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President Barack Obama -- Left in Stitches

11/26/2010 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama had to get 12 stitches in his lip after he got caught with an elbow during a game of basketball at Fort McNair earlier today.

Bet the guy who elbowed Barack is going to get audited hardcore next year.

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larry tinn    

all this bad president talk is BS!! i bet half u cant manage ur facebook friends list,never mind a country.........

1394 days ago



ALL OBAMA LOVERS...GO GET A J-O-B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1394 days ago


ROFLMAO About time someone did that. Get busy doing what you were put there for. It's all about the Jobs Dummy.

1394 days ago


80. "All of this hate for President Obama is swirled by STUPID PEOPLE full of ignorant hate and envy."

That's the difference between You and US You see hate you can't see that close to 70% of this country DOES not like his Polices. I personally think the man is a nice man BUT what he wants to change this country into is NOT what we are about. It is not our Values and how we became the greatest country on the planet. When Black people hated Bush was it Racist? No they didn't like some of the things he done. Which is the way it is supposed to be. I still can't figure how so many are Democrats and support them It is the Republican party that has done more for them than anyone. Bush alone spent more money on African Aids that ANY President. There may be a few that hate him because he is Black. But do you not think there was many that hated Bush because he was White? The Policies is what defines the Man. Nothing more.

1394 days ago

Sugar Kitty    

Twelve stitches to his lip and he will have a scar for this. This isn't going to bode well for him to retain the votes of all those silly women (and some men) who voted for him just cause they thought he was pretty. Oh well, he will still look way better than his grinch of a wife any day of the week.

1394 days ago


i'd shoot the bitch that did it point blank in the mouth.

1394 days ago



Really? I don't think even you believe that bull**** you speak about.You said:
"I personally think the man is a nice man BUT what he wants to change this country into is NOT what we are about".
You the hell IS WE? Obama wants to GIVE EVERYONE equal oppotunity to healthcare, education, jobs, student loans, etc. But, what your saying is "something you are not about", which in turn is equal oppotunity? Really? GTFOH. Bush helped Blacks, GTFOH. Policies defines the man? Really? Your "speech" is the very same reason I feel the way I do.

1394 days ago


At least he don't have to hide from the world like Bush...Imagine if that guy would have caught him with those shoes!

1394 days ago


you are way off base
when Bush Jr left office he had the deficet at its lowest since back to Reagen
only Bush Jr WILL NOT bash Oblama- maybe you should try to show better controll - remember how the Clinton gang stole the "W" off all the keyboards in the white house - nice show of mature transisiton from one admin to another - jerks

1394 days ago


Do Muslims bleed? I thought they only caused others to do that.

1394 days ago



Your pathetic.

1394 days ago


Wow this is my first time reading a blog on this website and it clearly is home to many ignorant dumbasses!!! Just know to all those who "think" they are educated, if he fails so do we!! It's crazy how someone said we can't spend/pay our way out of debt. This is literally the dumbest statement ever, if you owe somebody money how else are you going to pay them back?? Dumbass!!! I also do not understand how you can sit on your computer and think that this man hasn't done anything postive for our nation. Obama is what our country needs and people can't handle it. Change doesn't come overnight and the opposers, have said time and time again they will make sure they stop him. So you tell me whose the antagonist in all of this?? Judge the man by his policies as someone said, but you managed to not state any policy you disagree with.LOL This President has tried time and time again to reach across the aisle and they steady bite his hand, now you can come to your own conclusion of why this country is getting nowhere. In closing I would also like to say I apologize that some people had to work at McDonalds on Thnxgiving and the day after,but that doesn't mean everyone else has to maybe you should find a new career.

1394 days ago


u racist mfs! shut up...he's our president & i know some of you cant live with it but deal with it!

1394 days ago


Do I have to remind some of you libs, we are on the brink of a war with N. Korea, the tax cuts have not been extended, the economy is on the brink of disaster, we are 3 trillion in debt, unemployment is still near 10% and so on and so on ! He talks to Barbara Walters and not the American people ? This guy is so immature it is embarassing. He had to read from notes to pardon 2 turkeys ? He said we have 52 states ? Marine Corpse ? He is a fraud ! Everyone who voted for him were caught up in all his rhetoric and were suckered ! The thing he likes best about being president is air-force 1 ? His words not mine. He hasn't been off of that plane since ! I wish he would get on it and stay away ! He could keep it !

1393 days ago


And I don't want to hear it was Thanksgiving and he had to spend time with his kids ! He wasn't with them when he was playing and soldiers are away from their children and they are alot more worthy than him . He is the worst president in history !

1393 days ago
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