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NFLer Drops Game-Winning Touchdown, Blames God

11/29/2010 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Buffalo Bills WR Steve Johnson dropped what would have been the game-winning touchdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers today in overtime -- but it wasn't his fault he choked, it was God's.


The Steelers ended up winning the game 19-16 ... but we think Steve Johnson has bigger problems on his hands.

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Jim in Cali    

Haha, that's pretty funny. He dropped about 5 passes today too so he didn't have a great game. Could have redeemed himself at the end but I'm glad he (or God made him lol!) dropped it though since I'm a Steelers fan!

Here we go Steelers!! Ratbirds next week!!

1422 days ago


I'm down with that. Too often people want to credit god with just the good results, while ignoring the fact that if he was really watching out for them, they wouldn't have been in the situation to begin with. You know, the "I thank god that he spared me when the tornado wiped out my house" instead of bitching that he sent the tornado to begin with. Good for Stevie, he knows the deal.

1422 days ago

Thomas Troupe     

That was pathetic! More so because he blamed God! With that type of attitude don't expect his performance to improve.

1422 days ago


When you drop FIVE passes in a game, you should really be THANKING God that you are getting paid to play football to begin with! Because you probably SHOULDN'T be....

1422 days ago


Dude you can't blame God cause the Bills suck. Beside you're a professional football player and as a receiver dropping that ball was unacceptable. Maybe you'd do better if you was on the practice squad anyway. Besides I don't care cause my Bears won and that's all I care about. GO BEARS!!!

1422 days ago

My two cents ;)    

Is this a prank? Did somebody sneak Kanye West in his spot because this is a load of nutz!

1422 days ago


Mike: Do you find it absolutely necessary to call someone "retarded"? Let's all be adults. It's offensive.

1422 days ago

Rochelle Wade    

I know that everyone seeing this story has questioned GOD, at least one a week. Why is this even a story! Cmon. He ain't saying negative things.....he is asking a question......a real question that most people ask DAILY! It is irritating that this even made it to TMZ...smdh

1422 days ago


Praise God for who HE is. Not what HE has done for you. Even if HE never answered another prayer of yours in the way you thought it should be answered, praise Him for the gift of eternal life and that HE saved you from the flames of hell. Now that is reason to praise Him 24/7! God isn't a genie in a bottle. He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

1422 days ago


Blame god, typical moron thug.
Get all the money and fame and thats not a gift from god?
May you not experience the wrath, douche bag moon cricket

1422 days ago


I am sick and tire of all the God praise from every stinking player interviewed. I am deeply sickened by the cross that brain-jarred Singletary wears. Let god be a personal matter. If not let him share in the blame as well as the praise.

1422 days ago


I still keep praying for Hally Berry to show up at my door. That damn god and his or her, or "IT" or whatever tactics.

1422 days ago


He has only himself to blame. God has blessed him enough that he makes more in two hours on Sunday, (God's day) then most of us make in 6 months.
Plus God may be a football fan. The Rams went from worst to first in one year when we got a good Christian man in Kurt Warner. But the less he praised God on TV, the more we lost it seemed.

1422 days ago


"And this how you do me!" Why don't you blame God for your deficit skills regarding the English language and then blame yourself for having butter fingers. You putz.

1422 days ago


Stevie, should you blame God for your lack of skills regarding syntax of the English language. "...How you do me!" You ignornat putz.

1422 days ago
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