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Lance Armstrong -- Fatherhood Is a Day at the Beach

11/30/2010 4:00 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Lance Armstrong enjoyed a family beach day with his girlfriend Anna Hansen and their two kids in Miami today.


The 39-year-old definitely has his hands full.

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Not bad for a one ball juggler!

1366 days ago

Worm Tamer    

Too bad he only had one ball to play with and a steroid shrunken one at that.Washed up fool.

1366 days ago


just about everyone else in cycling was taking steriods and we are to believe Lance was clean but won it seven times in a row? Okay, whatever.

1366 days ago


I got the same receiving blanket from Target...LOL

1366 days ago


Well, you do wonder what he might have done to bank his future progeny when he knew he had cancer.

And exactly how the former relationship with Sheryl Crow went bad over discussions of kids.

1366 days ago


I thought he just broke up with Cheryl Crowe? He moves fast.

1366 days ago


She obviously cheated. The one-balled wonder couldn't have procreated.


1366 days ago


Gee, I wish I could get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside while looking at this photo. But, he has three other children with his first wife, children who HE should be with. I just pray they don't see this picture.

1366 days ago


I am in the bike industry and EVERYONE believes he doped!

I know him personally and he is a complete tosser!!

He screamed and yelled at his ex-wife and treated her like garbage and now, he is going down for the doping thing.

I truly hope he does. But he won't. Cause if he does, everyone, all of the charity giving will dry up. Guarantee it! He can't go down cause his foundation will go under and everyone will sue him. What will happen is he will step down and retire completely from cycling. They will not come right out and say he doped or did illegal drugs, but he did it.

1366 days ago


How many off-spring has this man got already? Three with the first one he made his wife...gee, how nice of him...and now he has TWO already with a 'girlfriend'?

I love the morals of this country, baby mama's and baby daddies all over the place and no one married and committed.

Don't give any sh-it on this one......the decline of America is in full force people, all of these kids from divorced families who just throw in the towel for better....which they almost never find, and now divorce #2 is on the way.
Its all about them, and the kids suffer and then become adults that have no idea how to be in a relationship and NOT give up.

How do people know how to be married when their parents don't have a clue? Now they have to share their daddy with another set of kids, or Mom gets a new boyfriend and tries to replace Daday with new daddy. Almost ALL second marraiges are a disaster
for the kids.
Rarely is there an exception to this rule, and if you don't agree you are just delusional. Or the exception to this rule, lucky for you....
Of my sons MANY friends two of the boys have their real father at home, that is very sad.
WAY too many single mothers out there struggling. {I help them too, babysitting, feeding their kids, rides to school, etc.}

Whatever. Lance is no better than most out there. And before some of you quiz me.....married for 24 years to the same man since I was 19, and happy to boot. No drama, faithful to one another, and kids and grandkids that have watched us be happy.

I actually practice what I preach, now there is a switch....men like Lance make me sick.

1366 days ago


I just read a few minutes ago that Lance refuses to meet his biological father because he was "deceitful" when he was married to Lance's mother. If that's not calling the kettle black!

1366 days ago


There issomething i really don`t likevabout this man.

1366 days ago


Have to agree with the poster who said that divorce ruins children's lives. I'm a child of divorce and it has broken my heart and affected my relationships for life. I don't trust men, hate children (and people), and have a sorry outlook on life. Completely agreed, this MTV-ed society is going don't he tubes fast. I wish I would have had a good family model, but instead you get a step mommy and daddy who view you as a nuisance. Lance is a jerk and I hope he goes down hard.

1366 days ago


He dumped the ugly Troll Sheryl Crow because he did not want anymore kids. Well i guess that speaks volumes about how he really felt about her. Smart move because the new lady does not look like a man alla Crow. lol

1366 days ago

Suzie Nelson    

I think this is child #6.....enough. I have heard he has a huge ego and is rude to fans, like the other commenter said. Wish he would just go away.

1366 days ago
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