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Lindsay Lohan -- Hunting for a New Crib

11/19/2010 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is finally ready to make a change ... when it comes to her living arrangements in Los Angeles.

Sources tell TMZ Lindsay believes her current apartment in West Hollywood is too accessible to fans, friends and paparazzi -- and she feels she needs a place that will afford her more privacy.

In fact, we're told Lindsay will be taking a short field trip from the Betty Ford clinic in Rancho Mirage this weekend and heading to L.A. -- so she can shop around for the next Casa de Lohan.

Our sources say Lindsay hasn't decided yet if she wants an apartment or a house -- but either way ... change is good.


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I carry my own disinfectant to wipe down any seats where Lindsay could have been sitting without underwear.

1402 days ago



1402 days ago


Perhaps she could buy a mansion in that 5th-world country that Michael Jackson fled to after he skated on all of his legal woes. We all know how well that worked to get control of his addictions.

If she insists on staying in L.A., maybe she should look into buying Candy Spelling's mansion - or the Playboy Mansion. Either one could suit her needs. I'm pretty sure that the Spelling place has an in-house plastic surgery facility and she could turn the gift-wrapping room into the cocaine room. All she'll have to do is add anti-paparazzi gun turrets.

Whichever mansion she chooses (whichever one Dina says is OK), the surrounding neighborhood can expect a steep rise in property values.

1402 days ago

get real    

With What Money will she buy a house???? She is suppose to be Broke. LOL Rent a House? Very Expensive in LA. I know, or I would be their doing it.

1402 days ago


Good idea Lindsay, you are making some good decisions. Ignore the haters, they are spiteful little people sitting behind their computers and probably have miserable lives. They are to be pitied.

Well done Lindsay, good luck!

1402 days ago


BTW Lindsay is broke, owes her landlord months of back rent. Has NEVER owend a her own home. Just the family home in Merrick that is falling apart, and has been in forecloser since the begining of the year. Dina couldnt even open there Mickey Mouse pool this summer cause she also is broke and owes the town several thousands of dollars in back taxes. Dinas house is a sht hole and nothing works and everything is broken. The block they live on, the houses are beautiful new homes, and when you see Dinas you have to laugh your asz off, its so hideious.

Lindsay couldnt afford a hat to sht in

1402 days ago


if she has the money, yea, good luck. but choose a place with a guard at the main gate area, if she wants the privacy. of coarse that takes money (oh, I said that already :D ) and that is with a guard not someone that is a door man.

1402 days ago


How can you buy a house or an apartment if you're broke?
I'm broke and I'd like a house of my own please.

1402 days ago


Lindsay is not broke, she just never pays her bills.
She'd like everyone to think so she can scam people for money.

She's owned 2 home's- one in Los Angeles, the other in Manhattan.

The Lohan's are crooks. The family tree is filled with criminals

1402 days ago


I hope they are helping her with her addiction to fame whoring that has a strangle hold on her!

1402 days ago


Thought she was going to Sam's in Santa Monica for some serious rug cleaning?

1402 days ago


@ Holly The home in LA n Manhattan were sold years ago. I am very well aware of the Sullivan family and there drug and criminal ways/ family tree.

Thats why I laugh so hard when Dina goes under her fake names and calls me out. She gets pissed I speak the truth about her drugged out family.

She has NO clue who I am...I love throwing her off with poor grammer, its her only ammo.

1402 days ago


As it turns out, Lindsay's search for a new home is indeed a farce. She will take up residence within the gold-plated walls of the brand new Lindsay Lohan Treatment Center For The Rich.

It will feature a special room to store her pocket cash... large enough to rival the cash room at Orca Winfrey's - and the money continues to roll in. On the market for the first time today:

Lindsay Lohan-brand hollow-point 9mm bullets. Unlike common hollow-points, which are designed to disintegrate upon impact, Lindsay's aren't actually intended to be fired, but instead feature a void within which to stash something. I don't know what she plans to keep in there, but you can bet that it isn't diamonds.

Unadulterated genius. I'll take a case, please.... how 'bout you, Darkmange?

1402 days ago


Lohan flipped this fixer upper:

This was her Manhattan apt.:

1402 days ago


I wanted to vomit when Lindsay asked Betty Ford if she could get a discount because she's a celebrity!

1402 days ago
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