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Kim Zolciak

Real Pregnant,

Really Smoking

11/27/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE:  Kim's rep just got back to us, and insists the photo was taken October 3, and Kim did not know she was pregnant at the time.

Kim Zolciak
from "Real Housewives of Atlanta" took a smoke break while watching an NFL game a few weeks back -- it wouldn't be a big deal ... but Kim is three months pregnant.

Here's the timeline: the photo was taken in Atlanta on November 7, outside the Georgia Dome. Two weeks later, Kim and baby daddy Kroy Biermann (who plays for the Atlanta Falcons) announced they were expecting.

In case you're thinking "Maybe Kim didn't know she was pregnant when she decided to smoke" -- well, think again. Kim told a tabloid this week she denied the pregnancy rumors in October because "[I] wasn't through my first trimester -- you never know what could happen."



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UUGGHH!! who would ever want to sleep let alone kiss this ugly, fake, disgusting tranny, whore, skank! What a piece of garbage!
I feel bad for her soon to be child!

1428 days ago


Why is she wearing a hospital bracelet?

1428 days ago


I'm worried that she'll ruin her lovely singing voice.

1428 days ago

Britney Spears is a joke    

She is pathetic on soooooo many levels. I feel sorry for her daughters to have HER as an example on how a woman should behave. And whoever, told this tranny that she can sing, should be shot. Hey Kim, the world isn't laughing with you, they are laughing at you!! OH and no one believes you are 32 years old. 52 is more beweavable.

1428 days ago

Britney Spears is a joke    

#75 - Sorry, I am a smoker and I had NO problem quitting for the sake of my unborn children. Kim is garbage, plain and simple. I know plenty of people that were born to mothers who smoked while pregnant and while many had smoking related issues: low birth weight, low IQ's (well that is Kim to begin with), asthma, allergies to name a few; many of these don't surface until the children are older.

1428 days ago


When I was pregnant it was easy for me to quit smoking, I didn't crave cigs at all until about fifteen minutes after I delivered. I ate a proper diet and exercised every day of my pregnancy. For some people it is not that easy to quit their addictions. I had a smoking co-worker who was preggers at the same time as I. At 13, her son is actually less prone to allergies, sinus issues and is in general healthier than my child who is not exposed to smoking and eats a balanced diet. Nicotine is an addiction and I wouldn't wish it on anyone but it seems like Kim is being crucified. If this were a picture of her hitting a crack pipe while pregnant, I'd get why everyone was flipping out. Yeah smoking anything is bad, but on the grand scale of what's she's smoking, it could be much worse. She is wrong for smoking but if that's the worse thing she ever does to her child then she will probably have a majority of parents beat. No one is perfect. Everyone messes up.

1428 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Looks like a guy in drag.

1428 days ago


oh and Kim better be careful - her "wig" isn't flame resistant. but it would be rather cool to have this bi*t*ch go up in flames.

1428 days ago


mother of god I can't believe that....THAT IS THE MOST FKN SELFISH BEHAVIOR...piece of fkn sht

1428 days ago


Wow #89 - what was your mother smoking? You are one seriously highstrung person if you get *that* worked up over someone you don't even know. Perhaps it's time for you to see someone about your anger issues.

1428 days ago


My gosh, I think you are all carrying it a bit too far, and what is with all the bad language? Kids of smoker's have survived for years, but I think all of you people calling her names, wishing her death, etc. are worse than the citzens of Salem who burned women alive for being witches. Calm yourselves all down before you drop dead of heart failure if something like this upsets you so much. Worry more about your own life and your children and their blatant lack of disrespect, obsession with sex at such a young age, no moral character or morals in general, and lack of shame or understanding of how to act in public.

1428 days ago


#82 - That is not a hospital bracelet, it is one of those bracelets you get for paying a cover charge to access the club so she can enjoy a few ****tails with her ciggy - girl is under a lot of stress and just needs to relax a bit.
She is so pathetic it is sickening!

1428 days ago

Like It Is    

S/he looks like a transvestite, but even if she is not a tranny, what is with the 24/7/365 horse-tail wig? She must think it looks good, but it is ridiculous. Everything on this woman is fake, from her wig to her lips to her heavy, heavy facial cosmetics to her boobs to her nails and all the way through to and including her personality and demeanor. I find her revolting.

1428 days ago


Hey David V....a little "testy" are we?
Sounds like you are a little "***** whipped"
by the Mrs. DARE spinner25 insult
your dumb-ass wife for choosing to smoke while
pregnant. Shows she is a selfish, ADDICT who
chose her addiction over her child. And there
you are, in the stands, cheering her on. You are
as stupid as she is. Maybe you like kissing someone
who smells like, and tastes like a friggin ashtray.
She will eventually get cancer, or emphysema. Go
ahead and defend her then David. Moron.

1428 days ago


Congrats Kim on the baby.....I love you, and think your awesome...Your singing well thats a nother story, but you are my fav on the show, and you have a great life with your girls, I wish you luck in your futher with that hot looking kroy

1428 days ago
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