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Kardashians Clean Up On Black Friday

11/29/2010 7:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian are officially recession proof, because their NYC boutique, DASH, more than doubled its average daily gross on Black Friday ... sources connected to the store tell TMZ.

Dash - Kardashain Store

Our sources ... who have access to the financials ... tells us the store has been moving $50,000 in merchandise a day since it opened on November 3.  On Black Friday ... receipts swelled to more than $100,000.

We're told the boutique could actually be making more money, but the sisters K keep running out of merchandise.  In fact, we're told the store instantly hit the $50,000 mark on the day it opened and has maintained that average.

The Kardashians own three stores -- New York, Miami and Calabasas.  New York is now hands down the most profitable.


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No WAY..... a store that size cant even hold that much merch. total BS.......whats it1200 sq ft...

1387 days ago


Do they sell bottled water for $10.00 in NYC as they did in Miami?

1387 days ago


I can't believe what idiots this country has created. First off, who the hell are these people? All they do is paint their faces, poof their hair and what do ya know..they are considered really stupid. The youngest is so damn ugly she is just hanging on for any publicity..she's just sooooo homely. Kim is rediculous and the youngest is well...I guess semi normal but the mom just makes a fool out of herself again and again trying to be young. AND Bruce, his face is pretty scary. Why are we making their lives so wonderful? What have they really done besides gorge themselves? I just don't get it!!! Parents, pay attention! your kids idolize this ****..

1387 days ago


None come close to Jessica Simpson profits. Not even close but there trying..

700 million in sales alone this year & expected billion dollar mark by 2012. ..

Just think what she takes in personally from those sales ecen if it is only 5%..

1387 days ago


While the dollar amount per day is impressive, shame on TMZ for reporting it and not having a little heart out there to those less fortunate, especially during the holiday season. During these economic times, I didn't feel it was very "newsworthy" to post the financials of the NY DASH. Yes, the Kardashian women work hard for their money, but so do a lot of other people who are struggling just to put food on the table for their children. If something good is to come out of this posting, let's see the Kardashians donate some of the money to a lot of the foods banks that are running low on supplies and can't feed everyone like they used to. Remember, during this time a lot of "hard-working Americans" lost their jobs due to no fault of their own, their house, and sometimes even family due to divorce from financial strain... and it's not only the poor hurting at this time, but also those who were once middle-class. TMZ, if you want to print financials, let's focus on monetary numbers where it is more needed.

1387 days ago


i find this pretty hard to believe since there is NO INVENTORY IN THAT STORE TO BEGIN WITH. their stores are fake. little pop up stores selling sample pieces NOT an assorted inventory.

1387 days ago


Is it possible that they want the stores to have a loss at least on paper for tax reasons? To offset other sources of income? (Somehow I'm reminded of WKRP in Cincinnati, where the barracuda mom who owned the station was doing that and so was fine with it being unprofitable...) Running out of merchandise repeatedly doesn't sound as though they are paying close attention to their stock. Once on startup, maybe. But several times?

Also the amount of gross sales doesn't mean anything. You need to know how much profit (what's left over after all business expenses, including cost of merchandise, rent, employees, utilities, phone, advertising, property taxes if business property other than real estate is taxed, employer taxes such as half of FICA, state and federal unemployment, etc., plus you have to subtract out the corporate or partnership federal/state/local taxes as well to really know what disposable income is left).

1387 days ago


whoever is going to their stores and buying their merchandise needs to be slapped upside the head cause they are idiots as are the kartrashians

1387 days ago


This is such a bunch of publicity hype. Their Calabasas store is awful. I went in personally and the clothes were a mess, the store was dirty, the only sales clerk was a 14 year old girl. Not a soul in the store. New Yorkers are very savvy and there is no way these sisters are selling 50k a day in that store. Maybe 50k a month but that's doubtful too. But I can hand it to them for publicity...their mother makes up all these stories and she's very, very good.

1386 days ago


What, nothing about the Kar"chash"ians fee laden debit card on tmz yet... that they so kindly had pulled of the market? What wonderful people. It was just fine with them till they got caught.I sure hope they don't play the "we didn't know" card cause that wouldn't fly with there constant boasting about their good business sense. Yeh , that sure was good business... FOR THEM. I saw them on Joy Behar and Khloe more or less said people don't care why were famous they just keep buying out products. Now that's a story !!!

1386 days ago


those girls are idiots. Tossing a perfectly good business opportunity out the window. I'm Canadain and I do not understand how these 3 women with no talent, no skills and annoying personalities have been able to lead such charmed lives. Boggles the mind. And why do they have a TV show following their useleless lives? Don't get it, sorry.

1386 days ago


wow i guess we all need to make a sex tape and get a tv show !!!

1386 days ago


Okay first of all for all of you people who this this women are dumb... what the **** is wrong with you? why are they dumb? because they work there ass off and make more money then you. dont hate just live with the fact that obviously there doin better then you and thats not a reason to hate them. and as far Lindsay's store goes. i would MUCH rather shop at the kardashian store in a heart beat lindsay is just pissed up because shes not a loser and no one likes her! keep up the good work girls

1365 days ago


hey my names lauri and omg i am coming back to new york on the 24 of september 2011 and i am so excited i really have to find your store because i atchuly watch your show like every day :P so i hope i see yous then xxx

luv yaa's x :)
x x :P
x x x :D

1334 days ago


Why can't people just be happy for one another,them girls lost there dad they don't get to ever celebrate a birthday nor a holiday with that dad those girls miss so much,why cant people just be happy for one another man that makes me sooooo sad!!!!

1321 days ago
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