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Derek Hough and Jennifer Grey


11/24/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After knocking off Bristol Palin and Kyle Massey last night, newly crowned "Dancing with the Stars" champs Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough showed off the hardware in New York this morning.


Ultimately, Bristol finished 3rd -- Kyle came in 2nd ... but we gotta ask ...



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It's not fair that some who made a dancing movie get's to compete on a show where they claim the celebrities are noon-dancers, Ugly Bitch

1399 days ago


I was super excited that Jennifer & Derek won last night. I voted for them since the show began 10 weeks ago. I also loved Kyle from the beginning and voted for him also. I can't believe that people actually kept Bristol in it for as long as they did. She was a waste of space for me. She's not a celebrity and only famous because of her dumb mother and the fact that she had unprotected sex and popped out a baby that she is never with. Glad that she didn't win. I would have flipped out. Can't wait for the next season and to find out who may be in it. Maybe Jamie Lee Curtis since she loves the show and was Jennifer's supporter from the beginning. Now that would be killer.

1399 days ago


OOPS!! I meant non-dancer! Sorry about the typo.

1399 days ago


Brandy and Audrina were much better than Jennifer! It really was a shame they both got eliminated prematurely!

1399 days ago


It was a done deal the minute they signed her up for the show. She was a trained dancer even if she hadn't danced for 20 years she was still a dancer , its like riding a bike you never forget once you learn how to ride you just have to practice to get back up to where you were when you were young.

She was the producers and the judges pick before she danced one dance........Bristal or Kyle both would have been a truer winner because neither came from a dancing background and showed they improved as dancers so much, but the producer keep them on and into the finals not because of that but because of the support they had from the veiwing audience. Bristal was the contiversual one and Kyle for the race card.

I was hoping that Kyle would win because he tried soo hard and improved so much and he had heart and a smile and never showed any negitivity as the others did at on time or the other.

Jennifer Grey is a dancer and last night she looked so smug you wanted to reach thru the TV and smack that smugness off of her face. She played that Patrick Swayze card so much I'm sure even Patrick was turning in his grave.

But you knew in the introduction at the beginning of the show in the fall who would win so it wasn't a surprise at all just a disappointment and a shame that it was so fixed. That's the reason I didn't bother watching the show much this year.

1399 days ago


bristol.......lick it

1399 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Bye Bye Bristol Piglin. Back to the woods where you belong. ABC just saved their show's ass from becoming a mockery. No one in 3rd place should have won anyway. I wonder why the tea party didn't get more of their inbred family members to vote on the most important night. They probably got too comfortable in their straw hats and farmers pants thinking Pigstol would automatically win.

1399 days ago

Marilyn Monroe    

I could not stomach watching Bristol's turkey neck. Jennifer is hot and on my "To Do" list.

1399 days ago


Jennifer Grey's first performance was as good as her last. . . because she was already a dancer! The point of the show is to take celebrities out of their element and make them into dancers. Bristol and Kyle did that. Jennifer looked like someone taking candy from a baby last night and the show looks ridiculous in the process.

1399 days ago


it is a shame how Jennifer even got on the show she had dance experience before, hum and I find it funny how Derick always get's teamed up with someone who has had dance experience. I quite watching the show oh well no lose

1399 days ago

big al    

wonderful! i don't watch the show but i'm glad to wake up to the news that that overweight palin broad didn't win. i'm curious as to why she made it so far in the competition.

1399 days ago


Jennifer had ALOT more to overcome than Bristol.
First, she is 30 YEARS older and had to have surgery earlier this year to fuse her spinal column. She also had a ruptured disc last night and STILL kicked Bristol's butt.
As for Bristol - do the Palin's have NO class?? She told Brooke, during a interview last night, with millions of families with small children watching the following:

Brooke - "Bristol, what would it mean to win tonight?"

Bristol - " It would be like a big middle finger out there to all the people that hate my Mom."

Stay classy Bristol. You really showed ALL of the Palin's true colors and ugly personalities last night. You were really raised well (not).

1399 days ago


I am happy that Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough won. They truly were the best. I am saddened at all of the negativity surrounding who did or did not deserve to be where they are. I have danced in classes of many types but I am no dancer. I guess I am a few steps above Bristol but older. Yet, I cannot be upset about how far she has risen in the competition. Many people complain, but so few of them actually voted for anyone. It is a popularity contest, but in the end the best dancer did win. I agree Audrina was one of the best and originally I thought it would come down to her, Jennifer, and Brandy in the finals, but it did not work out that way. I have to commend Jennifer Grey for her dancing. Yes, she had dance background, and she appeared very physically fit, however, age does come into play and most people her age just can't get the moves to be as fluid any more...They dance like older women. She did not! She was exceptional. And, as choreography goes, Derek is number 1 in that department. I was thinking about Jen crying and it wasn't some pity thing....maybe hormones...and pain, etc. came into play, all normal! She did just lose the co-star/friend of her most famous movie...and the songs and Derek were a constant reminder but she grew with it....and she clearly was the one America wanted. I did love Kyle because he always was cheerful and never had an attitude. His dancing was always entertaining and his musicality was always natural.

1399 days ago


Bristol is just a crybaby poor loser. Just like her mom. Must run in the family.

I guess at least she didn't quit like her mom.

1399 days ago


Re: Jennifer
She is 50 and made her way through one highly choreographed movie. Go watch it, it's certainly not tons of ballroom or latin dancing. She was not doing the hard dancing nor a ton of it. Probably her father being a stage musical performer had more influence. I did not see her at all 'annointed' as the winner with Brandy, Kyle, and other younger more durable competitors in the mix.
Re: Bristol.
She had as much right to be there as Kelly Osborne, who was also the child of a famous person and appeared on a reality show, though Kelly had leveraged that into Fashion Police and other commentator positions.
Though I am not a fan of her mother, I have nothing against her. She's young and still clearly easily swayed. She seems a nice person, despite the 'middle finger to the haters' comment.
But anyone who thinks she should have won over Brandy, Kyle or Jennifer is clearly biased to a delusional level. She was capable, but never sharp or energetic in her movements. I think the mirror-ball for the professional should go to her partner who carried her uphill from the beginning to the finals with little apparent assistance from Bristol.

1399 days ago
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