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Lindsay Lohan -- Hunting for a New Crib

11/19/2010 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is finally ready to make a change ... when it comes to her living arrangements in Los Angeles.

Sources tell TMZ Lindsay believes her current apartment in West Hollywood is too accessible to fans, friends and paparazzi -- and she feels she needs a place that will afford her more privacy.

In fact, we're told Lindsay will be taking a short field trip from the Betty Ford clinic in Rancho Mirage this weekend and heading to L.A. -- so she can shop around for the next Casa de Lohan.

Our sources say Lindsay hasn't decided yet if she wants an apartment or a house -- but either way ... change is good.


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Money in hand    

In the middle of my solitaie game . I realized that Linsday Lohan is the kindest, most gentle, considerate,compassionte,thoughtful,loving human. Find a good home.

1398 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

That's a funny photo; thanks, TMZ.

1398 days ago


It doesn't matter where she lives; they'll still track her down. It's all part of being a "celebrity".

1398 days ago


@Nikki Ali said she's glad the paps are there to take pics of Lindsay?? Where and when? I'm not aware of Ali saying anything at all to the press for well over a year. Unless she said this back in 2008. I tell you what, I've seen Ali on several videos confront the paps. I don't get the feeling she cares for them at all.

Anyway, this is off-topic crap. Lindsay looking for a new place would be in line with the sort of therapy she's receiving. I agree, LA would still have paps and her old life. Somewhere new and hopefully gated or in another state with less of a pap and press presence would be good for her.

1397 days ago


**** ******s they should die

1397 days ago


This bitch is beat, yo. Her only option left is porn.

1397 days ago


What fans?

1397 days ago


There is only One who is going to change the Loving Lohans .... Jesus Christ, Our Lord, Savior and King. No one can hide from the mighty hand of God. No one.... not even you. Boo!

1397 days ago


Yeh, right!! I have a bridge you can buy too.

1397 days ago

Lindsays Friend    

Hi Lindsay :-)

-- of course, you don't need me to say it, but in addition to getting the hell away from all the LA trash and sewage (a.k.a. "the media" and "paps")

-- it WOULD seem that you should be a bit further removed from your "newest neighbor" -- across the street ...

-- a.k.a. ... "dad"?

-- it seems that Betty Ford is guiding you well --

-- and you are working well with them --

-- clear out the old place -- get rid of everything that "... does not belong there ..."

-- then ...

-- YOU!! CLEAR OUT -- to a new place -- a new start

-- sure -- the paps will follow ...

-- even leeches have to suck blood to stay alive ...

-- but make it as friggin' difficult and inopportune as possible ...

-- for as much of the time as possible ... y'hear?

-- I think you've already heard -- from better, more reliable sources than me ...

-- Christmas is coming -- are you ready ???

-- to receive The Presence of The Present

-- Who Forgives your past, and

-- Holds your Future?


As Always,

In HIS LOVE!!! Who Loves you MORE! than anyone ever can ... FOREVER!!!!

Your Affectionate Fan

1397 days ago

Lindsays Friend    

@ 8. -- Ms. Rico Lander ... ? ? ? ? ?

-- feeling a little cranky tonight ? ? ? ?

" ...Hey church ladies idk Jesus you're a drag! "

I'm sorry ... :-(

-- but you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! ...

" ... tmz is a dirty crazy gossip board and gossip in and of its self is a snide, mean dirty game. We won't leave her alone cuz it's gossip! "


-- and just guess Who won't leave YOU alone .... ?


-- cuz HE IS LOVE!!!!


-- so! feeling a little bit guilty too, are ya?

" Quit imposing your judgement morals."

-- sooo -- please explain to me how that works for you ...

-- somebody spews out their gossipy hater lies and profanity ...

-- and they're NOT imposing THEIR filth and (lack of) morals ...

-- but somebody else shares a prayer or kind words of emcouragement ...

-- that are linked to The Love and Grace of Jesus ...

-- and THEY ARE "... IMPOSING" ???

-- so -- exactly just how DOES that work??

no -- you have got all *COMPLETELY WRONG*, Ms. Lander ...

-- they only shared their opinion, from their point of view ...

-- and

********** YOU ***********!

-- because you (like all the rest of us) are a guilt-ridden sinner ...

-- who (unlike some of us) has rejected and refused to receive the Forgiveness of Jesus Christ ...

-- WHO DIED on a cross to pay for ****** YOUR ******* SIN!

-- and when ************** YOU ************ hear the Words of Faith spoken in Love ...

-- from Him -- for Lindsay ...

********** YOU *********** are brought under CONVICTION of your unrepentent sin and guilt ...

-- and YOU KNOW -- just "where" that leaves you ...

-- and it makes ********** YOU ***********

-- " uncomfortable " AS HELL -- (which is appropriate ... )

-- which ********** YOU *********** KNOW ...

-- is EXACTLY WHERE ********** YOU *********** ARE HEADED !!!!!!!!

. . . unless ...

*** YOU *** -- change your mind (a.k.a. "repent"), and

** YOU ** -- accept the sacrifice Jesus made for YOU, so that

* YOU * -- will live in eternity WITH HIM

-- instead of * you * --

-- living in eternity -- WITHOUT HIM !!!!!!!!

... your choice ...

-- but imposing ... ? -- not a chance ...

Not Even God will insist that you live in Heaven if you don't want to ... that's how much He respects your free will (that He gave you) to choose ...

Because God Knows -- you can't have love without a choice ...

-- because that can't be love ...

-- so He had to give us the free will to choose --

-- because He WANTS us to CHOOSE to LOVE HIM (or it's not love -- not a choice)

-- because HE HAS ALREADY CHOSEN TO LOVE US (so it IS LOVE -- His Choice!)

--------------- so ---------------

please give up this boo-hoo, baby-poop, whiney " stop imposing your religion on me " crap ...

-- stop listening to and believing THAT LIE ...

-- it was never imposed ...

-- only offered ...

-- it's YOUR CHOICE!

In His Love ...

1397 days ago

Peter Sc    

I am beginning to lose faith in the kind of advice she must get from therapists etc.

Had she asked me, I would have adviced her to move out of state or at least 100 miles away from Hollywood as soon as she can be allowed to do that.

She does not need to live in the town. Not with her so-called addiction problem in mind. She could be just as happy living in a small town where the next party is not minutes away.

1397 days ago


Good for her. The area is under a Mexican Drug Cartel known as Sheriff Lee Baca, and the entire city is run by bimbos, who havent the first clue on how to keep the place half way decent. Just came in from Sunset and I heard a gun shot, plus having illgeal aliens jackin off, a few blocks from one's crib on Sunset doesnt help matters. I may follow her.

1396 days ago


I am so sick of Lindsay Lohan in the News. Can't we focus on someone deserving and decent?

1364 days ago
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