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Kate Plus Tanning

11/28/2010 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin was thankful for a little alone time today, hitting up a tanning salon and then a FedEx near her home in Reading, PA.



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TMZ do you not have any news to update? Lame...!

1338 days ago


that's what most people do when their kids get EXPELLED from school. they go tanning and get their nails done. (eye roll)

1338 days ago


She better start giving BJs if she wants a man in her life.

1338 days ago


Well she said the show must go on so we'll see.Even thoug it seem Kate plus8 comes one every month indstead of every week and her new show forgot what it's called should be coming doesn't look like people care anymore

1338 days ago


if you flip the pic,zoom in,you have her dl info... just sayin

1338 days ago


TMZ... judging by your readers alone. Hope you get the message and kill the Kate Gosselin crap until there's something more serious and news worthy to report. Tannning, are you serious? UGH!

Kate Gosselin forgot the 2 golden rules to success. "SUCCESS IS NOTHING WITHOUT SOMEONE TO SHARE IT WITH-- and DON'T LET SUCCESS GO TO YOUR HEAD" That's why she's lonely now.

Yelling and smacking on her husband. Yelling, pinching, denying the kids food/water, whipping and discipling them on TV for all their peers and the world to see, all caught on camera. Imagine what Kate's like off camera when she can't get her way. Frightening for the kids imo! It's no wonder her kids are acting out, fighting, bullying, teasing and ugly name calling other kids now (It's how they were taught to take out their anger on others from their mother). These are the same kids that threw toys and hit the family dogs with baseball bats. Forget homeschooling and tanning Kate, try mental therapy, anger management for yourself and 8 kids.

1337 days ago


Kate Gosselin was thankful for a little alone time today....

Her kids go to school every day, she has at least several hours of "alone time" every single day, and still moans and whines that she's being "mommied to death".

1337 days ago


Thanks for resurrecting this pig from the land of the cyber undead TMZ!!!!!!!!!!!!I know it has been at least 4 or 5 months since I have heard about or saw her name in print & I was genuinely hoping that TLC would axe her ****bag show & finally Americans could be free of one more disgusting pimp of a reality moron!!!!!!!!But you had to go & do it didn't you?????????????? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY??????????????????????? For what logical reason could you possibly inflict this plague on us again????????????

1337 days ago


I like the comment at the end of # 34 that says " doesn't look like people care anymore !!!!!!!!!! What the hell????????For the record, NOBODY EVER CARED !!!!!!!!!!!!Some moronic jackass producer or TLC white shirt shoved this garbage into our living rooms & never asked for our permission to torture us with this hosebag like fingernails on a blackboard!!!!!!!!

1337 days ago


Here's the thing: I don't envy Kate's life, but I coudn't imagine life with Jon. He definitely went all mid-life on her, dating any 21 yr old that would be stupid enough to have him. The embarrassment-especially for the 2 older children, must have been suffocating. Children act's not necessarily something they "learn" at home. How many of us, with children, have had an issue of misbehavior at school? It happens-it's just that most of us don't have it broadcast across the cosmos. I think Kate genuinely adores her kids, and is doing the best she can. At the end of the day, she's still just human.

1337 days ago


Posted at 5:26 AM on Nov 29, 2010 by Mindy

I sorta agree with you Mindy. I believe Kate loves her kids but just have a weird way of showing it. She does at times act like she's tired them, but knows she need them to keep up with her rich lifestyle she's now accustom to.

But in Jon defense, he has been both mother and father to those kids. While Kate got the big head and decided to hire ghost writers, traveling, shopping, surgeries etc--hire herself a body guard, not for her kids or Jon mind you, but for herself. Oh I'm not putting all the blame on Kate, Jon was a whimp back then and done whatever Kate wanted, said and never really put his foot down. I used to watch Jon&Kate+8 back then, man did she walked all over that man. So much to the point when he did get his taste of freedom, finally. He went wild and forgot about the kids too.

Jon doesn't deny. They were in debt, broke, jobless and had even applied for heating at the salvation army and Bankruptcy because things were so bad for them. Until TLC showed up at their door. Kate never denied that it was her doing in wanting one more kid when they couldn't afford/support the twins they already had. That Jon didn't wanted any more kids, but that he went along with Kate. Both umemployed, Kate quit her job after the twins, Jon got fired while she was carrying the sextuplets and later found another and Kate talked him into quitting that job to stay home with her and the kids to do the show. Now he's jobless again and can't find work off TV. Which he can't do anyway because TLC is blocking him from any reality shows. It's crazy!

Kate imo just got the bighead, decided the new house they brough wasn't big enough and moved into a mansion where she claims "It's all hers" not Jon or the kids, ALL HERS she say. Then the change really started, luxury vehicle, bodyguard, hair, clothes etc... (Pictures/videos don't lie) suddenly, Jon wasn't good enough for her and like everybody else she kicked out of her life because she didn't want to pay for their services, Jon was out too. She felt she didn't need him, Kids were making her (in her mind) rich and famous.

Everybody saying Jon just wanted his kids off TV because he can't be on it. Not true... Jon wanted the kids off TV long before their seperation/divorce. But Kate was not having it and to this day fighting tooth and nail with Jon to keep the kids on TV. Obviously the kids can't handle it anymore, now that they're getting older. It's to much for them, having to go to school and come home and work for their mom, plus having to deal with stubborn parents and their ugly divorce/splitting the kids situations, their lives being played out on television for their peers and the world to see. Too much!

At least Jon has calm/settle down. Because at one point he was just as bad and out there as Kate was. I guess Being locked down with 8 kids, in the house 24/7-365 while your wife travel with her bodyguard, doing TV talk shows and interviews, shopping, spa, hair done, surgeries etc can take it toll on anyone?

Again, I do wish the Gosselin well... but reporting about some tanning crap Kate's been having since TLC? Please... TMZ and ROL need to retired or find new, better gossip news to report.

1337 days ago

Palm Beach, FL    

So must be talking to her pimp because we all know she's not talking to those little brats of hers...PIG!

1337 days ago


In the earlier episodes, Kate had help from her brother and sister in law. Lots of babysitting help. She also had a friend who would lend a hand. At some point, she ran her brother and family off and I don't notice any friends around. Kate has isolated herself from everyone.

As for Jon, he is a nice man but rather simple minded. How he ended up with a conniver like Kate is a mystery but he really isn't a bad guy. Just went off the rails for a bit after he and Kate split but most men do. I used to watch their first show but can't bring myself to watch the new one. I know those kids don't want this so I guess I feel that if I watch, I'm hurting the kids even more.

1337 days ago


Not news. No good reason why this is here. LET HER DISAPPEAR

1337 days ago


I suspect Kate might slam the door on the producers from TLC if she had the hinesight she has now.

I hope this was worth it in the end. I hope she has money put away for them to have a education least of all. Or therapy, which ever comes first.

Another VICTIM of the stupid reality TV crisis as I call it.

There is a whole group of deluisional people who think they are 'stars' now.......

Bad Girls club
Real Housewives
Jersey Shore
Top Model
Kim K and clan
Big Brother
Sarah Palin's Alaska
Kate plus Eight
Millionaire Matchmaker

I could go on but, I'll spare you of the reminder of how this country is going down the toilet.

Never thought I'd see the day when we PAID, and way too much, folks to act obnoxious for our 'entertainment' The worse you behave, the better the TV people like keep actin the fool?
The money runs out and.......what do you have?

Reputation means ZERO in this coutry anymore.

1337 days ago
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