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Mel Gibson Moves to Strip Oksana of Custody

11/18/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Mel Gibson's lawyers will appear in court on Monday and ask the judge in his custody war to award him sole custody of baby Lucia ... this according to court documents.


According to the documents, in addition to attempting to take custody away from Oksana Grigorieva, Mel's lawyers will ask Judge Scott Gordon to award her visitation, but only with a monitor.  And Mel's lawyers want the judge to deny Oksana any overnight visits with the baby.

 Mel's lawyers argue in the documents that Oksana's false and derogatory statements to the media about Mel and the attempt to sully his character show she is not acting in the best interests of Lucia.  Oksana trashed Mel last night on "Larry King Live."

As TMZ first reported, Judge Gordon has warned Oksana she could lose custody if she talked to the media.



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I've been thinking about this a lot...

All that Mel's attorneys need to do is legally change their last names to Horowitz on Monday, that way getting custody will be automatic.

1404 days ago



1404 days ago


Oksana breaks her silence - there is one lie for a start. What about the ROL interviews, the people interview and the taped interview for Ophra that was cancelled. She is a sorry excuse for a woman and a mother. All she has focused on since this started is fame and money. Her children are there to help her get what she wants for herself. And the smiling photos of her missing veneers aren't convincing if she is claiming DV. I am sure all DV victims will be upset when seeing them.

1404 days ago


yeah Mel, morning all. Glad the comment section is working now.

1404 days ago


Damn straight! Go get your baby Mel. Ox needs very LT Therapy in a orange jump suit and straight jacket////

1404 days ago


@Jay Singer 15 & 16

This woman has repeatedly defied court orders. There are consequences for that, and she must be prepared to accept them, whatever they are.

Heretofore, Judge Gordon has not seen fit to apply any sanctions for her defiance of his orders. You be the judge - - what would you do with someone who repeatedly defies you?

1404 days ago


I'm sure all that Oksana really wants anyway is the piano and her nighty to play it in.

Lucia has always been just a means to an end.

1404 days ago


Mel is a sh*thead! You would take the child away from her mother when it's your fault that you are in this situation!!!! Stop being an a-hole, cheating nutjob!!!

1404 days ago


For the sake of the child, what other outcome is just in this case? To ask the father of Lucia to co-parent with such a demented human being as Oksana, is unfair to him and the child.
Oksana supporters, be honest, it's not as if she doesn't deserve it.
Now, let's take care of the extortion case.

Maya 28

1404 days ago


Onya Mel, I pray that you will get custody of Lucia.

Evening Team Mel, I tried posting earlier but TMZ had technical problems.

hugs all and brb.

1404 days ago


it's about time Mel stood up and said enough!
she has shown complete disregard for lucia, and will stop at nothing to promote herself shamelessly, without regret of any kind.
from what Harvey mentioned on the tmz live questions today, that when asked Horowitz first hedged then finally said well in case oksana gets charged ...blah blah blah.... he knows she will get charged and will lose custody as well

1404 days ago


Oksana is the most vile and disgusting excuse for a human being. If she cared anything at all about her daughter she would not be trashing her daughter's father on a national stage. Besides that, it is more than obvious she is lying through her busted veneers. I would love to see her thrown in jail for extortion.

1404 days ago

Jay Singer    

Buy your baby. Spend another million or two million on your lawyers and get them to try to stifle the truth. Didn't you hear it? Didn't you hear the "dark side" as you call it? Those rants were satanic and they were you? Why do you continue to avoid seeking help for yourself? Oksana took a great risk but she did it to defend herself against your army. Are you that cold that you would deny your own child the freedom to be with her mother? Are you?

1404 days ago

Preserve the Tiger    

Glad to see TMZ is no longer having "Technical Difficulties," so now I'm able to post a comment.

YOU GO, MEL! Actually, Oksana doesn't deserve any contact with Lucia. She is only concerned with herself; no one else! She has proven this over and over!

God Bless You, Mel!

1404 days ago


Hey Bubba, I've said it before but attorneys accept personal property all the time in lieu of cash payments for their services. I think a $150K Steinway would go a long way towards paying someone their fee. wink, wink.

In the alternative a donation to a music school or a big bonfire would be in order. ;-)

1404 days ago
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