Jeff Goldblum in Fear Seeks Restraining Order

11/19/2010 9:11 PM PST
Jeff Goldblum's lawyer went to court today and asked for a restraining order against a woman who's about to get out of a mental institution -- a woman who has been stalking him since 2001 ... but the judge refused to issue an order, telling Goldblum's lawyer he had to wait for her to create a fresh threat.

Linda Ransom -- who has been arrested 5 times for trespass, stalking, etc. -- is just days away from getting out of a mental institution after being declared incompetent in 2009.

Goldblum (above, driving in L.A. today) -- who had a restraining order against Ransom which expired while Ransom was locked up -- was just notified Ransom is days away from getting out, so he had his lawyer go to court today and ask the judge for a new order.

But the judge decided there was no need for a new order, and that Goldblum should just wait until she gets out of the mental institution and threatens him again.