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Bristol Palin -- The Show Must Go On

11/21/2010 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bristol Palin didn't let a little white powder in an envelope get in her way as she went to rehearsals for "Dancing With the Stars" yesterday.

No one tells Bristol to take a powder.


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Would be nice if she'd bothered to at least comb her hair before she presented herself to all the photogs...

1378 days ago


it's JLM not Jim-no biggy. And, It's true I am reading every comment, every page, every entry. I will be for a least another week. I admit I am always shocked to see that so many are so personal about these people, people they'll never meet or have in their lives. I have watched TMZ, ET, Acess Hollywood randomly over the years and thought who cares about this? I shouldn't have knocked something that so many seem to really get their emotions in. And, I get that it's simple of me to think the word hate really means much. I just don't understand it. Sunday's off I understand that for a few but this is daily for so many! And, so many go so far. I do wonder (and I am not judging-yes, my previous statement was judging, I shouldn't have) why I simply do not care about the Bristol Palin's dancing and I do watch the show but I don't care about the dirt I don't need to know all the bad stuff. I don't need to think bad about someone. I don't think she's a bad person. Her dancing isn't as good as many but I do like that she comes from No dance experience. In the end, I'm a Kyle fan. BUT...What makes someone need this negative to feed on- to the point of really caring enough to hate? Yet there are a few of us who just get emotionally involved. I would really like help with that question. I can't come up with an explantion. I know TMZ needs people to love dirt, negative and hate to make a living but for the average person what fuels that emotion?

1378 days ago

Not a Liberal Whiner    

Why was Matt voted on and not Kurt? Why is "Baby" such a favorite to win? Could it be that everyone liked her in Dirty Dancing-- just like they like Bristol in DWTS? Grow up! There is too much focus here on Bristol. If you want your person in there, vote for them. If you did not vote, then shut up. I feel sorry for Bristol because of the bunch of low life, whining cry-babies who have to pick on her. Your favorites did not get to the finals because you did not vote for them. Blame yourselves!

1378 days ago


I'm not trying to be mean, but I just find it humorius that so many people feel that they like Bristol because shes just like them,or the girl down the street.Unfortunately,they fail to realize that the show is called 'Dancing With the Stars",rather than 'Dancing with the 'Sweet,Pudgy,Unwed,Uneducated ,Clumsy,Teenage Mom'down the street.I actually feel sorry that her Mother has failed her by thrusting her into the the limelight knowing full well how cruel the public can be to overweight teens who have no talent.

1378 days ago


she looks pregnant. she's hiding her bump with her bag. of course, she will say she was engaged to levi at the time and the baby was planned. marked my words, she's pregnant.

1378 days ago

Ri Ri    

Dancing with the stars should be more about talent not who her mom is. Dancing is not her talent,dont get why she is still on the show. I am starting to think the show is rigged.

1378 days ago


******gers are corporate America's useful idiots.

1378 days ago


Fred - You need to replace the word "Kyle" with "Bristol" for what you said to be correct.

p.s. T e a b a g g e r s are corporate America's useful idiots

1378 days ago


She looks like she's gained about 40 pounds! Honestly, she'll win because of all the Tea Party websites coaching members to vote under numerous email addresses. One post from a member said she had voted over 300 times in two hours.

Nice group there boasting about committing fraud.

After Bristol wins, no celeb will want to be on this show and be humiliated like this. And the viewers will disappear because it's riddled with fraud. This is a dire situation for DWTS.

1378 days ago


I think Bristol should have the word CONDOM tattoed onto her wrist. That way she can remember next time. It's a no brainer fix for not getting knocked up and great for somebody in her clan.

This entire family is just disgusting in so many ways I could write a damn book on it.

1378 days ago


o how the gays get their panties in a bunch over this kid --- soooo funnyyy ----

1378 days ago


Man , I would love to tap that.

1378 days ago


is bristol a star in us? You need some better celeb's.

1378 days ago


She's chunky but I'll bet she weighs less than Brandy's fat kid Sy'rai. Have you seen her?

1378 days ago


Let's crown Bristol: First Contestant to not lose a single pound.

1378 days ago
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