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Madonna -- Like a Gym Teacher

11/30/2010 10:45 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Madonna took time out from saving the world, making music, studying Kaballah, designing clothes with her daughter and adopting kids to teach a class at her brand new  Hard Candy Fitness gym in Mexico City yesterday.

Madonna Gym Mexico

Memberships at Madge's new sweat factory cost about $160 a month.

Keeping up with the 52-year-old Material mom takes a lot of practice ... and a lot of money.


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but she doesn't open this gym in the US where she can put AMERICANS to work. hm. could it be that it's cheaper there and the corporate taxes aren't so high?

1390 days ago


wait, $160... per month in Mexico? isn't that like $16,000 per month US?

1390 days ago


I hope the cartel which has control of the area in which this gym is ,tax her ass real good.

1390 days ago


Nice hard bodies but no Morals or Values..Eternity does not care about Your Body, only Your Soul..Is her heart in the right place?? I wonder where she will spend eternity..She has no idea that Kaballah is pretty heavy duty stuff and is also dangerous..Work that body 4 it will return to dust in a very short time

1389 days ago


Madonna met one of her younger men 40 something spammer George Merwin of Miami supposedly thru there mutual friend Paul Oakenfold.Wonder if he was in mexico for opening of gym with her? Very tough finding info on this mystery guy.

1389 days ago


Gloria Trevi is the Mexican version of Madonna. That tramp was also involved in scandals like child prostitution, child abuse and child slavery. She and her wife were into Bonnie & Clyde-type fugitive, they were hiding in McAllen, Texas, Spain, Chile and Brazil. Somewhere in 2000 the Brazillian police arrested her including her husband and a friend and they were thrown in the slammer in Brazil and in Mexico. Gloria Trevi was released in 2004 and she also had a successful comeback. She was the "bad girl" of Latin America.

Man, that was long before Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Lindsay Lohan dominate the tabloids.

1389 days ago


Why is everyone so bitter? $160.../month is a typical price for a gym in L.A., in fact, some people pay $2400 a year, that's $200/month. And, that's not to say that they can afford it, well, they wouldn't without their plastic friend in their wallet. But seriously, why is everyone so bitter about her? She's given money, part of Hurricane Katrina telethon, has given money to AIDS foundations, etc. Whether she's given $10 and $10 mil, it's more than a lot of selfish, bitter, fat Americans. So, again, what is the big deal? Mexico... ugh, I don't care for it, but why are you so bitter about it, what's it to you, oh bigger one(s)?

1384 days ago


it looks more like an organized dance party. why is everyone wearing black? isn't the room pretty crowded? do you think they can comfortably move around without kicking or bumping into the person next to them?

very weird.

1384 days ago


Man what a bunch of HATERS!!! such mean obnoxious comments....

1375 days ago


"Madge never did anything for America - Never a benefit concert -Never a project for the poor folk of the Nation that made it all possible! Even 9-11 could not draw this skank from her European Lux and fake British accent."

On 9/9/2001 I attended what was to be the first of 4 Los Angeles Drowned World Madonna concerts. The second, on 9/11 was obviously canceled. The remaining two shows went on with all proceeds to the victims in New York.

It must take some effort to be Madonna hater, you have to ignore all kinds of real evidence that Madonna is a very together human being who does do things to help the disadvantaged. She's done tons of work in Malawi. I wonder how much these Madonna haters have done to help their fellow human beings.

1360 days ago


Modern Russia just posted an interview featuring Mark Mastrov discussing the future opening of Madonna’s Hard Candy Fitness Centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Check it out here:

1261 days ago


I cant understand why people hate her in her country, there is a world out of usa, and she is still the queen in it!.

1252 days ago
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