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Chilean Miners to Face-Off With King Kong

11/19/2010 5:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

They survived the mine ... now TMZ has learned the Chilean miners are headed for Universal Studios in Hollywood for an encounter with the biggest ape on the planet.

Chilean Miners Heroes

The Chileans -- who are in town for a CNN "Heroes" special -- were shuttled from the swank Omni Hotel in downtown Los Angeles to the theme park earlier today and are expected to be there for several hours. 

Lots of fun things to do at Universal -- but they may wanna stay away from the Earthquake simulator.


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Trev the 1    

good for them

1370 days ago

Trev the 1    

You know being trapped underground for 6 months would suck

1370 days ago


Awesome! I hope they have a wonderful time!

1370 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

The foreman who kept this bunch cool and calm under horrific conditions should be considered a hero, no question. But each and every one them, a hero? Also, they need to sell their story to someone who will tell their story. All this mums-the-word-cuz-we're-going-to-Disneyland is gettin' kinda ridiculous--too much pimpin' and too little talkin'.

1370 days ago


These guys were trapped in a mine. How does that make one a hero? The people who rescued them should be considered heroes.

1370 days ago


they were only down there for a few months and im sure the conditions they were living in were not much different than the conditions they lived in before they went down into the mine geeez

1370 days ago

Mr. Anderson    

"Brown people"? They're Chileans, not your regular latin american stereotype.

1370 days ago

Scott Jaye    

How come our government is spending all of our tax money for this people. So they were trapped in a mine. They been alot of Ameericans who been trapped in mines in U.S And never gotten this kind of treatment, form our government. Let their government paid for all of this, not us, to me the hell with them. And how about our military men they don't get a treatment like this neither. And now a movie is going to be made. That one movie I'll never see, even when it comes out ond DVD.

1370 days ago


I love the Chilean Miners. what an ordeal not knowing if you would be rescued or not. Prayers and the joining of nations is what saved these people. Let them enjoy themselves they earned it.

1370 days ago


Maybe Scott Jaye, #8, is right. Maybe our Government should put more money towards EDUCATION instead, some people really need the help.

1370 days ago


This story is an amazing tale of survival and perseverance of the human soul. But seriously...By doing the impossible and surviving, these guys have cashed in HUGE. They definitely deserve it (would I have survived that long in an underground shaft with 32 other dudes? No.), but they will never have to work another day in their lives if they don't want to. More power to them - Enjoy the ride, boys.

1370 days ago


John true, but the world was rooting for all of them and they had to know what not to do to make it worse.

The guys that figured out how to do it don't want the glory, they are just glad it all worked.

1370 days ago


Scott, my hope is that now all miners have a chance if they are trapped. I was rejoicing at this new technique and it worked. Getting to a bunker could be the life saving thing for many and many all over the world

1370 days ago

Marilyn Monroe    

To bad MJ isn't here. He would love to meet Chilean minors

1370 days ago


Who said that this is being paid by the government? All of these trips are being paid by private businesses, whether the American Runner's association, CNN or Graceland. It's a win-win for everyone, as the sponsors are getting media attention. Why are there always people that have to begrudge others?

I doubt that there was anybody here that envied them their lives of doing backbreaking work in the mines. And then the mine collapsed. How many people would have curled up in the corner, waiting to die? But we've heard of people running and doing other things from going crazy. It's too easy to say 'oh, well, it was only a few months and look what they're getting now'. Would anybody be willing to have been in their shoes, without knowing the end? 20/20 hindsight is so easy.

Do you think that some of them may look back some day and be thankful for the mine collapse? I'm sure they will. But that makes the difference between a 'survivor' and a 'victim'. It's not about the cards you're given, but the way you play the game. The things that seem like a disaster when we're in front or going through them, may seem like the best thing that could have happened to us, if we have the guts to look back and look at the whole picture.

But most people never do.

1370 days ago
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