Lindsay Lohan -- Thanksgiving with Daddy

11/21/2010 10:05 AM PST

Lindsay Lohan -- Thanksgiving with Daddy

Lindsay Lohan will not be allowed to leave the state of California during the Thanksgiving holiday -- so she'll be breaking bread with her father Michael on Turkey Day ... TMZ has learned.

As we first reported, Lohan was hoping to get permission from Betty Ford to head back to NY for the holiday, so she could be with her mother and the rest of the family. But we're told BF wasn't having it, so she'll be in sunny California next Thursday. 

We're told Lindsay will spend the day at a home where Michael is staying, close to Betty Ford.  Michael wants Dina and the kids to come out and spend the day ... but we're told Dina's not biting.

So Michael's Plan B is getting the whole clan together for XMAS.

That's the time for miracles, right?