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Jessica Simpson Engaged -- Put a Cheap Ring On It

11/16/2010 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson's engagement -- great moment for her ... better moment for everyone else to passionately debate how stupid (or not) it is to buy expensive engagement rings.  Luuuuuv ...

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My guy and I have been checking out rings lately and I decided that my favorite is the princess cut lab created white sapphire. Looks like a diamond and is definitely conflict free! I see no reason to spend so much money on a ring. I would rather save to buy a house for us and our future children!

1415 days ago


I think Nick found out that Jessica was going to get engaged...quickly put a ring on Vanessa's finger to make people think she is not over him.
I do hope Nick & Jessica eventually get back together. I think they both still love each other more then they will ever love anyone else.
Also...I am pretty sure Vanessa is using Nick. She seems to be more into herself then him.

1412 days ago


i love my husband so much that i would not have cared had he gone to a bubblegum machine and purchased my ring from it. i was just so happy to have found the love of my life. infact, i insisted that we buy a CZ ring, and i still wear it proudly to this day. you can NOT tell my wedding set from a very expensive diamond wedding set. a jeweler even commented on how lovely it was and was shocked when i told him it was a $30.00 CZ! i tell people its a CZ because its a beautiful ring. if you truly love your husband to be, then who cares if its a diamond, CZ, or ruby? i have always thought that gems other than diamonds make unique, classy looking engagement/wedding rings. so many people get caught up in how big and expensive a ring "should" be (just like the wedding) that they forget about what really matters. i will never forget when i was in college (i went to an all girls school) and a girl in my class had just gotten engaged and she was sooo happy with her ring and the girl in front of me turned around and said to me (in a not so quiet voice) "if my boyfriend gave me something THAT small, id give it back." (then some girls started giggling) i was shocked and just sat there stunned, then i got up and went over to the engaged girl and congratulated her and complemented her on her gorgeous ring. i couldnt believe (and still cant) how hung up on engagement rings some people are. dont ever let anyone make you or your fiance/husband feel inferior because of your choice of engagement or wedding ring. NO piece of jewelry is ever better than true love!!!

1411 days ago


Let me get this straight....she said over and over again she was "so surprised about the engagement that she had to sit on his knee"....hmm....yet, she said "I've done the traditional thing so I really wanted something different". huh?????

1409 days ago


She does weird things with her mouth when she's lying....her new botox face doesnt hide it very well either. Her dad is working so hard trying to ger her career up and going, I'm sure they'd lie about anything to help her out. Yuck..

1409 days ago


On tv this morning she said it was such a surprise, etc., etc.,but.....when describing the ring she said, "I've done the traditional thing so I just wanted something different." can tell when she's lying because her mouth does weird stuff when she's talking. Her new botox doesnt hide it either.

1409 days ago

Tim Porter    

From what i heard he's annauled,by judge.Boy good thing they stoped the rumors,cause i had a really good plan to have it shoved back in his face.Ha, Ha ,Ha!Im with Harvey not going to last till Christmas with the rumors going around.

1394 days ago


Jessica Simpson is nothing but a famewhore. Jessica is the only z-list celebrity, who is so desparate for attention and publicity, that she puts her whole life out there. This comment is for all those people, who say, "leave this girl alone." I have news for you, Jessicow does not want to be left alone. If she wanted to be left alone, would she put every aspect of her whole pathetic, copy cat, engagement out there for everyone to read about. She's pathetic, desparate, and stupid for putting every little detail about her life out there for people to read and comment on. Jessicow is a dumb blonde and will always be a dumb blonde. Every aspect of her empire was done for her. A girl who barely graduated from highschool can not do all of this by herself without a lot of help from daddy's team. I give her marriage 2 years tops. She is too spoiled and immature to handel an adult marriage.

1390 days ago
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