost his father! I think the bar owner is a ass looking to make a buck!! He should of just let him leave! Dont the peterborough police have anything better to do?

1439 days ago

kellie paulson    

FORMER singer of Skid Row!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1439 days ago


hahahahahahaaa SOS!! Stuck on Stupid!
I knew this guy 20 years ago and he was doing the exact same thing. I used to throw him and Axel Rose out of Gazarri's on the Strip on a weekly basis! Morons just won't change their ways!! Classic!

1439 days ago


I'm not a big Sebastian fan but I'm totally on team Bach here. If someone jumped me from behind, my first reaction would also be to hit back. Someone who attacks from behind like that deserves to be hit. And it was the owner who jumped Bach, you think he'd know better. He must have a personal vendetta with Bach to just cowardly attack him like that from behind (not saying that makes it right). I find it interesting that the bar owner would release this tape knowing how guilty it makes him look. I guess he figures if he is charged with assault, he can just pay his bail with the money he got for selling himself out to TMZ.

1439 days ago


So what he had a little pot!! and broke a wine glass! The guy just lost his father! I think the bar owner is a ass looking to make a buck!! He should of just let him leave! Dont the peterborough police have anything better to do?

Posted at 1:08 PM on Nov 16, 2010 by naddy

Actually his father died in 2002.

1439 days ago


@kwareroha as opposed to the honor of Americans who just shoot and bomb their allies

1439 days ago


Sebastian who ? ? ?

1439 days ago


Aww get the skinny here.....

1439 days ago


If someone is coming in my space i would defend myself.The owner should have waited for the police,the bar may be held accountable for running after the alleged suspect for a broken glass.

1438 days ago


He wasn't going for the entrance, he was going for the exit before the guy came up from behind and grabbed him.

1438 days ago

Willy Boy    

Okay, so Sebastian is still the same. No news here. I knew this guy from way back to his days at the Gassworks and R&R Heaven in Toronto before Skid Row. He has not changed a bit. Something to be said for consistency I suppose. Look, no matter what you think about this situation, or the guy, he just lost his dad and if any of you have been through that you would understand. It all boils down to a bar owner realizing he could make a bit of money with an otherwise useless video.

1438 days ago


Um, excuse me, Rileys Pub in ONTARIO? You couldnt even put my hometown in there! Its PETERBOROUGH Ontario just to let you know Harvey and TMZ staff. We need all the publicity we can get! hahahaha. PETERBOROUGH ROCKS!!!

1438 days ago


Ok, I've been to some decent bars in Peterborough...back in the 80s when Skid Row was happening and you could smoke in them! I've also been to bar in question and after watching the video...Baz should chase a lawsuit (or whatever legal term applies) on the owner. PS. Saw the little nick he gave him with his teeth and I'd say it looked more like a scrape from running his arm along Baz's teeth while being way overkill because of a broken glass and a few ice cubes. Charges won't come close to sticking! Residents should boycott the place! Nothing wrong with still living in the days Baz!

1438 days ago


He initiated the confrontation and really should learn to fight like a man. I was in that bar and witnessed him scratching and biting. Bartender should have bitch slapped him silly. Trouble is this tool can't even hold his booze, wine at that. He really is as dumb as he looks.

1438 days ago


Not sure when calling the cops after starting it constituted being a "man"? Were you the guy sitting at the end of the bar drinking Shirley Temples Dan?

1438 days ago
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