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Eva/Tony Divorce -- He Wanted To File; Denies Sex

11/18/2010 10:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ ... the divorce between Eva Longoria and Tony Parker was in the works for at least a week before Eva filed, contrary to the story Eva's people are telling. And Tony denies he ever had sex with an ex-teammate's wife.

Erin Barry, Tony Parker
Sources connected with Tony tell TMZ ... Tony did indeed have a "sexting relationship" with Erin Barry, the estranged wife of former San Antonio Spur Brent Barry, but it ended months ago. The sources insist, "They never had a physical relationship."

And sources connected with Tony tell TMZ ... Tony and Eva were well aware that the divorce would be filed. We're told Tony was planning on filing for divorce in San Antonio, Texas because it was more convenient, but, "Eva talked him out of it because she wanted to file in Los Angeles." 

Sources also tell us -- contrary to the statement Eva's rep made to TMZ -- Eva not only knew she was filing for divorce, but it was timed to coincide with the Us Weekly interview.

As for why Tony and Eva are telling different stories about the divorce, a close friend of Tony's says it's simple:  "She was into the whole PR thing.  He wasn't."

Eva's people say Tony's story is untrue ... with one source telling TMZ, "Eva and Tony were still talking about working out the marriage up until the morning she filed."

Tony Parker and Erin Barry

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No Avatar


Even, the ugly guys are dogs....

1404 days ago


Such insignificant BS about two highly over rated leakers. These celeb marriges are all prearranged publicity stunts that so many people fall for and form opinions about people who could give 10 s**ts about what you or anyone else thinks. It is such nonsense and completely un-newsworthy. But so many of you fools for it.

1404 days ago


he's obviously gone blind! i meant can you imagine her on her hands and knees looking back at you while you drive the pyton of love home. give me a break this chick is ulrta hot.

1404 days ago


Eva , it wasn't you , your gorgeous , intelligent, and have a soul and a big heart ,but you let the Mexican blood guide your decision , your not sure that is what you wanted ,RIGHT? Well , there is still time to change your mind. Tony was caught up in the moment with the other woman , but I am not defending what he did , I bet he regrets it now. I beleive he loves you and wishes things would go back , but the french fry is cooked and he believes its done. You guys are great together , patch it up , kick him in his junk pile and move on. Be a good Mexican and don't let it get you down , if you don't reconcile. You are beautiful and gorgeous and smart , give him a chance , because there are guys out there and will do the same thing , its in mans dna , so stick with him and chance him , talk to him and you will see what i mean. G.B.U.

1404 days ago


OMG! What year were you born in the person who asked "is she colored?" LMAO!!! Nobody uses that word anymore. It's politically incorrect and we are all colored to some extent. She is Hispanic.

1404 days ago


If he's s***, he is s***. What a no account s o b.

1404 days ago

Rusted Fairy Dust    

Glad I never married, was always free of the arguements, the whining. Never fell into the marriage trap, life is good. Did put my neice and nephew through college. That was my commitment to the family.

1404 days ago


Eva appears to love the limelight. Her face is always in the place to be seen and admired. Tony appears overwhelmed and out of his element. Plus, she's a mature woman having been married before and older. Find a man and leave the boys alone!!!

1404 days ago


Eva call Brent he's pretty cute...have dinner with him.

1404 days ago


She took care of business, went home to think things out and spend some time with friends and family. What a LADY. I hope others well learn this.

1404 days ago


No YOU need to get a clue, anyone whod get with your dumb racist ass need to wake up.

1404 days ago


Some of the posters act like they know these two people on a personal level. Nobody ever knows what goes on in a marriage but the two people involved. Also, I have seen Eva around Las Vegas. She is not that pretty without all the makeup. I have seen prettier women in my neighborhood. Also, she is known for having a snippy attitude. She always seemed to be more into the marriage than he was.

1404 days ago


I do not feel sorry for these hollywood types and sports figures.They are all jerks and deserve what they get. Hello people, when was the last time any of these dummies ever had a marraige that lasted.

1404 days ago


I expected them to get a divorce. I don't believe she ever really loved him. I believe she loved his money. A lot of black successful men are falling hook, line and sinker for white women, hispanic women and just about any woman of any color except black and then when they use them and dump them and try to take them to the cleaners (Hi, Tiger Woods), the black men are still too dumb to know they have been had, hood winked and taken to the cleaners (Hi, Tiger Woods). Every rich black man should be smart enough to make any woman they marry sign a prenuptial agreement spelling out what they get and don't be overly genergous.

1404 days ago


it's called rent a bride or rent a's the money game that no goods like to play and vow they're looking for love....they got the money, put on the smiles, play the game for a minute then it wears off and the rental agreement gets voided with one last money drop...Love is not a temporary phase when it comes to, wed for life...can't do it, don't do it....sick of these alibis, i'm a sex addict, need therapy, yea, yeah...

1404 days ago
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