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Mark Ballas: Why Democrats Are Voting for Bristol ...

11/17/2010 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mark Ballas claims he and Bristol Palin aren't just backed by Republicans -- and last night dude explained that all sorts of Democrats have pledged their support for the "Dancing" duo because of four specific reasons.



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Gooooooooooo Mark!!! and Bristal and Mark is so correct. its not about politics, Sara Palin, or anything else. Its what the show was suppose to be about and that was normal stars if there is any with no dancing experience. Steve Wozniak, sports stars, olypians, singers and movie stars with no previous dance lessons growing up, or being coreographed to dance to their songs in videos or on stage.
And to pick a winner its about who started out horrible and improved the most!!! You haters need to get the shows original concept back in your minds and vote accordingly. FYI Brandy has sang, danced and been in movies.

1402 days ago


To all the idiots talking about politics, THIS IS A SHOW ABOUT THE BEST DANCING!!!! Mark Ballas is delusional, no one is voting for Bristol except her mama and her ignorant ******gers. As mentioned before it's all over the ****** sites, how to get past and sandbag ABC's voting system. The real story here is WHY ARE THE DWTS RATINGS DOWN? House beat them in the 8pm timeslot on Monday, the semi final night!!! ABC should be concerned as this will most likely be the least watched finale EVER!

1402 days ago


Bristol CAN dance. She is a pleasure to watch. I am very 'neutral' about her mom, but Bristol is going to go far, far in life as she has the kind of charm that will carry her along and help her achieve success in anything her little heart desires.

She has been asked to do the encore dance before and the judges are rather harder on her than on the others, but the voting public has found her to be America's sweetheart, so she can't help it if the viewers love her. Len, the judge, said Bristol has beautiful footwork and her partner adores her and is as proud of her as he can be, because of how she has picked up the complicated routines.

The Bristol bashing is not reflecting the majority's opinion.

Because she has got it goin' on, and if you have not seen her dance, then you are missing out on seeing the talent of this beautiful young lady who is what Dancing With the Stars is all about...taking someone who did not dance, and turning them into a dancer.

Mark is the greatest, as a teacher, too! Yay Mark. You rock!

1402 days ago


actually I kind of like his reasons. The show would be much more interesting if they ONLY had people on like her, michael bolton, the situation... you know... people that actually can't dance. Then the show could be about the evolution of their skills, rather than who came to the show with the most skill already inherent.

but she's still a little t*w*a*t

1402 days ago


He really handled that very well.

Very responsible, mature, and reasonable responses.

Must kill some of the Palin haters...

1402 days ago


She hasn't done anything to anyone, and she hasn't been into politics. Why anyone would be against her solely for not liking her mother is both mentally sick and insane.

Liberals are mentally ill to see people who have different opinions as enemies they have a sworn hatred for, and inciting ridiculous conspiracy theories to ratyionalize why middle America with no political blood-oath loyalties would dare vote for her.

1402 days ago


Just one of the many things wrong with your silly country.

1402 days ago


Why am I not surprised with all the narrow minded opinions from narrow minded ignorant people. First, name callers, you are too ignorant to use the english language to argue your point in an intelligent way. Second, conspiracy theorists, you have to be kidding you must not have voted in the last election and had your head in your warm fuzzy place. If the Tea Party and GOP is in charge of Bristol winning, we have much bigger problems than you could ever IMAGINE! Grow up and get educated!

1402 days ago


Mark did a great job explaining how it works. She may not be the best but she also has consistently improved. She is on the show for a reason, for what ever reason she brings the ratings. Everybody knows she is there because of her mother, SO WHAT! She may have her mothers base behind her but do you think Brandy,Jennifer and the rest don't have their loyal followers? Come on these people and there star friends are tweeting and begging for votes too! Everybody knows get the votes to keep you in it has always worked this way in the end Jennifer will probably win because she is the best dancer. People don't need to be hateful this all fun! I like seeing someone who has never been trained in any of the arts work her way through.

1402 days ago


I don't know what it is about this guy but he's been really creeping me out this season. He's always mauling Bristol after they dance. He's all over her...kissing and pawing her. Doesn't he know what personal space is?

1402 days ago


Mark,your an idiot like very on else on that show. I will never watch that crap again.If that palen brat wins the show is done.....

1402 days ago


Obviously DWTS and Sarah Palin were totally wrong putting Bristol Palin in this position and insulting the intelligence of their viewers.
Brandy, Rick Fox, Audrina and Florence were all much better than Bristol, yet she remained because of political supporters.
DWTS has become a joke.

1402 days ago


and this has to do with DANCING because???

1402 days ago


"I don't like some woman's political affiliation therefore I want the lives of everyone in her family ruined and destroyed, and any time they pull ahead it must be a comspiracy."

Grow up. You liberals are mentally sick to see enemies that must be destroyed no matter the cost in people who have done NOTHING to you and only have differing opinions on politics.

1402 days ago


I believed that this show was originally started for people in the media that did not have any dancing experience. Although Bristol is not a "Celebrity" she was shoved into the spotlight because of her mother, etc. I am happy to see people such as herself and Kyle in the finals. I love Brandy as well and was sad to see her go. Just as happy to see that votes are counting. People remember that the show is NOT ONLY based on dancing ability but it is based on fan base as well. That is why it is so important that everyone who is out there complaining are the same people that can say they also voted. Otherwise, just like the ones who complain about our government but do not vote - you have no place to say anything.

Best of luck to everyone in the finals!! Jennifer, Kyle & Bristol!!! You all worked very hard to get there!!

1402 days ago
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