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Palin's Facebook Target -- Apology NOT Accepted

11/19/2010 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The man who was attacked on Facebook this week by Willow and Bristol Palin tells us he does NOT accept their apology ... claiming Willow uses homophobic language so often, she could be a homophobe.

Palin Apology

TMZ spoke with "Tre" -- the person whom Willow called a "f**got"  after he criticized "Sarah Palin's Alaska" on his Facebook page.

Tre -- who tells us he's not gay -- claims he was offended by the comments and felt bullied by both women ... saying, "Willow called me a f**got in front of the whole world and my family."

When asked if he thought Willow was a homophobe, Tre replied, "I think she might be ... She says 'queer' and 'gay' so much ... so probably ... maybe."

Although Bristol issued a public apology through Facebook on behalf of her and Willow -- Tre says he's yet to hear from either one of them. We asked Tre if he accepted the online apology and he told us, "No way ... Maybe if it was sincere and honest from them straight to me, I would consider. But it would have to be direct."

Tre concluded, "People are saying these are baby grizzlies defending Mama Bear ... but how is she defending her family by calling us queers and low-lifes and f**gots?"


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While your mother may have tried Methamphetamine ? It's not going to help your score.

"Remember, you are under oathe, again, have you ever tried methamphetamine ? "

No wonder she QUIT.

Momma G's a QUITTER.

Now, Krystal ! When you experience your first ana1 ?

You can tell us all how GOOD it felt.

Just go ask your mother.

1332 days ago


I just had a vision.

A rock group named White Trash

And they all wear the masks of the Palins.

Get it ? Masks ?

Next time Willow thinks about ana1 sex, she should go survey good ole Daddy Todd and ask him - has he ever prodded momma grizzly in the grizzly hole ?

1332 days ago


And now.... drum roll...

For someone who believes we are living in end days - who believes it is the END OF THE WORLD ! Who will have access to the nuclear launch codes and who believes God has a special role for her- more special than YOU

Let's hear it for the NEXT President of the United States...

Sarrrrrrrraaaaaaahhhh PAAAAAAAAAAALIN !

Gee Sarah, if it's the end of the world ? Why do you care so much about money ? Mostly yours.

1332 days ago


I found it interesting when Bill Maher pointed out the END result of the Republican Abstinence campaign ? Same as the Palins promote here ? To which one of those Palin teens did NOT follow ?

Actually INCREASED ora1 and ana1 sex amongst teens.

Why these Palin's are JUST God's Gift as role models !

Momma Grizzly QUITS office- leaving Alaska HANGING with no Governor. JUST QUITS.

Imagine if a US President JUST QUIT.

Can we afford that ?

The best photo TMZ will get is of Palin's face when she loses EVERY DIME.

Back to the trailer court for YOU Sarah.

And NEXT time you think about breeding, go ana1.

1332 days ago


So, What is a WASILLA METH dealer doing posting here ?

Gee Sarah, over your watch ? or is it under YOUR watch ? Wasilla became the METH capital of the United States.

I bet Third Wave church would be a FINE study for the DEA.

I hear Uraguay is HOT Sarah.

No meth down there, plenty of coke, but no meth.

Momma Grizzly will have to learn to like change.

1332 days ago


His name is Tre, he felt bullied, he won't accept their apology, he may consider accepting their apology if it's given to him directly. He sure sounds like your typical drama queen to me. Dollars to donuts he's light in the slippers! Hey Tre...take a bath and let Calgon take you away!

1332 days ago


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1332 days ago


Jesse. I missed your last post about the midterms.Democrats wanted it to turn out the way it did ( it didn't even vote and I ALWAYS do). Because now republicans are in control. And if things don't turn out "absolutely wonderful" in the 2 years that they now have BEFORE the election......well. It's kind of like the game "family feud" ..when it's hard one and lot's of choices...better to pass to the opponent , because when they cant live up to the challenge , you'll win in the end :) Strategy my friend.

1332 days ago


Speaking of Palin
Has anybody heard of the new Sarah Palin Christmas CD?

1332 days ago


Ohmigod, CaliGirl... raised in 'the valley'?
So were they.

1332 days ago


All the Palins are disgusting. Sarah, most of all. Her ONLY son, Track, sold/used drugs. Vandalized some school buses in Wasilla. Cut the brake lines. Nice, huh? Sarah couldn't have the rest of the country knowing, so her ONLY son, Track had to join the military. Bristol? Well, her SECOND son, is Tripp. Willow? Underage drinking/drugs/sex, and oh yes...wait for it...vandalism. Just like her ONLY brother. Todd? Nasty F*** who is tied to Sarahs' purse strings. He's a loser. Even though Sarah cheated on him, she's the cash cow. He's not letting go of THAT. The last daughter? The fat little kid? She's going to grow up to be nasty, just like her mother, and sisters. Oh yeah, one of the Palin girls IS pregnant. Will you all get to know which one? Or...will Sarah decide it's time for the daughter to have an abortion? Afterall, Bristol has had TWO sons, already.....
You people "outside", have no freaking IDEA what the Palin family is REALLY like.

1332 days ago


Tre started it. Thinking they wouldnt say anything back. So i LOL AT U TRE UR A stupid **** DONT START TYPING **** IF U CANT TAKE IT BACK. U talk **** they talked back U START CRYING!! UR A *****. TRE PICK UR FIGHTS BETTER DUM ****. HAHAHAH TRE'S A CRYBABY "saying, "Willow called me a f**got in front of the whole world and my family." SO DONT TALK **** IF U TALK **** FIRST U CANT CRY AFTER. TRE UR SO ****ING DUM and funny its "SAD". To Willow and Bristol Palin "U GO GIRLS" PEOPLE SHOULDNT TALK **** IF THEY CANT TAKE IT. SO I LOL WITH U GIRLS AT TRE!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH

1332 days ago

johnny drama    

free speech means free speech for everyone, sorry. I'm sure all the ***s homos, etc never apologize for calling palins names do they ? just call someone a "redneck" or a"tea bagger" next time, willow, that's stil perfectly acceptable

1332 days ago


How old is this guy? People call others names all the time on facebook. I see ******gers, BecKKKtards, Obamanation, and some I should not post here.

The only time bullying becomes a real probelem is if a large group of kids relentlessly target another kid who attends the same school. That could be a problem. Otherwise "Stick and stones can break your bones but names can never hurt you"

1332 days ago


Look's again like Sarah and Todd have shown they posess poor parenting skills.

1331 days ago
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