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Lindsay Lohan -- I Wasn't Fired, I Quit!

11/20/2010 5:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan made the choice to leave her latest film project, not the other way around ... sources close to LiLo tell TMZ.

It's been reported today that Lindsay was fired from the planned Linda Lovelace biopic "Inferno." But sources who have spoken to Lindsay within the last hour tell us Lindsay decided to drop out from the film so that she could focus more on her recovery.

We're told Lindsay felt the project no longer felt right -- but that she and the director, Matthew Wilder, remain on good terms and hope to work together in the future.

UPDATE: A rep for Lindsay adds that Lindsay is "concentrating on her recovery" and calls the decision to leave the film "mutual."



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She's too scrawny to play Lovelace anyway.

1394 days ago

Lindsays Friend    

Hi Lindsay!

-- that's ***GREAT*** news!

-- and a BIG STEP in the RIGHT direction!!

-- but YOU already know that ...


Keep growing, keep getting stronger, keep coming back to your center that has ALWAYS been ***YOU*** Lindsay --

the "Lindsay" that HE CREATED YOU TO BE !!!


living in -- HIS LOVE, and ..


Welcome back, Lindsay ...

we've really missed you ...

As Always,

In HIS LOVE, Who Loves you more than anyone ever can -- FOREVER!

Your Affectionate Fan

1394 days ago

Lindsays Friend    

@ JaneB -- thank you for your well-grounded support and insight

I suspect that the true quality industry in "the town" -- limited though that may be -- understands that Lindsay needs -- and is undergoing -- a significant change ...

-- MOST of all -- she needs to 'BECOME' who SHE IS -- apart from her former, highly "parentally-injected" young acting career ...

When Lindsay has shown us who she has decided to become, and then begins to become who she is ...

-- THEN -- "the town" can begin to re-consider --

-- those who recognize her talents in who she has become will know best how to direct and use her talents ...

-- the sleeze side of town will also realize that they can no longer pimp her ...

Thanks again for the honest, realistic support I find in what you have said ...

Lindsay's A-F

1394 days ago

Lindsays Friend    

@ AnnieSH -- and thank you fro your optimistic hope --

-- I don't believe that there is "no hope" for Lindsay -- IF she even decides to continue to pursue a career in acting ...
But I think we both know that there is not much hope for her to build on 'what might have been' had she been able to follow a clear path from her earlier acting success into the present ...

I have often thought previously that she should not be "condemned" by our opinions to remain in acting just because a bunch of us fans think (wish?) that she would ...

I would be overjoyed for Lindsay to be able to find -- AND CHOOSE TO FOLLOW -- what ever she feels is her true calling -- be that acting, or otherwise ...

Time will tell ...

... and God ONLY Knows --

yeah -- I keep asking Him ...

-- but He's not telling ...

-- He just says, "Keep on prayin'!!!!"

In His Love ...

1394 days ago


Interesting. This article says otherwise:

1394 days ago


One of my best friends is a pa, signed on for this project. He told me that absolutely Lindsay was fired. Insurance issues. She was just livid and stormed out of the production office in tears.

1394 days ago

Alan Carver

Okay so WHO do we believe, Lohan who is A CHRONIC LIAR or the Director of this film? I am going with the Director since he seems to be more credible than Lohan ever could be! Regardless, the bottom line is that with Lohan being an admitted addict, she is not going to get work in Hollyweird anytime soon.

@ Nicole, she will be taken off FORMAL probation, but not off of probation until August 2011. She will be taken of SUPERVISED PROBATION but Judge Revel's Order still stands, August 2011. If Fox decides to change that he can, but he won't. He needs to see that she is able to conduct herself in a responsible manner, and if she sense or sees her being a danger to the community (which she has been) he will bring her back to court! It is just that simple. Judges do not SCREW around when they see an offender as a threat to their community, especially when you are on their radar!

1394 days ago


That was the worst role ever. She must've been high as a kite to think it was a decent role to begin with.

I hope Linds gets better but her record is spotty at best and I expect her to kill someone while under the influence with her car before the new year. It won't be me though as I am hundreds of miles away! :)

1394 days ago


@Alan Carver
As i said on February 25th IF she makes it until then then her probation will be complete.
It will run informally until August 8th 2011 but if she relapses there will not be any legal repercussions as she won't be getting drug/alcohol tested and won't be required to attend any programs or meetings.
Judge Revel wanted to enforce her sobriety with a year of formal probation but it isn't happening.
As i said the D.A and Judge were willing to let Lindsay complete probation as she had done all the DUI/DWI programs on November 1st if she hadn't relapsed.

1394 days ago


Nicole, why are you so stupid? Everybody saw this ordeal play out. She never completed her probation. She was to go to a meeting a week. She missed 8 weeks and then tried to go 8 times in one week to make up for it. The rules were clear. She didn't follow. I'd love to see you on probation. You wouldn't make it a week. According to you and Lindsay, you complete everything when you deem necessary. What a Judge decides is just not near as important as what you feel is correct. God you're an Idiot. You just say the same thing over and over. It's like you are some kind of brain washed Herbie the Love Bug fan. Give it a rest. Lindsay is a screw up. She's in rehab to avoid jail. She's lied over and over. Now you think that everything is perfect in Lindsay Land because she's been sober in rehab. Wow, great accomplishment.

1394 days ago


She violated by not doing every week but there was no need for the extra probation.All the Judge had to do was give her 30-180 days and terminate her probation.

Who said Lindsay wasn't in rehab to avoid jail?
She doesn't even really want to be there until January 3rd but it beats jail.
Sure she went "voluntarily" but only after she failed the drug test and was put in jail and bailed out.
Lindsay just has to stay clean and sober and complete probation on February 25th then it is up to her.

1394 days ago


Of course there was need for extra probation. They made it clear what she had to do and she didn't. That's why they have probation to avoid jail. Prove you can follow the given guidelines, stay out of jail. If you can't we'll watch you closer. That's pretty simple. You keep saying Feb. 25 and she's done. Yes, done with supervised probation. She gets as much as a speeding ticket, if the cops want they can put her through the ringer and test her for drugs and alcohol. It doesn't mean she's free and clear, and this is all over. She has to remain law abiding in every sense of the word. Technically, rolling threw a stop sign could be a violation if the cops wanted to be a real A hole. But since you know everything regarding Lindsay's legal problems, I'm sure you knew that!

1394 days ago


This is the right choice. After drugs, jail and rehab, the last thing in this world is making a movie about a porn star with a unknown director.

Do you remember the movie from the well known director Paul Verhoeven " Showgirls"?

1394 days ago

Andolini's all good..she doesn't need them and they certainly don't need her...

1394 days ago


"Okay so WHO do we believe, Lohan who is A CHRONIC LIAR or the Director of this film?"

You don't have to believe anybody. Just use a little common sense. Who are they going to replace Lohan with? Lohan has acted in top Hollywood films. The interest in this movie was a top Hollywood star (or somebody who once was a top star) playing a porn actress. They aren't going to find an actor of similar status to replace her, and aside from that, the subject matter of the movie simply isn't very interesting to most people.

1394 days ago
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