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Bristol Palin -- The Show Must Go On

11/21/2010 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bristol Palin didn't let a little white powder in an envelope get in her way as she went to rehearsals for "Dancing With the Stars" yesterday.

No one tells Bristol to take a powder.


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I don't care what she does - I'm not watching the finals.

1377 days ago

Just a Me    

Bristol looks like she did when her mother was running for Vice-President - when she was hiding her pregnancy. Maybe there is a little brother or sister for Tripp in a few months?

1377 days ago


Bristol is such a sweetheart, hope she wins !! You Go Girl !

1377 days ago


****ing smug bitch. That look on her face tells me that she sent the white powder to herself. I hope she falls on her fat ass. Nice look on her. Doesn't look a day over 40.

1377 days ago


Thank God for that paper bag !

1377 days ago


The fact that she has gained weight instead of lost is just one more indicator that she hasn't been practicing half as much as the other contestants. She's adorable, but definitely over weight. Should NOT be wearing form fitting pants.

1377 days ago


More Palin drama?? so wait... someone posts on Facebook that they don't like Sarah's farce show about Alaska.. I mean about HER..and the whole clan is up in arms, freaking out and then back pedaling to cover for the nasty comments from one daughter, suing a website for posting a few lines from a book Sarah had written ... but someone sends white powder to Bristol disguised as fan mail and it's 'business as usual'?? Something stinks and it isn't JUST Bristol's dancing. I guess they got a bit worried when the audience booed about Brandi getting the boot over Bristol who is obviously the worst dancer on the dancing show. Funny how little things like a nosy neighbor can cause all sorts of ruckus but not this?... I agree with the poster who said it's all them, drum up yet more 'love me, I'm just a victim of this evil new America' fodder.

1377 days ago


To whoever posted that she lost 18 pounds and 8 inches- I call Bullcrap. She looks heavier than when she started. The girl legit has cankles. No offense to her heavier form- she is cute and probably has a future as a Lane Bryant model.

1377 days ago


Always intriging how many care enough to comment on a subject like a Bristol Palin or even DWTS! The people with that kind of mind and that kind of time on their hands... are the reason our nations work force is in the shambles it is. Goverment? whatever-it's lazy people taking the time to care about these subjects! To use words like 'hate'. Wow! Emotional investment on a kid from Alaska who is on a dancing show- bet your life is full and most awesome! I'm working on a paper about bottom feeders who take the time for these subjects and you are all very helpful!

1377 days ago


Thank God for that paper bag !

Posted at 12:02 PM on Nov 21, 2010 by Rocco

Definitely! Do NOT need to see the world's largest camel-toe!

1377 days ago


Yeah Jim.. just like you who seems so invested that you would come to a Hollywood Gossip site and then take the time to read 5 pages of comments from others and feel so damn emotionally upset and invested as to reprimand us and blame us for the state of the country, LOL... must be fantastic to be as 'special' as you I guess... not like it's Sunday and most people have it off. Lazy? ... maybe.. a hypocrite? .. nope that's all Jimmy boy.

1377 days ago


Her and her dance partner mark are hooking up and getting engaged. She's gaining weight because of pregnancy. Mark visited her in Alaska and "went upstairs."

Anyone who doesn't see the big picture in all of this (Palidiot supporters), deserves to be made fun of for lack of intellectual capacity.

I would bet 100% of the bristol lovers here only watch FearNews too. Their world must be so fearful with all the propaganda.

1377 days ago


She's a shy young girl competing in a craptastic Disney owned show for a cheesy mirror ball trophy. The hatred here over it is legitimately distributing. This is why I hate Americans.

1377 days ago


Hate is a contagious disease. Please don't be sheep. Stop spreading mean words.

1377 days ago


All you haters jealous much , Bristol is a sweeheart hope she wins !!! You Go Girl !!

1377 days ago
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