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Baby Mama, 4 Kids Banished from Jackson Compound

11/30/2010 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... everyone is moving out of the Jackson family compound in Encino while the house undergoes extensive renovations ... and when the dust settles, another Jackson 5 will be personae non gratae.

We've learned Katherine Jackson and company are in the process of packing boxes and will leave the family home in early December for several months during the remodel. 

But there's a bigger story here.  As TMZ first reported, after the infamous "stun gun" incident at the home -- in March, when Jaafar allegedly threatened to shock Blanket -- Katherine asked Jaafar's mother, Alejandra, to take her 5 kids and move.

As we told you, Katherine and the Michael Jackson Estate generously offered Alejandra and her brood a condo MJ owned in the San Fernando Valley, but Alejandra wanted a lot more -- thus the stand off.

Now we're told Katherine is not letting Alejandra back in the house after the remodel.  The condo offer still stands, but if she doesn't accept she'll have to find somewhere else to live with Jaafar, Jermajesty, Dante and Randy, Jr.

But one of Alejandra's kids is getting a reprieve from Katherine.  We're told 20-year-old Genevieve will be staying with Katherine and Michael's kids in a temporary home during the remodel, and she will be the lone child of Alejandra who will be welcomed back to Hayvenhurst.

We're told Alejandra just left with some of her kids to Japan. 




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1387 days ago


Thing is, if Alejandra is so bad off that she needs to stay with Katherine and live off of her, then how can she and several of her children afford to go to Japan?

Posted at 11:27 PM on Nov 29, 2010 by Cherwood

I think they're going there because the Jacksons are gonna perform in an MJ tribute show starring A.I., a singer in Japan. My friend from Japan told me abut this. Its on the news, plus, of course, its one way to get the house clear of them. Actually, I think the estate has been very lenient with them, perhaps, tolerant is a better word. KJ/estate are not seeing eye to eye.

1387 days ago


Great idea rid of that freeloading tramp..

1387 days ago


She had two sons with each both brother, the daughter Genevieve is with her previous husband or someone else.

1387 days ago


Jermaines other kids are all grown some are in their 30's and both moms are well off he doesn't have much to do with his other children.

1387 days ago


Alejandra has children w/ TWO, not one, but 2 of the Jackson men, Jermanie and Randy! Between the two of them they should be able to provide a home for thier children...heck, since the brothers have shared a woman and baby momma, why not just share a home?! Give Katherine a break!

1387 days ago


Michael Jackson has been taking care of all these people for years.No wonder he almost went bankrupt.

1387 days ago

Shauty Sexiey    

Is she the same one who was with Jermaine and Marlon as well?

1387 days ago


Genevieve doesnt belong to Alejandra she's the oldest Jackson daughter Reebie's daughter.

1387 days ago


@ KEN...apparently you don't know JWs!!!

1387 days ago


Is she the same one who was with Jermaine and Marlon as well?

Posted at 1:07 PM on Nov 30, 2010 by Shauty Sexiey

I think Marlon would be very mad seeing his name in this connection. It is Randy and Jermaine. (Jermaine nicked Alejandra from Randy.)

1387 days ago


After reading these comments, I am so confused!! These Jackson (?) kids who were all brought in to the world in this mess is only the parents' faults~whoever their parents are!
Jermaine has had kids by what 6 or 7 women, including these twin girls that I heard about with his current wife. There is supposed to be a oldest daughter but no one knows who the mom is. From seeing what Jermaine has done you would think Michael would have wanted different for his children! Obviously he wanted kids as he went to the extreme to get them but there are those questions again...are they really his?...and why the secret about Blanket's mom...and what kind of mom would leave their children to be raised in a chaotic environment as they are.
$$$$ is all the family sees and it's not their $$$$, it's Michael's that is taking care of the whole family! Very sad!
So when MJ's kids grow up and get the inheritance...are they aware that they will have to support the family?...probably the next generation too!
I thought the family I grew up in was dysfunctional! Guess we have to pass our title over to the Jacksons!

1387 days ago


Genevieve doesnt belong to Alejandra she's the oldest Jackson daughter Reebie's daughter.

Posted at 1:07 PM on Nov 30, 2010 by Mercedes

Genevieve is Randys daughter not Rebbies
@Kay-The Jackson's know who Blanket's mother is,she didn't want the public to know who she was,she wanted to keep her privacy,and there should be no question about the other children of Mike's...they are his

1387 days ago


Sorry if this has been asked (I don't have time to read all comments):

a) Why is she remodeling if she is asking for a raise in her allowance...or is this what she really needs it for??

b) How is it this ho' can fly her kids and herself to Japan but can't afford her own place??

1387 days ago


She' been living in the house for 3 decades...time for a remodel. Also Genevieve is not Reebies daughter...

1387 days ago
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