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The Coolest Thing Kanye West Has Ever Done

11/30/2010 10:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West spent 90 minutes gift wrapping presents for foster kids today at a charity event in NYC -- but he didn't do it for the publicity ... he did it because he happened to be in the area and he felt like helping out.


Sources tell TMZ West was not scheduled to attend the New Yorkers for Children's 8th annual "Wrap to Rap" event at the Ainsworth in NYC this afternoon ... but around 6:00 PM, he strolled right in and asked if he could help out.

We're told some people at the event asked West why he decided to roll in -- and Kanye explained he simply felt compelled to lend a hand because he believed it was a good cause.

Our sources say West cheerfully wrapped some of the 2,000 gifts that were donated by Wal-Mart ... and then quietly slipped out the back.

How's that for holiday spirit?


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1421 days ago

joe mac    

@ getofkanyesback > its get off kanyes back first of all and second of all how do you know we haven't wrapped any gifts? That is where you are wrong. There were 2000 gifts there that really isn't a lot of gifts. My WHITE friend and I run a Toys for Tots every year and we bring in 10,000 gifts from our donation boxes that we put out on Dec 1st every year. Then we hold a concert on the 11th which brings in about 3grand in cash and we go to the store and BUY MORE GIFTS. We run this annually and every year the Marines we bring these gifts to so they can be delivered actually tear up because of how many gifts we are giving every year and the labor we put into helping the Marines toys for tots. So if you think I never wrapped a gift for charity come see my WHITE ASS next week as I am loading up my truck for the hundredth time with charity gifts for your children. So @ getofkanyesback get on your KNEES and BLOW ME PIG.

1421 days ago

joe mac    

He's Kanye West if he's wiping his ass the cameras are gonna be there.

Posted at 4:05 AM on Dec 2, 2010 by GetOfKanyesBack

Serious Ive never seen one pic of him wiping. He called those cameras and said I am going to be there wrapping gifts because my publicist says if I don't white people wont by my albums. That's exactly why there were cameras there.

1421 days ago



Exactly... you don't know everything that Kanye West is doing.. you're only going by what you saw from a charity event where a random guy there decided to snap a photo and sell it to TMZ.

People who call this a photoshoot or a press event are wrong... it's blatantly obvious that there are no camera man there and the guy who took the pic did it randomly.

And I understand that people are going to hate on Kanye West nomater what. Take note... the people who are hating on Kanye West are the ones who put him on the same standard of a man who can do no wrong... When he does some wrong (nothing illegal by the way) you demonize him as if he's beat on an innocent person or murdered someone. The people who arent hating on Kanye on this thread realize he's a person with flaws just like everyone else and are holding him to the standards that everyone should be held.

Spending all this time hating Kanye West could be better spent on other things... and to WaxonWaxoff.... bragging about your charity work is pretty egotistical... Not even Kanye West did that in this TMZ story.

And I know I wont change your minds... you guys need a villian and choose to make someone your personal devils to hate. And I guess a guy who's only crime is... no crime at all will due over people who have cheated, been arrested and committed acts of violence.

1276 days ago


I think Kanye is really changing and for all you haters i see why you would hate him but people change wait a couple of years and you might completely change your mind. He has messed up but he might change just maybe give it time

1268 days ago


Kan-Yap is the biggest disgrace to his race ever!

I wish Ryan Dunn had strapped him to his bumper!

1211 days ago


Die. Oh he didn't die? That's not cool. It really would have been cool if he died, just like his mother.

1088 days ago
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